All the intricacies of drawing up a business plan for growing potatoes

All the intricacies of drawing up a business plan for growing potatoes

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Potatoes are the most popular vegetable on the table of any Russian. In our country, the inhabitants call it the second bread. The demand for this root crop in our market greatly exceeds the supply. In this niche of agricultural production, there is always a place not only for large farms, but also for single farmers.

Growing potatoes is a process that affects the harvest. In order to get a high yield, it is necessary to adhere to the technology of growing potatoes. In this article, we tried to provide the necessary information that will help you create favorable conditions for growing potatoes.

The industrial scale of root crops production requires serious financial investments.... Before starting such a business, you need to draw up a plan consisting of the following steps:

If you are a beginner entrepreneur, then the second method is much preferable - the costs are minimal, simple agricultural technology that does not require specific knowledge.

There is a certain technology, the observance of which guarantees success in this business.:

  • buy seed and prepare it for planting;
  • prepare a land plot;
  • apply organic fertilizers;
  • plant potatoes;
  • hilling;
  • process crops from parasites and pests;
  • fertilization in the summer;
  • harvest;
  • preparation of a vegetable store;
  • sorting potatoes before storage and sale;
  • sales;
  • storage of unsold products.
  • As you can see, the cultivation technology is quite simple and everyone can cope with it.


    Experts claim that for growing potatoes on an industrial scale, it is enough to have an area of ​​land within 300 hectares... But research has shown that this area will not be enough to generate a stable profit from a good harvest.

    To get a consistently high yield, the land must be well prepared before planting potatoes. The most optimal time for this is the end of September, the beginning of October:

    1. Clear the soil from weeds, stones and debris, loosen using a cultivator. This is necessary in order not to mix the soil layers.
    2. Apply fertilizers - it is advisable to do this in stages, gradually saturating the earth with nutrients.
    3. If humus was applied as fertilizer, then the soil is re-cultivated.

    Important! When applying fertilizers, it is better to use organic compounds. It is not worth saving at this stage, since with scarce soils, the harvest will be small and the cost of producing root crops will not pay off.

    Planting material

    To obtain a large yield, planting material of good quality should be prepared - tubers without defects, clean, even, of medium size. For planting in the middle lane, it is better to prefer early ripening and mid-ripening varieties so that the tubers have time to ripen in a short summer.

    In the fall, seed potatoes need to be "greened" by leaving them in the light for three weeks... This process can significantly increase the quality of planting material, increasing the resistance of potatoes to rotting.

    After that, the tubers are stored in a dark, cool place until spring. A month before laying the planting material in the ground, it is transferred to a warm place for germination.


    To optimize the planting process as much as possible, purchase the following equipment:

    • tractor - 900 thousand rubles;
    • potato planter - 320 thousand rubles;
    • potato digger - 430 thousand rubles;
    • hiller - 300 thousand rubles;
    • sorting line - 410 thousand rubles.

    In addition, you will need a special room in which this equipment will be stored in the winter - dry and well ventilated.

    Vegetable store

    A room that will help keep tubers until spring with minimal losses. It is worth noting that it is in the springtime that the cost of the second bread increases almost threefold. The equipment of this room will cost about two million rubles.


    To work on growing potatoes took place without delay, the help of workers will be needed:

    • two machine operators;
    • one mechanic;
    • three guards;
    • handymen who will help to harvest 10 people.

    Some functions can be assumed by the head of the farm - accounting, market search.

    Cost price

    Before starting a potato production business, you need to assess how profitable the enterprise will be., and for this to estimate the cost of the process. Determine how much money will have to be spent on the purchase of equipment, planting material, staff fees, and so on.

    The cost of equipment for working with seed minitubers

    This is a unique unit that can be operated both outdoors and indoors. It is intended for obtaining a large number of minitubers from one plant.

    If the installation is used during the spring-summer period, then electricity costs are significantly reduced, since no artificial lighting is required for production. The cost of this equipment is 180 thousand rubles.

    Tuber costs

    The cost of planting tubers varies from 8 to 30 rubles per kilogram, depending on the season of purchase. So if you buy tubers in the spring, then their price will be maximum.

    But making a purchase in the fall is impractical, since it is unclear how they will be stored in the winter. Therefore, for calculations, it is better to take the average price - 25 rubles.

    To avoid a large consumption of planting material, large and medium-sized tubers are cut into pieces weighing 40-50 g - so that each share has 2-3 sprouts. In the years of warm, not very damp spring, the yield from them is not lower than from whole tubers of about the same mass.

