Why do you need hilling and why does potato yield increase significantly after it?

Why do you need hilling and why does potato yield increase significantly after it?

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Potato farming includes several basic activities, and hilling occupies a special place among them. Not only experienced summer residents have heard about him, but also those who are completely far from gardening.

This is a rather laborious task and there are even opponents of this method of processing potatoes. They believe that it is enough just to loosen the aisles with the planted vegetable.

Let's talk further about why potatoes are hilled. Why it is believed that this procedure helps to increase yields. It is still necessary to huddle it or not to increase the yield.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potatoes are grown for its underground tubers, so the agricultural technology of this vegetable has its own characteristics. For the formation of stolons with tubers, certain conditions are required: optimal temperature indicators and the presence of the required amount of moisture. The quantity and quality of the future harvest depends on their observance, and that is why hilling is a necessary and important measure.

Reference. Hilling is raking the soil to the stems of a potato bush, forming a kind of high ridge around it.

Thanks to this procedure, the following happens:

  • The soil layer is increased above the root system of the potato, due to which a stable temperature and moisture is provided, which are necessary for the proper growth and development of tubers.
  • Loosening the soil makes it more breathable, eliminates the upper crust.
  • Covering tubers with soil that are visible from the soil prevents them from greening and prevents them from picking up solanine.
  • The process of hilling the beds helps to get rid of weeds that interfere with the growth and development of potatoes.

Hilling also has its opponents, who argue that this procedure can be carried out only in the northern regions of the country, where the soil is very wet. In their opinion, on the lands of the steppe and forest-steppe, hilling is not only ineffective, but sometimes harmful.

  1. For example, in the south of Russia, potatoes are not huddled at all in dry summers, as this can lead to drying out of the soil and an increase in its temperature, which can have a detrimental effect on potato tubers.
  2. Also, potato beds grown under black agrofibre are not subject to hilling. This non-woven material creates comfortable conditions for the development of potatoes, promotes better tying, growth and ripening of tubers.

Why hilling potatoes?

Hilling potatoes is aimed at obtaining a large number of additional shoots on which tubers are formed. Regular treatment makes the bushes thicker and more powerful.

Many stolons produce a large number of tubers, and the dense foliage supplies the lower parts of the plant with sufficient nutrients to help increase yields.

Why is the harvest increasing significantly?

Potato roots grow only 15 cm deep, therefore hilling is carried out only when the stems reach a length of 30 cm. The procedure is aimed at increasing the yield due to the growth of roots and the formation of additional horizontal shoots, on which tubers are formed.

Important! The wider and higher the crest is, the more stolons with tubers will be formed.

How much does the procedure contribute to this?

If hilling is done in time, when the height of young plants is from 3-5 cm to 15-18 cm, then the root system of potatoes will begin to actively form in the formed ridge, an increasing number of tubers will form on the growing stolons. And the higher the height of the ridge, that is, the larger part of the stem is in the soil, the stronger the stolons will form, and, therefore, the plant will form a larger number of tubers in the nest.

Hilling allows not only to increase the yield by 20-30%, but also improves the structure of tubers.

So is it worth doing?

Should I do it or not? Exists several reasons for hilling potatoes:

  1. Hilling protects potato shoots from late frost. This event is very important in climatic zones with unstable weather conditions. Slides from the ground around young stems provide them with a warm shelter. Vulnerable shoots are protected from sudden frost, and can grow and develop safely even in harsh weather conditions.
  2. High earthen mounds surrounding the potatoes protect the fragile stems of plants from strong winds, prevent them from breaking and bending them.
  3. Hilling improves the structure of the soil, making it looser and more breathable. It is very useful and necessary when growing potatoes on dense and moist soil.
  4. Potatoes need enough moisture. Hilling allows water to penetrate more quickly to the underground parts of the plant.
  5. This procedure actively fights weeds that hinder the proper growth and nutrition of potato bushes.
  6. Shallow planting and regular hilling of the potatoes makes harvesting easier as the tubers are grown practically on the ground.
  7. Hilled beds are easier to treat with insect repellents such as the Colorado potato beetle.
  8. Hilled potato plantings are easier to cultivate with various agricultural cultivators.


In the article, we examined all the pros and cons of hilling potatoes. As you can see, this procedure can be very useful for this agricultural crop, it stimulates its growth and increases productivity. And now you know why, when hilling, the yield of potatoes increases significantly. But it is not advisable to carry out the procedure for all regions and growing conditions.

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