How to harvest a record harvest? The most popular greenhouse varieties of high-yielding and disease-resistant tomatoes

How to harvest a record harvest? The most popular greenhouse varieties of high-yielding and disease-resistant tomatoes

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Tomatoes have become so firmly established on our tables that they have become an integral part of the diet of most of our compatriots. There are so many varieties of this culture that it is not difficult to find tomatoes to taste - small or large, spherical and elongated, red, yellow and even black.

Every year, breeders present new hybrids with improved qualities to the judgment of gardeners. But there are popular varieties that gardeners are happy to grow with high yields and resistance to many diseases. Growing tomatoes indoors increases the likelihood of harvesting the maximum possible yield, since the plant is in an ideal microclimate for it. Those who not only love tomatoes, but also grow them on their own, will certainly be interested in our review of the highest-yielding tomato varieties for greenhouses.

What is the difference between greenhouse and ground fruits?

If we consider the difference between ordinary varieties and greenhouse varieties, then it is insignificant, which is why many varieties for greenhouses are successfully grown by gardeners in the open field. Indoor hybrids are less likely to tolerate temperature extremes... They also rarely require constant watering, but at the same time they can easily survive air temperatures above 35 degrees.

Street varieties begin to release their leaves at this temperature. If the greenhouse is small, then experienced gardeners are advised to plant bush plants in it, since they can get more harvest from one meter of area.

All varieties planted in closed ground should have good immunity and resistance to diseases, since it is in greenhouse conditions that fungal diseases develop rapidly.

Characteristics of high-yielding hybrids

If there is a small greenhouse on the site, and you want to grow a lot of tomatoes, then you need to plant high-yielding hybrids in it. Tomato hybrids must have the following qualities:

  • high productivity;
  • early maturity or ultra-early maturity;
  • high commercial quality of fruits;
  • resistance to diseases and viruses;
  • taste qualities;
  • transportability and keeping quality;
  • frequent arrangement of brushes with fruits in short internodes;
  • continuous formation of inflorescences and brushes.

You should not use late-ripening tomato hybrids for greenhouses, since the growing season of the plant just falls on the time of the rapid development of fungal infections and you may not get the desired harvest.

Disease-resistant greenhouse varieties

Of the huge variety of varieties of this culture, it is impossible to single out only one or two of the best. Each variety in the widest variety has its own specific qualities.... And only the person himself can determine whether they are suitable for him or not. Consider the most popular and demanded by gardeners high-yielding varieties of tomatoes for growing in greenhouse conditions.

Intuition f1

Mid-season tomato, formed into 1 stem, the growth of which is unlimited, therefore, requires a garter.

From germination to fruiting in mid-season tomatoes of the Intuition variety, 110 days pass.

Smooth, rounded fruit weighing 100 g, resistant to cracking and shedding. The variety is high yielding and is not susceptible to infection by major nightshade infections.

Kostroma f1

Mid-early hybrid with a stem height of 2 meters. On the 106th day after germination, you can start collecting red, tasty fruits weighing 150 grams. With good care, a tomato from a bush can give over 5 kg. Kostroma f1 variety is resistant to temperature and humidity changes.

Rosemary f1

Large-fruited, high-yielding, mid-season hybrid, which begins to bear fruit on the 116th day, from the moment the seeds hatch. The mass of one tomato is 400 grams.

The f1 rosemary hybrid is a tomato with increased immunity and is not attacked by many infections.

Up to 11 kg of fruits can be harvested from one plant during the growing season.


An excellent, early ripening hybrid. On the stem with unlimited growth, brushes are formed. On each cluster of tomatoes, there are up to 50 tomatoes weighing 40 g each, in the form of a plum.

From the planting period to the first harvest, 100 days pass and up to 5 kg of fruits can be obtained from one bush.

The variety is resistant to diseases, especially tobacco mosaic, in other cases, prevention is required.

We offer you to watch a video about a tomato of the Chio-chio-san variety:

Blagovest f1

An early ripe hybrid with a stem height of 1.5 meters. Begins to bear fruit in 100 days from the moment of germination. Fruits of 100 grams, which can be obtained from one bush over 5 kg. the hybrid is resistant to many types of infections and fungal diseases.

