Storing potatoes in a box: what you need to know to keep vegetables fresh, tasty and healthy for a long time?

Storing potatoes in a box: what you need to know to keep vegetables fresh, tasty and healthy for a long time?

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Potatoes are popular in every family and are present in many dishes. They eat it both on weekdays and on holidays.

This vegetable is harvested once a year, in the fall. How to keep potatoes at home until spring, because with high humidity, it begins to rot, it is afraid of frost and high temperatures.

Special containers for storing vegetables will come to the rescue. You can buy it or make it yourself. How good they are for a root crop, what are the rules for preparing potatoes - we will tell further.

How to store potatoes in an apartment in winter?

Potatoes are not perishable, but storing them is quite troublesome. This vegetable is sensitive to moisture, does not tolerate frost and high temperatures, and is subject to rotting.

Due to the incorrectly selected storage temperature, potatoes lose their taste. When the temperature is too low, the potatoes acquire an unpleasant sweetish taste, and if the temperature is too high, pests appear.

The most optimal temperature for potatoes is + 4-6 degrees, it is in such conditions that all useful substances and vitamins will be preserved. In this case, the humidity should be no more than 80-90%. With a moisture content of more than 90%, the potatoes begin to rot, and if the moisture content is less than 80%, the mass of tubers decreases. Do not expose potatoes to direct sunlight.

Note! In the sunlight in the potato tubers, solanine, poisonous to humans, is produced! It is he who gives the potatoes a greenish color.

You can find out more about how to properly store potatoes in an apartment in winter here.

Pros and cons of the container

There are special containers for storing potatoes at home. You can make such a container with your own hands. Such a container maintains the microclimate necessary to keep the tubers in good condition. The advantages of storing potatoes in a special container:

  • The required level of humidity is provided.
  • Potato germination is minimized.
  • No liquid condenses in the middle.
  • Protected from direct sunlight.
  • Allows you to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Reduces the loss of firmness of tubers and dryness of potatoes.
  • Potatoes can be stored throughout the winter.
  • Convenience.
  • Aesthetic appearance.


  • Before storage, potatoes must be prepared: dry, sort out.
  • Price, or the need to make a container yourself.

Storage rules

  1. Before placing the potatoes for storage, they are thoroughly dried, all soil and dirt are removed.
  2. Then the tubers are sorted: all small, damaged, rotten and bad potatoes are removed. Even under ideal conditions, only the highest quality and healthiest potatoes are laid for the winter.

    Attention! In no case should you wash potatoes!

  3. It is better to disinfect the box before use with a solution of potassium permanganate or bleach. When stored for a long time in a box, the tubers are sorted from time to time. This should be done when rot has been noticed. This indicates that bacteria have entered the store.

    Important! In this case, not only the infected tubers are removed from the container, but also those that come into contact with them. If the potatoes are visually healthy, but flies have appeared in the room and a smell emanates from the container, then it is necessary to sort out the storage completely and remove all the spoiled potatoes from the bottom.

Where is the best place to put the container in the apartment?


It is believed that the loggia is the best place to store tuberous vegetables in winter., because in warmth they inevitably begin to wither and deteriorate. However, you still have to comply with some conditions.

The most important thing is to ensure that the temperature is above zero, the potatoes should not freeze. It is almost impossible to store vegetables on an open balcony in winter, but on an unglazed loggia, potatoes can comfortably overwinter.

There are heated containers, you can do this yourself, but with an open balcony, electricity costs will be significant.
You can find out more about how to store potatoes on the balcony in winter here.

The corridor

Many residents of apartment buildings store potatoes in a common corridor at the entrance. The entrance microclimate is great for capricious potatoes, because usually there is just 4-6 degrees of heat necessary for the tubers, there are no temperature drops. With this storage, vegetables are always at hand, no special care measures are required, no heating or cooling is needed.


Storing potatoes in an apartment closet is associated with additional difficulties: too high a temperature and dry air. When storing potatoes in the pantry, the room will have to be constantly ventilated and humidified.

Can I put potatoes with other vegetables?

Potatoes can be stored with other vegetables, but not all. Potatoes are perfectly stored along with beets. Beets are placed on top in 2-3 layers, it absorbs excess moisture.

Recommendation. It is not recommended to store other vegetables and fruits with potatoes because they absorb the potato odor. In addition, many vegetables have different storage requirements than potatoes.

How to make a container with your own hands?

The first step is to calculate the dimensions of the future box, based on the number of potatoes and the place where it will be located afterwards. You can make a container from a variety of materials: plywood, timber, chipboard, plastic, and even from an old refrigerator or furniture.

Without heating


  • bar 5 * 5 cm for the frame;
  • plywood, fiberboard, OSB or chipboard for cladding;
  • heat-insulating material: polystyrene, polystyrene foam.
  1. Assemble the frame from a bar, then sheathe it from the inside and outside with sheet material.
  2. Install thermal insulation between the inner and outer layers.
  3. Then you need to make a lid of a suitable size, it can be removable, or hinged.
  4. As thermal insulation, penoplex is better, because it absorbs excess moisture, but such insulation is more expensive. You can choose any sheet material.

From the video you will learn how to make a storage box for potatoes:


If the loggia is insulated, then additional heating of the potatoes is not required, but on a cold loggia, a heated drawer is required... For heating, a hairdryer, an incandescent lamp or a film heat-insulated floor are used. The power should not exceed 60 watts.

When heating with lamps, a tin pipe is placed in the center of the box, inside which heating elements are placed, and for a hair dryer, a plastic tube with holes is taken. The optimum temperature is maintained using a thermostat, it will automatically turn on and off the heating.

Materials (edit):

  • Bar 5 * 5 cm for the frame.
  • Plywood, fiberboard, OSB, or chipboard for cladding. The thickness of the material is at least 5 cm.
  • Thermal insulating material: polystyrene, polystyrene foam.
  • Plastic tubes 4-5 cm in diameter.
  • Hair dryer.
  • The relay is electrocontact.
  1. First, a frame is assembled from bars, fastened with corners.
  2. Then the resulting structure is sheathed with sheet material using self-tapping screws and holes are made for plastic pipes with warm air.
  3. Insulation to the walls of the container is attached with glue to the entire surface from the inside.
  4. Holes are made in the air tubes and inserted into the previously made slots.
  5. Last but not least, a hair dryer is attached and all electrical equipment is insulated.

Important! All electricians must be as safe as possible so that a short circuit does not occur!

Watch a video on how to make a heated thermobox on the balcony for storing potatoes in winter:


When stored in a special box, potatoes can remain fresh, tasty and healthy for 6-8 months. Any person with minimal carpentry skills and a set of tools can independently make such a container.

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