Do you want to know how to properly store potatoes in an apartment in winter? Let's tell you!

Do you want to know how to properly store potatoes in an apartment in winter? Let's tell you!

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It is hard to believe that the potatoes that regularly appear on the table of almost every family were never heard of just 300 years ago. But now it is a regular guest of both everyday dinners and festive dinners. And the guest, I must say, is quite capricious.

To preserve its taste and useful properties, it needs special conditions. But not everyone has a cellar or garage - what can be done? Do not get upset, but take matters into your own hands and create a cozy corner for potatoes in your own apartment. This is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. We will tell you how to store potatoes and, most importantly, how to do it correctly at home, in an ordinary city apartment.

How to ensure optimal conditions for potatoes?

Storage conditions for potatoes:

  • The optimal temperature range for storing potatoes is 3-5 degrees above zero. At higher - the tubers are stored for 2-3 months, then shrivel, lose moisture and begin to germinate. At low - they acquire an unpleasant sweet taste and rot from the inside.

    During storage, the variety is of great importance. Asterix, Dolphin, Kolobok have good keeping quality.

  • High humidity provokes the appearance of fungus, low humidity - a change in the structure and flabbiness of the tubers. The most favorable is 80%.
  • The storage area must be dark, because under the influence of prolonged natural or artificial lighting, tubers not only begin to germinate, but also produce solanine, the use of which can lead to severe poisoning. A large amount of poison is deposited in the peel and turns it green. Such tubers should not be eaten.
  • The containers used are wooden crates, plastic containers with ventilation holes, cardboard boxes, nets and burlap.

Potatoes are carefully sorted out before storage. Affected by rot and photofluorosis, with a foreign odor, of a dubious type, tubers are thrown away, the rest are dried in the fresh air under the sun.

General storage guidelines

How exactly to organize storage of potatoes at home largely depends on the specific room in which the root crop will be located.

In a room or hallway

In well-heated living rooms, potatoes will be stored for several weeks.... The chances of preserving the crop will increase significantly if the tubers are spread out in different places, for example, some in the pantry, and some on the balcony.

In the kitchen

  1. A dark, well-ventilated area is chosen. Most often, the most convenient (and only) place is under the sink. You can use a special vegetable storage cabinet with ventilation holes.

    In a small box under the window in the kitchen, you can store potatoes during a not too harsh winter.

  2. A suitable size wooden tray, birch bark containers or a wicker basket with selected tubers are placed in the selected niche.

In the refrigerator, potatoes can be stored in a net or paper bag for a long time.... But, due to the limited space, this method is inconvenient. You can find out how much peeled potatoes can be stored in the refrigerator here.

In the pantry

Storerooms in apartments are often not heated, and potatoes can be stored there until spring.

An option for storing potatoes in a residential area can be permanent storage in a closet or hallway. You do not have to come up with thermal insulation, it is enough to protect the tubers from light with the same rags.

  1. The potatoes are packed in selected bags made of natural, breathable material. They are not covered and wrapped up.
  2. To prevent the tubers from withering, a wet cloth is hung in the room, which is moistened as it dries. You can put two or three basins of water and use an electric humidifier.

On the balcony

The procedure for storing potatoes on the balcony:

  1. A smaller box is placed in a large wooden box. The distance between the walls (which should be at least 10-12 cm) is filled with insulation: wood shavings, sawdust or crushed foam. The bottom and lid are also insulated. The inner drawer should be without holes and slots, with 2-3 15-watt bulbs, painted with dark paint (so that the potatoes do not turn green).
  2. Potatoes prepared for storage are poured into a box and wrapped on top with old clothes or a thick blanket. You can throw fresh straw on top. In such a storage, tubers are stored at temperatures up to +7 degrees and they are not afraid of street frosts.

For small balconies, where there is no place for massive structures, special thermal containers are offered, compact and aesthetically beautiful. With the help of a thermostat, you can set the desired temperature inside and forget about the storage problem for a long time.

You can lower the moisture level in the box by sprinkling the potatoes with onion skins and chalk, or by placing a couple of bags with dried elderberry or mint leaves on the bottom.

To prevent the potatoes from sprouting, you can put a layer of straw as an interlayer in the box.

How to increase the shelf life?

Storage boxes are pre-processed... It is necessary to process it with a disinfecting solution of copper sulfate, bleach or a strong solution of potassium permanganate, and then dry it outside. The tubers in the boxes are covered with spruce and pine branches, they are shifted with beets, which draw out excess moisture. You can learn more about how to store potatoes in a box here.

Possible mistakes

First, let's talk about the most common mistakes during storage, which lead to spoilage of potatoes or a reduction in taste:

  1. Poor sorting.
  2. Placing early maturing varieties for storage that are not suitable for long-term storage.
  3. Store side by side with other vegetables and fruits.
  4. Unsuitable storage conditions.
  5. Incorrectly chosen or insufficiently prepared place.

We offer you to watch a video about what mistakes are made most often when storing potatoes:


The first frosts will gladly spoil all the stored tubers, if the owner does not arrange the storage space in advance. What tricks you don't have to go to! If there is no balcony, you can store potatoes in winter in an apartment in a dark place.... But, knowing the basic rules and listening to the recommendations of experienced gardeners, you can treat your loved ones with nutritious and tasty dishes from home supplies for a long time.

Watch the video: How to Store Potatoes (May 2022).


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