Verlioka f1

An early ripe hundred-day, one and a half meter variety. On one bush, up to 5 kg of tasty aromatic fruits ripen, each weighing 100 g. Variety Verlioka f1 high-yielding with increased immunity to infection by viruses and fungi.


The list does not end with these high-yielding varieties, there are more than 1000 of them, below there are several more varieties that, according to the reviews of experienced vegetable growers, please with high yields:

  • Westland f1.
  • Fatalist f1.
  • Baldwin f1.
  • Admiro f1.
  • Gilgal f1.
  • Rhapsody-NK f1.
  • Evpatoriy f1.
  • Talitsa f1.

Disease-resistant varieties for central Russia

A greenhouse is an excellent structure that can recreate ideal conditions for growing tomatoes in central Russia, eliminating adverse environmental influences. In greenhouses, there is a high risk of contamination of plants with various diseases.... For safety, varieties are planted in them that are least susceptible to them.

White filling

This variety is more than a dozen years old, it is distinguished by its excellent fruit taste and high yield. The plant has a determinant bush with a small variety of keeping leaves on the stems, it does not need to be tied up - the height rarely reaches 60 cm, and you will not have to pinch it either.

On one brush of the White filling variety, up to 8 fruits weighing 100 g are formed, the variety belongs to early ripening, since on the hundredth day it begins to bear fruit.

More than 8 kg of aromatic fruits can be obtained from one square of the greenhouse area. The variety is resistant to many diseases, but does not tolerate thickening, so no more than 4 bushes should be planted per 1 square meter.


An excellent high-yielding variety with long-term fruiting, capable of producing over 9 kg of fruit per square. A hundred-day-old tomato with a stem height of 1.5 m, requires garter and pinching. The brushes of the variety are large, 18 tomatoes weighing 70 grams are formed on them. Tomato variety Sun is resistant to disease, but does not tolerate thickening... For long-term fruiting, it requires regular watering, top dressing and loosening of the soil.

Dobrun F1

An excellent, high-yielding, mid-season hybrid with unlimited growth of the main stem. The bush is powerful, requiring a garter, removal of lateral layers and pinching of the top.

The Dobrun F1 variety begins to bear fruit on the 110th day - up to 6 fruits weighing 200 g each are formed on frequently located clusters.

The recommended sowing time is March, disembarkation is mid-May. Indoor crop only. With proper care, more than 10 kg of tasty, juicy, aromatic fruits can be obtained from one meter of area. It is worth noting that this variety is perfectly stored - in room conditions it can lie without loss of yield for up to one and a half months.


A medium-sized variety with a bush height of 60 cm, determinant, does not require a garter and removal of lateral layers. The fruits begin to ripen on the 115th day from the moment of germination. The weight of one tomato is 280 grams. More than 10 kg of the Gina variety can be harvested from 1 square meter.... In addition to high yields, a feature of the variety is the amicable ripening of fruits. The tomato is resistant to disease.

We offer you to watch a video about the Gina tomato variety:

Red Arrow

An early ripe, high-yielding hybrid - from 1 square meter, you can learn up to 30 kg of small-sized fruits. The bush grows a meter tall and begins to yield in 95 days. A plant with good immunity to many viral infections. The variety is intended for indoor use and requires good maintenance.


It is worth paying attention to the following varieties of high-yielding tomatoes for greenhouses:

  1. Altayechka.
  2. Icicle.
  3. Farm salting.
  4. Belgorod cream.
  5. Bull heart.

The high yield of tomatoes depends not only on the selected variety, you should not neglect the timely watering, top dressing, and optimal conditions for the good development and growth of tomatoes.


There are a lot of varieties of tomatoes and you can pick up hybrids with the desired properties and high yields. Some vegetable growers are afraid to experiment, and plant only time-tested varieties, but in vain.

Every year, breeders are working on breeding varieties that not only give high yields and the duration of the growing season, but also have increased resistance to viral and fungal diseases. Indoors, it is better to grow indeterminate varieties..

Of course, it should be borne in mind that they need some care - the formation of a bush and tying, but such crops also give an excellent harvest.

Watch the video: ABCs of Tomato Production (May 2022).


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