Medicinal properties of potato sprouts. What are the benefits and how to make a tincture of them?

Medicinal properties of potato sprouts. What are the benefits and how to make a tincture of them?

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For some reason, there is a misconception that potatoes are the main component of a hearty lunch. And apart from calories, there is nothing useful in its composition. But this is absolutely not the case.

Potatoes are a vitamin product that has medicinal properties and, if used correctly, can save you from a whole bunch of diseases. This vegetable contains the largest amount of potassium among other plants. Namely, potassium is responsible for maintaining the water balance in the body. Benefits are brought not only by the potatoes themselves, but also by their sprouts, which we will talk about in detail.


Next, we will talk about the shoots on the root crop, which appear six months after the harvest.

If the potatoes are transferred to a warm place in winter and left there, sprouts will appear on it for 2-3 weeks.

Everyone has seen them, but few people know what they are made of.

Chemical composition

The main function of potato sprouts is new life... First of all, they are needed to reproduce a young plant. Therefore, they have a rich composition:

  • amino acids;
  • Sahara;
  • minerals: calcium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, sodium;
  • vitamins: A, C, E, PP, H and almost the whole group B;
  • alkaloid solanine;
  • starch.

Separately, I would like to note that solanine is a poisonous substance that in large volumes is harmful to the human body (you can learn more about what solanine in potatoes is and why it is so dangerous here).

However, potatoes contain little of it, so they are safe. An amount of 200-400 mcg of solanine is considered critical. 100 g of potatoes contain 2-10 mcg of dangerous solanine.

That is, if a person eats 1 kg of sprouted potatoes along with the peel and sprouts, then poisoning is possible. Solanin causes excitement, and then depression of the nervous system, decomposition of red blood cells. Solanine can be toxic to humans and animals. Due to the significant decrease in the solanine content in modern potatoes, intoxication has become rare.

Benefits for the body

The substance obtained from the sprouts is characterized by analgesic, anti-inflammatory and cardiological properties. Solanine substance eliminates fungal infection.

Solanin easily copes with staphylococcus, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, relieves colic in the intestines.

Preparations made according to the recipes of traditional medicine from potato sprouts help with such diseases:

  1. fungal infection of the skin: dermatitis, eczema, fungus;
  2. respiratory disease: tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis;
  3. for problems in the oral cavity: caries, periodontal disease, stomatitis;
  4. as a wound healing agent after bruises, wounds, abrasions, burns;
  5. if the musculoskeletal system is weak: arthritis, arthrosis;
  6. liver disease;
  7. oncological diseases;
  8. violation of the functions of the visual system.

In large doses, solanine destroys red blood cells and has a depressing effect on the central nervous system.

Benefits for joints

Feeling unwell associated with joint problems can occur both at a young and mature age. It is important to see a doctor who diagnoses the disease. The medicinal properties of potato sprouts tincture help with arthritis, which causes acute inflammation of the joints.

Potato shoots have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects... In case of pain, the tincture should be rubbed several times a day. After creating a thermal effect for a couple of hours, bandage the affected area with a downy or ordinary scarf. After 3 weeks, the result will appear. This method is common in traditional medicine.

For the treatment of vision

If you want to try to cure cataracts with potato sprouts, you need to consult your doctor.

Cataract is a disease that causes visual impairment. In medicine, there is still no exact data on what may be the cause of the occurrence. If such an ailment is detected, measures should be taken immediately. Otherwise, the consequences will be irreversible, the cataract patient is threatened with complete loss of vision.

It is believed that an infusion based on potato sprouts can cope or at least slow down the development of the disease. The main thing is that you do not need to drip into the eyes. You only need to drink alcohol infusion. It should be consumed 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before the main meal. The duration of one course is 2-3 months. The effect will be noticeable. But most likely this will not be enough, there should be 3-4 such courses.

Solanine is dangerous, it tends to accumulate in the body... Therefore, when treating with this substance, it is important not to increase the dosage.


You should not take the tincture lightly, after all, it contains poison that can cause serious harm to the body. When treating, it is imperative to alternate alcohol tincture and an aqueous solution. If the drug is drunk too much, the following symptoms may occur: vomiting, nausea, increased heart rate, headache. In this case, it is necessary to rinse the stomach and use sorbents.

As with any medicine, tincture on potato sprouts has contraindications.

Can't use potato shoots:

  • small children and elderly people;
  • women during lactation and pregnant women;
  • people suffering from diabetes mellitus;
  • with sexually transmitted diseases;
  • with obesity and poor metabolism.

Potato sprouts tincture should not be used by pregnant women, lactating women, children under 12 years old, patients with diabetes mellitus. Also, the tincture of potato sprouts is not recommended for people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

You should not drink a tincture of potato sprouts for patients with acid-base balance... It is contraindicated for people with intestinal diseases - enterocolitis, colitis and enteritis in the acute stage.

How to make infusions correctly?

First of all, you need potato sprouts. They can be obtained, as already mentioned, by putting the vegetable in a warm, bright place for a couple of weeks.

By themselves, the sprouts will not bring any benefit, you should prepare an infusion of alcohol or water.

On alcohol

How to infuse potato shoots with alcohol:

  1. Rinse and dry the sprouts. If they are long, then cut in half.
  2. Pour the scions with medical alcohol in equal proportions. That is, 100 g of sprouts need 100 ml of alcohol.
  3. Insist in a cool, dark place for about 7-10 days.
  4. Strain and refrigerate.

Using vodka

  1. The first step in preparing the ingredients: alcohol 40% and clean, dry sprouts.
  2. Pour the shoots into a glass container and fill it with vodka.
  3. The calculation of the proportions is done as follows, for 50 g of sprouts - 0.5 liters of vodka.
  4. Place the container in a dark place for 2-3 weeks, insist.
  5. After this time, strain.
  6. The use of the tincture is both internal and external.

The tincture is left in a warm, dark place for 2-3 weeks, after which it is filtered and used for ingestion and external use. Compresses with vodka tincture are very effective... To do this, a clean, folded several times gauze or cotton cloth is moistened in undiluted tincture and applied to the affected area, leaving for several hours or overnight.

From juice

  1. Twist the sprouts into a meat grinder.
  2. Squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.
  3. Mix 1 part juice and 2 parts vodka.
  4. Insist for a week.


The preparation is prepared easier and faster with water... This method is no less effective to use.

  1. Take dry sprouts and cover with water.
  2. Insist in a dark place for two days.
  3. When the liquid gets a deep green hue, it is ready.

Home-made preparations are used as compresses, rubbing, lotions, for rinsing the mouth, consumed internally.

When treating with infusion on potato sprouts, chemical medications should not be used.

As strange as it may sound, even poisonous substances can be beneficial. As confirmation - potato sprouts. Nature gives us many valuable things, but we don't always use them. The main thing is to listen to the body, not to abuse substances containing poison. Do not heed the advice of your doctor.

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