Simple, but with excellent taste: cauliflower with egg, fried in a pan

Simple, but with excellent taste: cauliflower with egg, fried in a pan

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Cauliflower in a skillet with egg is healthy and easy to prepare. It is ideal for breakfast and as a side dish for dinner.

Each housewife, and especially a mother, should have her own unpretentious recipe that all her household members like.

In the article, we will tell you step by step how delicious and very fast you can fry this vegetable with an egg or other products, we will show you a photo.

Taste a hearty and easy-to-digest culinary masterpiece in different variations and choose a favorite for you and your family.

Benefit and harm

Cauliflower is a truly unique vegetable, because it is low in calories and keeps the feeling of satiety for a long time, which not every product can do. Hypoallergenicity allows you to safely include it in complementary foods for babies and as an indispensable component in the diet of grown children.

Frequent consumption of cauliflower promotes fat burning, making it a desirable component of the diet.

Cauliflower is rich:

  1. vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, PP;
  2. minerals - calcium, potassium, cobalt, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, zinc, iron;
  3. malic, citric and tartronic acid.

It has been scientifically proven that its frequent use fills with health and improves the appearance of the skin and hair, prevents the formation of excess cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, preventing such ailments as constipation and digestive problems.

According to the results of medical research, it was shown that a representative of this vegetable culture does not allow the development of carcinogenic tumors. It also relieves increased nervous stress and improves mood.

For 100 grams of fried product,:

  • Protein - 3.0 gr.
  • Fat - 10.0 g.
  • Carbohydrates - 5.7 gr.

Energy value - 120 kcal. Of course, there are also contraindications to use. It is undesirable to use the "curly" beauty in food for people suffering from:

  1. any diseases of the stomach - ulcer, gastritis;
  2. unstable bowel function;
  3. renal failure.

How to cook quickly and tasty?

Now let's give you step-by-step instructions for cooking.

You will need:

  • Head of cauliflower - 1 pc.
  • Egg - 3 pcs.
  • Butter - 30 grams or 2-3 tablespoons of sunflower.
  • Salt.

How to fry:

  1. First, you need to thoroughly rinse the head of cabbage under running water, separate from the leaves, disassemble into inflorescences and cut especially large pieces into 2-3 parts.
  2. Then pour water into an enamel pot, add a little salt and put on fire.
  3. As soon as the water boils, place the inflorescences in a container and cook over medium heat for 10-15 minutes.
  4. After, check for readiness - pierce the inflorescence with a fork. If it is easily pierced, then it is ready. Discard the boiled pieces in a colander and let the water drain.
  5. We put the pan on gas and add oil. We heat up, and then lay out the boiled pieces. Fry one by one on all sides.
  6. Break the eggs into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and beat a little with a fork. Pour on top of the cabbage, stirring immediately. Until the egg mass has set, you need to completely coat the contents with it.
  7. As a spice, you can use bay leaf when cooking inflorescences, and when frying - garlic, passed through a press. Cauliflower itself has a subtle and delicate flavor, so too much seasoning can simply overpower it.
  8. Close the lid, then simmer for a couple of minutes and turn off the gas.

The dish should be eaten hot, so put it straight out on a serving plate or serve on one large one.

Interesting options

You can diversify the recipe by adding the following ingredients:

  • Cheese.

    Any hard variety will work for this method.

    1. Grate 80-100 grams of cheese on a coarse grater and sprinkle on top immediately after the vegetable and eggs are fried.
    2. Then close the lid and wait until it melts, evenly covering everything with an appetizing crust.
  • Tomatoes.

    Use only ripe tomatoes, otherwise the sour taste or wateriness will not add the desired flavor.

    1. 2 tomatoes must be washed, cut into slices and sent to fry at the very beginning.
    2. Once they are soft and juiced, lay out the rest of the food.

    This kind of omelet cannot be stored in the refrigerator, so cook it at once.

  • Milk.
    1. If you want to achieve a delicate and creamy taste, pour 1 glass of milk, cream or 3-4 tablespoons of sour cream into a cup with eggs.
    2. Whisk well and pour over the inflorescences.

    Cream and cauliflower complement each other perfectly. This option, too, is not subject to long-term storage.

  • Meat.

    If you aim to serve such a dish for dinner, then it would not hurt to add 250 gr. animal protein, which will make it a complete meal.

    Pre-boil the meat in a saucepan with plenty of water and one onion, and then fry in a pan for 5 minutes before adding the main ingredients. It will be faster to use minced meat. It must be fried for about half an hour.

  • Chicken.

    How to fry cauliflower with it, you won't have to tell for a long time. The recipe is simple:

    1. Cut the pitted breast or fillet into small cubes.
    2. Onions - in half rings and fry with the bird until a crust is obtained.
    3. Then simmer for about half an hour until tender.
  • Sausage.

    The fastest and most convenient way. In fact, this is a ready-to-eat product, therefore it requires only 5 minutes of heat treatment to obtain a golden brown crust.

    Sausages and small sausages also perfectly complement the recipe, although this somewhat reduces the usefulness, but it is quick and satisfying.

To make it even healthier, you can dip the meat in soy sauce for 10 minutes before frying - after all, it is healthier than ordinary table salt.


For decoration, you can use fresh herbs - onions, parsley and dill... Croutons and serving with bright vegetables - for example, paprika and cucumber - will be appropriate.

A photo

Below you can see a photo of the finished dish.

We suggest watching a video on how to cook cauliflower with an egg in a pan:


Undoubtedly, such a dish should appear on your table as often as possible. All products are almost always available and are in the refrigerator of any hostess, which is especially important in case of unexpected guests. Diversify the menu with healthy food and enjoy the beneficial effect.

Watch the video: Delicious and tasty Country-Fried Cauliflower Steaks. Cauliflower Steak recipe (May 2022).


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