Are beets allowed with GW? The benefits and harms of red root vegetables, the nuances of introducing a nursing mother into the diet

Are beets allowed with GW? The benefits and harms of red root vegetables, the nuances of introducing a nursing mother into the diet

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The fact that beets, or beetroot (as this vegetable is called by Ukrainians and Belarusians) is allowed during GW, many mothers doubt. Indeed, when breastfeeding, the entire composition of this vegetable culture enters not only the mother's body, but also her child.

Many mothers wonder if this vegetable can be consumed during GW and, if so, since when. Is it possible for a mother to eat beets in the first month after the birth of a baby, or is it better to give it up at this time? Are there any contraindications for eating beets or not? And, finally, in what form is it better to eat beets with HS (boiled, stewed, baked, cheese, etc.)? We will try to answer these and other questions in our today's article.

Why does the question arise about the prohibition of this product with hepatitis B?

Beets are truly a storehouse of valuable vitamins, but also eating this vegetable can cause undesirable consequences for both the mother and the baby who is breastfed. Particularly vigilant mothers, sharply negatively relate to this vegetable during the period of breastfeeding the baby, since it is generally believed that red fruits and vegetables are dangerous allergens.

However, this vegetable managed to bypass such a popular stereotype of mothers, and if you eat it correctly, you can not only avoid negative consequences for the body of the mother and child, but also get benefits.

Which vegetable is better - boiled or otherwise cooked?

Beets are an absolutely safe vegetable to eat during breastfeeding, if the mother and child have no contraindications. However, when eating beets while feeding a baby with breast milk, a mother should know some of the nuances. It is best to use beets during GW only in boiled form.... And the thing is that this raw vegetable can contain various viruses and bacteria (if stored improperly), and heat treatment will help destroy them.

When heat treated, the vegetable does not lose its beneficial properties.

Moreover, unlike raw beets, boiled beets are best absorbed and digested by our body - both for children and adults (you can find out at what age you can give your child beets here).

Is it possible to eat a root vegetable after childbirth?

In the first month

Most experts say that the benefits and quality of beets directly depend on the method of its preparation... The best option for eating beets while breastfeeding is boiled. And in the first month of the baby's life, who is on GV, the mother should generally exclude this raw vegetable from her diet.

In order to preserve all the benefits and vitamins in beets, it is best to steam them. Raw beets in the first month of breastfeeding are excluded from the mother's diet due to the possible content of various bacteria and microorganisms in this vegetable, which are formed as a result of improper storage. Plus, raw beets are also a fairly strong allergen (for details on whether children and adults have food allergies to beets, how it manifests itself and whether it can be eliminated, read here).

But even if you eat this vegetable in boiled form, remember that by introducing it into the diet, you should eat beets in an amount of no more than 50 grams per day.

After the first month

In the event that you decide to diversify your menu with beets after your baby is one month old, you should still not abuse this product, since the individual reaction of the body of a baby who is on HB is still possible.

Mom should very carefully monitor how the child's body reacts to this product.... If until this moment the mother did not eat beets, then she should gradually introduce this vegetable into her diet in order to make sure that her baby does not develop both an allergic reaction and digestive disorders.

A slight red coloration of the stool is not taken into account as this is considered normal.

Vegetables are best eaten not raw. Beets can be:

  • cook;
  • bake;
  • steam.

If after the introduction of beets into the diet for a month, no negative reactions are detected from the baby's body, then in this case, the daily dose in the diet of a nursing mother can be increased.

However, do not abuse, because beets act as a laxative and, if consumed excessively, can lead to diarrhea in both the child and the mother herself.

When and how to start eating a vegetable?

Mom can try beets for the first time right after discharge from the hospital... Naturally, the first time this root vegetable is eaten, it is necessary to especially carefully monitor the baby's reaction. In the event that the baby does not observe various negative reactions from the digestive tract, as well as rashes on the skin, then the mother can safely eat this root vegetable in the future. Add beets to salads and other dishes.

In the first month of breastfeeding, it will be better to use baked beets, since this dish does not contain oil, therefore, it will not harm the mother and baby. Boiled or baked beets with HV are perfect both as a separate dish and in combination with other products.

This product will be especially useful for those mothers who suffer from postpartum constipation.

By the way, doctors recommend using this root vegetable also for women who had a lot of blood loss during childbirth.

How can early use affect?

Per woman

Whatever a mother who is breastfeeding a baby tastes, this one way or another will affect the quality of her breast milk and beets are no exception. Beets have a laxative effect, so you need to be extremely careful with the use of this product in food.

Per child

For an infant, beets are no less useful than for a mother who breastfeeds him.... After all, constipation is a fairly common problem in infants. In an infant, the digestive system does not produce enough enzymes for normal stomach function. Boiled beets will help solve the problem of constipation in a child if it is used correctly by the mother, plus it will add vitamins to her breast milk, which will also enter the child's body.

Beetroot has become a part of the life of many people. Growing this root crop will not be difficult even for novice gardeners, you just need to adhere to the planting rules and decide on the variety. To find out what exactly this vegetable is useful for the male, female and child's body, as well as in what form it is better to use it during pregnancy and give it to animals - read on our Internet portal.

Step-by-step instructions on how to introduce the product into the mother's diet

Many pediatricians allow young mothers to eat beets as soon as they leave the hospital. Experts believe that all those minerals and vitamins that are contained in this vegetable crop will help both mother and child recover their strength after childbirth as soon as possible and comfortably adapt to new living conditions.

The first thing to remember is that this vegetable must be introduced into your diet boiled or baked.

  1. To begin with, you should eat a small amount of beets without mixing it with anything (no more than 50 grams).
  2. After that, you should observe the baby's reaction. If there were no reactions during the day, then the next time you can add this vegetable to other dishes.

Introduce beets into your diet gradually, for the first month it is better to use it no more than twice a week. After a month, you can increase the portions of consumed beets and consume them up to four times a week.

Beets contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, such as iodine, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, iron, B, PP, C, which are simply necessary for both the baby and his mother. However, remember that there should be a measure in everything and that this vegetable should be consumed only after heat treatment, after which it does not lose its useful properties.

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