What is an indeterminate tomato variety? Its advantages and disadvantages

What is an indeterminate tomato variety? Its advantages and disadvantages

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Today it is difficult to make the right choice of tomato seeds due to their wide variety. Every seed company prides itself on its own indeterminate tomato varieties that can grow without restriction. They are distinguished by their high resistance to many types of diseases found in open ground and greenhouses.

Today you will learn in detail about indeterminate tomatoes, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to grow them in a greenhouse and outdoors. We also recommend watching a useful video on this topic.

What it is?

Attention: Indeterminate tomatoes are tall crops that grow for a long time. During the entire development, the bush can reach 1.5 meters, and in some varieties - up to 6.

In the southern regions, such tomatoes can be planted in indoor and outdoor conditions. As they grow, the stem must be tied to stakes or trellis.

For mid-latitudes, it is recommended to grow indeterminate varieties in a greenhouse.... And in the northern regions, such varieties should not be planted. The point is the late ripening of these types of tomatoes. In the short northern summer, the fruits do not have time to ripen.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of indeterminate varieties is space saving. On a small garden bed, you can plant several bushes, from which you can then collect a decent harvest. A good indicator of yield is considered to be 13-16 kg of tomato from a garden of 1 m2.

Other benefits are:

  • the ability to create optimal conditions for their growth;
  • the use of vertical space;
  • uniformity of illumination of the bush;
  • normal airing of the plant;
  • resistance to fungal diseases;
  • the ease of forming a bush, which consists in the elimination of stepchildren;
  • long-term fruiting.

The disadvantages include the need to use a support and pinching. Indeterminate varieties are distinguished by a later onset of flowering and ripening of the tomatotherefore they need artificial heating and lighting or a longer summer period.

The best greenhouse species and hybrids

Indeterminate varieties are great for growing in greenhouses. Here you need to take proper care of them:

  1. create a certain temperature;
  2. do not forget about airing and timely feeding.

Verlioka F1

This variety belongs to the early maturing. From germination to maturation, 100-115 days pass. This hybrid gives a high yield.... The bush grows up to 2 m. Red fruits weighing 65-90 grams have a flat-round shape. Differs in resistance to tobacco mosaic.

Watch a video about the features of F1 Verlioka tomatoes:

Octopus F1

Octopus F1 is an excellent variety of indeterminate tomatoes. The tomatoes themselves are dark red without green spots around the stem. These tomatoes can be grown in a greenhouse all year round. When creating good conditions for their growth, it is possible to harvest several times a year.

Watch a video about the features of the Sprut F1 tomato variety:

Tretyakovsky F1

This tall medium early tomato hybrid has raspberry fruits, each weighing 120-130 grams. The brushes on the bushes are compact. They weigh 8-9 tomatoes. The juicy flesh shines in the cut. This tomato contains in large quantities:

  • selenium;
  • carotene;
  • lycopene.

The variety is different:

  1. high yield;
  2. increased shade tolerance;
  3. resistant to padosporium, fusarium and mosaic.

The fruits of this type of tomato are tied, despite unfavorable weather conditions.


Gardeners love this variety because of its very sweet sugar fruits. The dense pink flesh allows them to be safely transported. These tomatoes are very tasty. They are delicious in salads. The plant is resistant to temperature fluctuations and many diseases.

F1 start

The F1 start has red fruits, the weight of which reaches at least 120 grams. This variety is perfect for any purpose: canning, making salads, ketchup and juice.

Selfesta F1

These indeterminate Dutch hybrids can be harvested in 115 days. These excellent-tasting tomatoes are even and slightly flattened. Fruit weight reaches 120 grams. They are resistant to viral diseases.

Intact F1

This variety, due to its unlimited growth, needs to be pinched on the crown.... Fruit ripening occurs 108 days after full germination. Tomatoes grow medium in size, weighing 80-90 grams with a weak ribbed surface, pleasant to the taste.

Miracle of the earth

The Wonder of the Earth is an indeterminate mid-early variety. In a greenhouse, it ripens for 100 days, in the open field a little later. With drip irrigation, the yield from 1 bush can reach 20 kg.

The fruits themselves have a bright pink color, rounded flattened shape. The weight is about 500 grams. The pulp is fleshy and sweetish. The variety is universal. Small tomatoes can be used for canning.