    Purchase or lease of land

    This is one of the important stages in starting a potato growing business. On average, a hundred square meters of land costs 5 thousand rubles... If we take into account that we need 0.3 hectares, then the investment will be equal to 80 thousand rubles. But at the first stage, it is not necessary to spend money, but to lease the land for 49 years from municipal organizations.

    Considering that such an area will be allocated somewhere in the countryside, the cost will not be high. As soon as the business is established, and it starts to bring constant profit, it will be possible to think about acquiring a land plot in ownership.


    Production of potatoes for sale is a profitable and relevant business... In our country, it is eaten every day. The advantages of this business are that:

    • potatoes are easy to grow, you do not need to have skills and special knowledge;
    • there is no seasonality in demand for root crops, it is eaten all year round;
    • at the first stage, you do not need to invest a lot of money in the business;
    • quick payback - provided a competent approach, the first profit will be received at the end of the first season.


    • sale - if you sell potatoes to wholesalers, then its cost will be low;
    • seasonality - potatoes can be grown only in the summer, but you can sell them all year round;
    • an irrigation system is needed to eliminate the risk of crop loss due to drought (you can find out about when to water potatoes and how to do it by drip method here);
    • constant processing of fields from pests and parasites.

    Despite the disadvantages, it is profitable to plant potatoes for sale, even summer residents, who own a sufficient area of ​​land, have a small, but stable profit every year.

    Is it profitable to grow for sale?

    Consider the costs of starting a potato business:

    1. land lease within 200 thousand rubles;
    2. purchase of planting material - 300 thousand rubles, assuming that 10 hectares of land will be planted;
    3. fertilizers - 100 thousand rubles;
    4. organization questions - 100 thousand rubles;
    5. purchase of equipment - 2.5 million rubles;
    6. construction of a vegetable store - 2 million rubles.

    Considering that a farm for the industrial production of potatoes with a land area of ​​10 hectares is being created, the investments will amount to 5.2 million rubles.

    If we assume that 250 tons of tubers can be harvested from 10 hectares in a productive year, then we can assume that the profit in one season will be 10 million rubles (read about the secrets of agricultural technology for growing large root crops here, and from this article you will learn about how to get a rich harvest of early potatoes). We subtract from this amount the initial capital of 5.2 million and monthly expenses of 864,000 rubles, then the net profit per season will be 3.936 million rubles.

    The amount of investment is considerable, so it is better to start with smaller territories.and then expand your business.

    Production project for 1 hectare in Russia

    Before starting to implement a project, it is necessary to draw up a business plan, which must be detailed. This will help not only calculate the amount needed to start a business, but also allow you to calculate the approximate profit from the enterprise. In addition, you need to understand how much money you have to spend on monthly expenses.

    First of all, we will calculate a one-time investment:

    • purchase of a land plot - 50,000 rubles;
    • equipment - 970,000 rubles;
    • fertilizers and seeds - 42,000 rubles;
    • paperwork - 15,000 rubles;
    • Fuels and lubricants - 10,000 rubles;
    • warehouses for rent - 30,000 rubles.

    The calculation shows that at the first stage we will need 1.117 million rubles.

    Now let's calculate the monthly costs of doing business:

    • utility bills - 25,000 rubles;
    • rental of premises - 30,000 rubles;
    • taxes - 20,000 rubles;
    • staff remuneration - 100,000 rubles;
    • depreciation of equipment - 15,000 rubles;
    • Fuels and lubricants - 10,000 rubles;
    • unforeseen expenses - 10,000 rubles.

    So - the cost of production will amount to 216,000 rubles per month.

    The next step is to calculate the possible profit.... With an average yield, 25 tons of potatoes can be harvested from a given area, of course, not all of them will be suitable for sale; in the side-altars, 2.5 tons of tubers will be culled. You can sell 22.5 tons.

    Let's say we will sell the crop at retail at a price of 40 rubles per kg. As a result, it turns out that we will sell potatoes for 900 thousand. Net profit 252,000 rubles. Over time, you can expand production and thereby increase your net profit.


    If a decision is made to start a potato growing business, then you need to approach this issue rationally... Do not run to the bank for millions of loans, start small. Rent half a hectare of land and try your hand at this business. Make a profit - expand your business. The potato growing business is labor intensive but lucrative and can gradually expand to large areas.

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