Secrets of storing potatoes in the cellar in winter: what should be the temperature, how to equip the room?

Secrets of storing potatoes in the cellar in winter: what should be the temperature, how to equip the room?

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Most often, experienced vegetable growers store potatoes in the cellar in winter. With the right equipment of the premises and compliance with some rules, the tubers will remain in excellent condition until spring without problems.

However, you need to know that excessive humidity or dry air is detrimental to potatoes. Most often we store potatoes in our cellar. Thus, in the spring it will be possible to plant potatoes for the new season, and all winter you can eat good tubers. So, you need to know how to properly arrange a place in the cellar for storing potatoes. Consider how many degrees should be in the room and other important nuances of proper storage.

How to store potatoes correctly in winter?

One of the most important factors is where the potatoes will be stored. The place should be dark and cool.

To keep the vegetable until spring, do not forget about airing and drying the room. Experts advise to whitewash the walls of the cellar to prevent mold. Also, there should be no cracks or holes in the room with potatoes.

What should be the air temperature?

The optimum temperature for the root crop is in the range of +2 .. + 4 degrees Celsius.... If it is high, then the vegetable will begin to sprout rapidly, lose moisture and wither. And if the temperature drops to zero or below, then over time, the tubers will become sweetish in taste and slimy during cooking.

Warehousing methods

You can store potatoes in the cellar in different ways, for example, in bulk, in boxes or bags. Everyone chooses the best option for himself. But for all these methods there are general rules for preparing the cellar.

Before you bring the potatoes inside, you should disinfect the room. A solution of copper sulfate and lime is suitable. You can also use a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate. Then the cellar is dried. Provide good ventilation. Next, we choose the storage method.

When storing in bulk, some nuances should be taken into account.:

  • this method is good if the harvest is small;
  • hitting just a few rotten fruits can rob you of most of the potatoes.

The next type of storage is in boxes. Perhaps the most convenient and secure. They are easy to carry if necessary, they are compact and do not take up much space, they are highly breathable.

Sometimes they use bags, but only made from natural materials.... These bags are well ventilated. If a rotten tuber appears, this is not at all scary, since rotting will not spread outside the bag. Correct storage is only possible if you have followed all the rules.

How to prepare the premises?

It is worth starting training in the summer. First, open the cellar and dry it well. Since the cellar is very freezing in winter, it should be insulated in order to obtain an acceptable temperature for storing potatoes.

It is necessary to sheathe the wall with polystyrene sheets, which is located above the level of freezing of the soil. Such sheets are fixed with glue or foam. The roof must be made of wood, the edges must be insulated.

In this case, the frost will not break through the walls of the cellar.

How to make bulk storage with your own hands?

A bulk cellar is a great solution if you grow vegetables or fruits in large quantities. It is created using a special technology, so a favorable temperature will be maintained there.

First, choose the right place. The place for the cellar must be dry and located on a hill... Place the entrance to the inside from the north side. Choose your material wisely.

Best for:

  • wood;
  • brick;
  • slate.

After choosing the material, we proceed to the construction. First, you should clear the area and remove the topsoil. Then we make a kind of clay foundation. Next, fill in crushed stone and fill everything with bitumen on top. When everything is dry, we start building the walls. It is worth starting with the frame.

After its construction, we sheathe the box with wood and reinforce it with bricks. Before making a roof, it is necessary to carry out thermal insulation.... Mineral insulation is suitable for this. After that, we cover the entire structure on top with a mixture of straw and clay.

The roof should be made of wooden beams, metal plates or concrete slabs. After completing all the work, we fill the cellar with earth. Pay attention to the slope, it should be 45 degrees. Then again the structure is covered with roofing material and covered with earth by 8-10 cm. At this all work ends, it remains only to put things in order inside.

Common mistakes

  1. The temperature regime is not observed.
  2. Excessive moisture in the cellar.
  3. Lack of ventilation.
  4. Tubers do not move in winter.
  5. The room is not ventilated on time.


Understanding how to store potatoes in a cellar is not difficult. The main thing is to periodically check the temperature and humidity in the room. It is necessary to carry out the fight against pests, mold and fungi on time... Correct stacking, storage and observance of all precautions is the key to keeping potatoes whole, beautiful and unharmed!

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