What do you know about hilling potatoes with a walk-behind tractor? We know everything about this!

What do you know about hilling potatoes with a walk-behind tractor? We know everything about this!

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When the area of ​​the garden takes up a large part of the garden plot, it is very difficult to spud potatoes by hand. It is for such cases that there is a technology for hilling potatoes with a walk-behind tractor. When hilling potatoes with a cultivator, time is saved and the process itself is much easier. Loosening of the soil at the time of tillage is of considerable agrotechnical importance during the period of growth of this plant. At the moment of disking the surface layer of the soil, it becomes, as it were, airy, increasing in volume, thereby creating conditions for the growth of shoots and tubers.

Advantages and disadvantages

During the growing season of plants, the land around them must be processed in a timely manner, using a special device on the walk-behind tractor for this.

Due to hilling, these plants are protected from disease and temperature changes, as well as weeds are removed.

When processing with a cultivator, such advantages can also be distinguished.:

  • Minimum labor costs.
  • High productivity compared to manual hilling.
  • Creation of deep furrows and heaving of stems, which has a positive effect on the yield.
  • Optimal soil aeration with excess moisture due to the creation of a loose structure.
  • Maintaining the required temperature in the soil.

Of the shortcomings, one can only single out the fact that you need to spend money on any walk-behind tractor, in contrast to a simple hoe.

You can find out more about why you need hilling of potatoes and why after it the yield of potatoes increases significantly, here.

When is it necessary to carry out the procedure?

The first time the potatoes need to be spud when the stem growth reaches 5 cm... It is advisable to do this in the evening or early in the morning on wet ground.

Selection Tips

When choosing a unit for work on a land plot, in particular for hilling, several factors must be taken into account:

  1. Density of the earth at the surface... If the soil is loamy, there are many lumps in it, then you need to stop your choice on a heavier unit.
  2. Length of potato ridges... The fewer turns you have to make when hilling, the easier it is to control the walk-behind tractor.
  3. Land area... If the ridge for potatoes is small, about 2-3 acres, then, of course, there is no need to spend money on an expensive cultivator.

And vice versa, with a large garden plot, in order to avoid overheating of the device, it is preferable to buy a powerful one, over 5 liters. s.- unit.
There are several types of hilling tools. Learn more about how to choose a hilling tool here.

Will the Neva fit?

Cultivators "Neva" are very popular among gardeners and gardeners.... With their help, it is possible to cultivate various soils with high productivity and at a quality level. This is evidenced by the technical characteristics of the walk-behind tractor, as well as user reviews. The units are equipped with reliable imported Subaru, Honda or Briggs engines with high efficiency and increased resource.

Simple control allows you to easily switch speeds, depending on the specified work. The walk-behind tractor also has a reverse gear, which makes it much easier to work with it. The weight of the unit is about 90 kg, which is especially valuable when working on heavy soils. There is a comfortable steering that adjusts according to the needs of the owner.

Let's assume that you bought the device from this manufacturer. We will tell further how to spud potatoes using the Neva device or any other walk-behind tractor.

Preparing the device

Any unit, including a cultivator, needs proper care... In the spring, before starting land work, the walk-behind tractor must be carefully inspected, with special attention paid to the wear of the devices: plow, hiller, removable cutters.

It is imperative to remove the preservation grease if it has been applied to the piston group since autumn. Check the presence of oil and replace it if necessary, top up with gasoline.

Carry out a test check of the engine operation, for which it is necessary to close the air damper, set the maximum number of revolutions and start the engine. Let it work for some time, thereby warming it up and after that you can start cultivating the land.


Before filling potatoes, you need to understand how to do it correctly. It is necessary to provide for a method of raising the ridges during planting of potatoes, since for the advancement and high-quality operation of the unit, a distance between the rows of 60-70 cm is necessary. You need to take into account the size between the wheels with the addition of 5 cm on each side.

Different ways of working

Hilling your potatoes with a walk-behind tractor can be done by several hook-on devices - hillers. Let's take a closer look at each type and setting of these models.

We use two devices

The unit has wheels with lugs and two adjustable hillers on the crossbar. They need to be set up so that the double-sided share pushes the soil onto the potato bushes with the least amount of effort. This is done by shifting the plunging depth along the rack and changing the inclination of the surface of the device. Then the hillers are installed between the rows, and the processing of the plants begins.

Having overcome the entire length of the ridge, the unit turns around, shifts by two rows, and the process is repeated, raising the ridges of the earth. When hilling, rippers are usually installed in front... On the back of the walk-behind tractor, wheels are installed - hillers, which cover the bushes.

Single row device application

When cultivating the land with a one-sided share, you will also need wheels with lugs, which must go along pre-seasoned row spacings.

The hiller is adjusted on the stand in such a way that the soil dump covers at least half of the plant stems at a height of about 30 cm.

Disk variety

Such disc devices, when hilling potatoes, are additionally crushed and made airy soil. True, filling with earth with such a device will be slower, since it will be able to process only one row from the aisle, but better loosening of the soil is expected.

Setting up walk-behind tractor disks:

  1. It is necessary to spread the discs to the distance of the row spacing.
  2. Then the blade angle is determined by trial and after that they are set symmetrically to each other.

This is done so that the walk-behind tractor does not tilt to the side.

You can learn more about how to huddle potatoes in various ways here.


The choice of the hilling method directly depends on the characteristic features of the soil on the potato ridges, but, in any case, the treatment of plants must be in accordance with the requirements of agricultural technology. A tiller with accessories for hilling gives excellent soil cultivation... In addition, such filling of plants protects them from diseases, stimulates growth and helps to obtain a good harvest of vegetables.

Watch the video: Grillo G110 potato planting (July 2022).


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