How not to be mistaken when choosing a cabbage variety for fresh storage in winter?

How not to be mistaken when choosing a cabbage variety for fresh storage in winter?

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White cabbage can be stored fresh for a long time, the main thing is to choose the right variety. The heads of some cabbage hybrids can remain vitamin-rich and juicy until almost the next harvest.

The best option would be to plant late-ripening varieties for long-term storage, as they form strong dense heads of cabbage. Some late-ripening varieties have a slightly bitter taste, but after they lie down, the taste improves. The shelf life of late-ripening hybrids is from 6 months or more. But you can also plant mid-season varieties that are stored for up to three months.

Which species are best kept in winter?

Not only late-ripening cabbage varieties have good keeping quality, but also medium and medium-late ripening hybrids.

Let's take a look at the best and most common ones.

Medium term cabbage:

  • Krautman F1.
  • Rusinovka.
  • Development F1.
  • Aros F1.
  • Amtrak F1.

Medium late cabbage:

  • Glory 1305.
  • Atria F1.
  • Dobrovodskaya.
  • Present.
  • Midor F1.
  • Megaton F1.
  • The merchant's wife.

Late variety cabbage:

  • Arctic F1.
  • Guarantor F1.
  • Morozko.
  • Beaumont Arpo F1.
  • Cupid F1.
  • Mara.

Seed selection rules for sowing

Before you go to buy seeds, you need to answer the question for what purposes you need cabbage, and what is the shelf life of interest. If you do not plan to store cabbage for more than 3-4 months, then you can safely choose mid-season hybrids, they will yield the harvest in 150 days.

If you want to have fresh cabbage salad on your table in winter, then it is better to purchase seeds of medium-late or late types, the ripening times of which vary from 160 to 170 days.

Winter cabbage varieties become much tastier after a certain period of storage. Late varieties can be stored for 8 to 12 months.


Bilko f1

An excellent hybrid with a ripening period of 70 days after planting in the ground... The leaves are bubbly, rich green. The weight of a head of cabbage reaches two kilograms with a small stump.

Variety characteristic:

  • excellent taste;
  • with late planting in the ground, forms a head of cabbage in the form of a barrel;
  • high yield up to 7 kg per square meter;
  • keeps good presentation during transportation, the head of cabbage is resistant to cracking;
  • the variety is not susceptible to disease;
  • shelf life up to 4 months;
  • suitable for fresh consumption and for fermentation;
  • growing by seedlings, and without seedlings.

The disadvantage of the variety is that with improper agricultural technology, the culture goes to the arrow.

Growing temperature + 15-22 degrees, daylight hours 13 hours... Does not tolerate a strong drop in temperature, if it becomes 10 degrees lower, then the cabbage will go to the arrow.

With late agricultural techniques, plant this hybrid at the end of July and until August 10, depending on the autumn frosts. It is worth noting that cabbage will calmly endure -4 degrees.


A late-ripening hybrid with a ripening period of 130 days, after the seedlings are planted in the ground. The weight of one head of cabbage is 6 kg. Fruits are dense, resilient, and have a white-yellow color when cut. Belongs to the best varieties for the winter. Cabbage contains a lot of vitamin C and has a long shelf life.

The Dominant variety is suitable both for fresh consumption and for fermentation.


  1. Seedlings need to be sown in March, in the second half of it, shoots appear on the 10th day.
  2. The seedlings are transferred to the soil after about 40 days.
  3. Before transplanting, it is worth hardening the plant and feeding it with mineral fertilizers, the first time fertilizers are applied during the formation of a real leaf, the second - before planting in the ground, the third - during the growth process.

Maximum keeping quality

The storage duration of cabbage depends not only on the variety of the crop, but also on the moisture in the vegetable store, temperature and the correctly chosen method. It is worth noting that there are late-ripening hybrids, the heads of which, collected on time, calmly tolerate storage from 8 to 12 months. The average shelf life of a crop is six months.

How to harvest and preserve the harvest correctly?

Before placing the cabbage for long-term storage, the crop must be properly harvested. For each variety, there is a specific period, which is individual. So, for example, mid-late varieties are removed from the garden in early or mid-October, and late ones - as soon as frost begins on the street, it all depends on the weather conditions. Sometimes this can only happen in November.

If pickling or pickling is planned, then you need to harvest in October... It should be understood that if the cabbage intended for long-term storage is harvested until fully ripe, then the heads of cabbage will quickly wither, and if they fall under frost, they will become soft, burst and quickly deteriorate.

How is the harvest carried out for storage:

  1. The cabbage is cut in dry, sunny weather with a sharp knife, leaving 2 cm of stalks. A crop harvested in the rain must dry out before being stored.
  2. If long-term storage is supposed, then the heads of cabbage should be well ripped, choosing only whole ones without damage to the head, on which 3 extreme leaves are left.

For storage, choose a cellar, basement or cold storage room. But for the safety of the crop, the following conditions must be observed:

  • The room temperature should be -1- + 1 degrees, with a humidity of 90-98%. If the temperature is higher, then the cabbage will sprout, lower - it will freeze.
  • Cabbage is very juicy, and therefore the humidity in the room must be observed very strictly.

    If there is not enough moisture, then the culture will dry out quickly, with higher moisture it will start to rot. If the humidity is optimal, then the upper leaves will dry out a little and lie tightly to the head of cabbage.

  • It is worth putting the cabbage so that it does not come into contact with each other, and the stumps should be directed upwards.

The storage room should be prepared in advance... It is necessary not only to clean the room, but also to disinfect, dry and ventilate. Disinfection is carried out as follows:

  1. whitewash the walls with lime;
  2. fumigate it with sulfur;
  3. prepare special pallets.

Cabbage should be placed in special crates with slots, which are placed on pallets.

There are several ways to store heads of cabbage, which are worth describing so that you can choose the best one for yourself:

  • A special pallet with holes for ventilation is hammered onto the floor of the room. Heads of cabbage are stacked on it in a pyramid in a checkerboard pattern, large heads of cabbage below, and small ones on top.
  • Wrap each head of cabbage in several layers of paper. You can use newspaper, but not the first layer. Then put it in bags.
  • Often sand is used for storage, with which the floor of the room is covered with a thick layer. Cabbage is laid on it with stalks up and covered with a second layer.

In addition to the above methods, time-tested, but now some gardeners are using other methods. Methods for storing cabbage:

  • Each head of cabbage is wrapped with cling film in three rows and placed in boxes or coolies.
  • Use dense plastic bags, which are placed on one head, and tied. In this state, the cabbage will be stored for as long as possible.
  • Some growers sprinkle their heads with chalk.

No matter how the cabbage is stored, it must be periodically reviewed and sorted out, removing damaged specimens.

We suggest watching a video on how to properly store cabbage in winter:


By choosing the right, late-ripening variety for long-term storage, you can have a juicy, healthy, fresh product on your table all year round.

Watch the video: November Winter Garden Tour! Black Gumbo (May 2022).


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