Girls in a dungeon, or the best varieties of carrots to store for the winter

Girls in a dungeon, or the best varieties of carrots to store for the winter

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Carrots that rot in cellars are a real problem for many gardeners. There can be many reasons for such troubles.

The fault can be increased dampness in the storage place, and the development of infectious diseases, and an incorrectly selected temperature of the content (often it is too high).

But the most common cause of rotting carrots is the wrong planting variety. This article describes in detail the most optimal varieties of carrots for storage in winter. A comparative table of shelf life is presented.

What choice should you make?

Inexperienced gardeners are very often mistaken when buying carrot seeds for winter storage, we will tell you which one is better to choose. At the moment, a huge assortment of vegetables for planting opens before us, in which it is so easy to get lost for a novice summer resident. You can only hope for the description and beautiful packaging, which should never be done.

We present to your attention a list of characteristics that will help you make the right choice of seeds that are excellent for long-term storage:

  • the development time of carrots is from 100 days and more;
  • the variety should not crack;
  • must be resistant to diseases and pests;
  • it is necessary to give preference to varieties that are suitable for growing in different climatic conditions and different types of soil;
  • does not start up arrows.

The best late ripening species

Carrot varieties that are more than four months old are considered late varieties.... A ripe vegetable tends to persist until the next harvest.

Late ripening carrots are less susceptible to attacks by diseases and pests, including carrot flies, and they also release arrows much less often.

Autumn Queen

This is the development of Altai breeders. The carrot got its name absolutely deserved. Root crops that gardeners grow on well-fertilized, loosened soil, in most cases, exceed the declared characteristics: weight - about 230 grams, fruit length - 25-27 centimeters, yield indicators - 9 kg per square meter.

We offer you to watch a video about the Queen of Autumn carrot variety:


The representative of the Polish production. It keeps well until the beginning of next spring. In the case when the soil is infected with carrot fly larva, this particular variety is an excellent choice for planting. Plus, such fruits do a good job with fusarium. The smallest mass of carrots is about 130-150 grams.


A distinctive feature of this variety is a high level of carotene, which makes the fruit rich orange in color. Manufacturers talk about the following indicators: yield - more than 8 kilograms per square meter, weight - 190-210 grams, length - 25-30 centimeters.

Popular mid-season

Experts include fruits that ripen within 80-100 days to the number of mid-ripening varieties. Gardeners consider their peculiarity to be taste: such carrots are sweeter and more juicy.

Nantes - 4

This variety is one of the most popular and oldest - it has been grown since the middle of the twentieth century. It is in greatest demand in Siberia, the Moscow region and the Urals. It usually takes about 100 days to ripen. After 50 days after the appearance of the first shoots, bundle ripeness sets in. If you plant carrots in May, then by September the vegetable will be ready for harvest..

If the summer resident does not have enough time for this at the beginning of autumn, then the carrots can remain in the ground until mid-October.

In such a situation, this variety does not lose either its taste or external qualities. The weight of one fruit ranges from 130-150 grams. Root crops are not very long - they usually reach 20 centimeters. Manufacturers talk about average yields of 6 kg per square meter.

The maximum shelf life of Nantes-4 is the end of February.


Carrots, which are distinguished by their large size, can be stored until the end of spring, provided that they are kept cool (the ideal place is a cellar). Experienced agronomists recommend this particular carrot variety to novice gardeners.... After all, it can be grown on any soil and in any climatic conditions. Sowing time is the beginning of May. If you plant this carrot on time, it will grow even, rich orange, and there will be practically no core in such fruits.

The period of full maturation is 95-105 days. The weight of the root crop reaches 170 grams, and sometimes even exceeds this figure. The length reaches 22 centimeters, in some cases even more.

We offer you to watch a video about the Samson carrot variety:


This variety retains its flavor and appearance until early spring. The fruits grow up to 130 grams, are distinguished by their regular conical shape, the taste is very sweet and juicy. When sowing Chance, experienced agronomists recommend maintaining a certain pattern - 20 * 4 cm... In this case, the yield will be 5 kg per square meter.

The Chance variety requires good long-term illumination, as well as a soil with a high humus content. Usually these are sandy loamy or light loamy soils.


Such carrots must be sown at the very beginning of spring in order to get the first harvest in June. The ripening period of early varieties is 80-90 days. The following varieties will help gardeners to collect a high yield and keep it for a long time.


The root crops of this carrot are cylindrical, not very large in width. They grow in length up to 15 centimeters, and the maximum weight is 100 grams. Yield characteristics are average - 5 kg per square meter. In order for Touchon to survive until winter, it must be sown at the beginning of summer. Some agronomists sow even later - in September-October. Due to its fast ripening period, carrots have time to grow and survive the winter well.


The Artek variety is distinguished by its unpretentious care.... Ripen literally in 45-50 days. Dimensions: weight - 140-150 grams, length - 13-15 cm. The taste of the root crops is very sweet and juicy, their shade is orange, sometimes it reaches burgundy overflows. It can stay cool until the end of winter.

Fun F1

This variety is of hybrid origin, making it ideal for bunch production. The fruits are small - about 50 grams, the length is also average. The color of the carrots is bright orange. Stored in the cellar throughout the winter.


These carrots are great for making baby food. Their main advantage is their high carotene content. Sweet varieties are often mid-season.


This variety is widespread throughout the world. Very often Karotan is grown as a raw material for processing... Such carrots can survive until next spring. Due to its high carotene content, this variety is very bright, orange. The length of the root crop is at least 25 centimeters, in diameter it reaches 5 cm.


Differs in its correct shape. With good watering, the harvest will be early, the fruits will not crack. Fruit sizes: weight - 140-160 grams, length - 15 cm.

Comparison table of all types

Variety nameRipening periodThe weightLengthYield
Autumn QueenLate23025-279 Kg
Fun F1 Early50125

Ways to preserve carrots for a long time in winter

Everyone knows that you need to store this vegetable in the cellar. However, there are many ways to do this exactly.

Before laying the crop, it is imperative to disinfect the cellar, as well as dry all the boxes and shelves.

  1. Wooden boxes with lid... They need to be placed at a distance of 10-15 cm from the walls. It is advisable to place the boxes not on the floor, but on some kind of pallet. No holes needed.
  2. Onion husks... It is enough to put the carrots in a bag, and put the husks there. All this needs to be mixed well.
  3. Coniferous sawdust... Only coniferous sawdust is used for storing carrots. First, sawdust is stacked, then - carrots, and then sawdust again.
  4. Sand... The algorithm for laying a vegetable is the same as in the case of sawdust.
  5. Wet sand and chalk powder... This mixture is also used to wrap carrots on all sides.
  6. Chalk solution... You need to make a liquid solution. Dip each fruit in it, let it dry, and then simply put it in the boxes.
  7. Plastic bags... This method is not the most optimal and is used only when there are no others at all. You need to put the dried fruit in bags and take it to the cellar.

We offer you to watch a video on the proper storage of carrots in winter:


It is worth remembering that the guarantee of the shelf life of carrots is not only a properly selected variety. But also the correct planting and harvesting, as well as the choice of optimal storage conditions.

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