Watch a video about the features of the "Miracle of the Earth" tomato variety:

For the vegetable garden

In the open field for growing tall tomatoes, you will need to build a frame to tie up the plant. For such conditions, you can choose the varieties listed below.


These tomatoes are very popular for their juicy and sweet fruits., the weight of which reaches 100 grams. The color of the tomato is red-orange, the shape is rounded with a drawn nose. The variety belongs to the medium early, and has a high yield. It can be consumed fresh until December, and is good for canning.

Watch a video about the features of the Tarasenko-2 variety tomatoes:

De Barao

From 1 De Barao bush, you can collect about 10 kg of tomato. The variety stands out for its high taste. The plant grows strongly in height, which sometimes reaches over 2 meters. The fruits are oval in shape. Their weight is 50-100 grams. They are perfectly preserved. There are several varieties of De Barao with respect to color. They are:

  • red;
  • black;
  • orange;
  • yellow.

Watch a video about the features of De Barao tomatoes:

Wonder of the world

This indeterminate variety is mid-season. It should be grown in 1-2 stems. On the main, 4-5 pieces of brushes are formed, each of them contains about 25 fruits. The weight of one is 50-60 gr. The color and shape of the tomatoes are very beautiful. They taste great and contain a lot of beta-carotene. The fruits are great for fresh consumption and preservation.

King of Siberia

One of the large tomatoes bred by Siberian breeders is the indeterminate variety King of Siberia. The average weight of its bright yellow fruits reaches 200-300 grams, the fruits hanging below often weigh 400 grams. They have thin skin and sweet, fleshy flesh.

Mikado black

The color of these tomatoes is dark, purple-burgundy. The variety is mid-season and large-fruited. The pulp of such tomatoes is sweetish, the presence of acid is felt... The mass of heart-shaped or flat-round fruits reaches 300 grams. The surface is ribbed. Planted in a greenhouse, they give a good harvest. Tomatoes are intended for making salads.

Watch a video about the features of Mikado black tomatoes:


The advantages of this mid-season variety are:

  1. great taste;
  2. high productivity;
  3. resistance to disease and frost.

Raspberry-colored fruits have dense, fleshy flesh... Their weight can reach 500 grams.

Important: This hybrid needs regular feeding and loosening of the soil. The plant needs systematic abundant watering, mandatory pinching and reliable support.

Honey drop

Tomatoes of this variety are like drops. They are yellow and lightweight - 30 grams. It tastes sweet. Honey drop is immune to a wide variety of diseases.... The variety is drought tolerant.

Watch a video about the features of the Honey Drop tomato variety:

The best indeterminate hybrids with pink and red fruits

There are many varieties that produce beautiful pink fruits. Breeders every year bring out new hybrids of tomatoes.

Pink Paradise F1

The plant is intended for cultivation in greenhouses... The bushes reach a height of 2 meters. A feature is the formation of a large amount of green mass and the need for mandatory formation.

The pink fruits of this variety have excellent taste. With proper care, the yield from one bush reaches 4 kg. These tomatoes are good for salads. Also suitable for juices and sauces.

Pink Samurai F1

The plant of this variety forms a powerful bush. Pink Samurai F1 is characterized by excellent fruit setting, which weighs about 200 grams. They can be stored for a long time. These tomatoes can be grown indoors.

Aston F1

Aston F1 tomatoes are grown both in the open field and in greenhouses. The bush is distinguished by its power and strong growth, it forms ovaries well. With proper care, it is possible to get a high yield of red and flat-rounded fruits. On average, they weigh 170-190 grams. Tomatoes are resistant to cracking.

Kronos F1

This indeterminate variety belongs to the early. Grown in open and closed ground. The plant gives a high yield... The first brush can be seen over 6 sheets. The mass of these flat-round red fruits reaches 140-170 grams. They are able to lie, without losing their taste, for 1-1.5 months, and also perfectly tolerate transportation.

Shannon F1

One of the early maturing hybrids is Shannon F1. It can be planted outdoors and in greenhouses. When planted early, it gives an excellent harvest, is resistant to most diseases. The color of ripe fruits is red, the shape is round. Tomato mass - up to 180 gr. They are distinguished by excellent taste. You can store them for about a month.


When choosing tomato seeds, be sure to read the information indicated on the package. This will help in acquiring the right varieties. Today, hybrids are especially popular, which are designated with the letter F1.

Watch the video: How to Top Tomatoes (May 2022).


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