Tips on how to protect your apartment if your neighbors have bed bugs

Tips on how to protect your apartment if your neighbors have bed bugs

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In recent years, an invasion of bloodsuckers has been celebrated all over the world. They attack people in their homes. They travel with their victims on airplanes and trains. You cannot hide from them, neither in a modest home, nor in a five-star hotel. These lines are not the beginning of a script for a thriller.

A vampire has indeed stuck to humanity. His name is bed bug.

Can these parasites come from neighboring apartments and what to do if the neighbors have bloodsuckers, but they do not poison them, how to protect themselves - read on.

How can insects get to you?

There are many ways that lead a bloodsucker to our home:

  • Inherited from the previous owners of the premises.
  • They moved to us together with old furniture, paintings, framed photographs.
  • They turned out to be an unpleasant addition to the donated parrot in a luxurious cage with nooks and crannies.
  • Brought to the house from the trip, in a suitcase.
  • Crawling away from neighbors.

Alarming signs

It is very important to pay attention in time to the signs of the appearance of these insects in the apartment, because the earlier you start the fight with the enemy, the easier it is to defeat him.

The breeding rate of bedbugs is phenomenal. One female lays up to fifteen eggs a day. From each testicle, a larva is obtained, which in appearance resembles an adult. She should eat at least once every four days. And the vampire will receive this food at the expense of the owner of the apartment and his household.

How to understand that unwanted guests have visited you:

  • After sleep, a person discovers bite marks on the body.

    In a quarter of the population, a bug bite does not cause any physiological reaction, except for disgust. The rest were much less fortunate. Allergic manifestations can range from a line of small red spots to itchy blisters the size of a coin. Bedbugs especially prefer the delicate skin of children and women.

  • Bloody traces of insects accidentally crushed in a dream remain on the bed linen.
  • On the wall, under the bedside carpet or panel, small dark spots are visible.
  • In upholstered furniture, bedside tables, under skirting boards or peeling wallpaper, in any secluded corner, you can find a colony of bed bugs. They do not tolerate places where light falls, so carefully examine all the dark nooks and crannies and see adult critters and their larvae.
  • The bug protects its territory with a pungent smell. Therefore, start worrying and go in search of a den as soon as you feel an unusual aroma for your apartment.

How to understand that they came from a neighboring apartment?

There was a big trouble - you found bedbugs. And you know for sure that none of the family members traveled, new items did not appear in your home, and they could only get to you from your neighbors. To act decisively further, one must understand - THE PRESENCE OF BLOCKS IS NOT RELATED TO CLEANLINESS.

Excessive delicacy in this case can do a disservice. Good neighbors will be grateful to you for the warning, and bad neighbors will be easier to deal with with the whole world.

Bedbugs easily move along the communications of an apartment building. The walls are not an obstacle for them, because due to the small size, the insect travels through ventilation holes, joint outlets, crevices near water and heating pipes, etc. There is evidence that these insects are able to settle in a standard nine-story building in only three summer months.

How to protect yourself if bloodsuckers are not poisoned nearby and are not poisoned?

Living in an urban, typical, multi-storey building, we sometimes do not know the people who live outside the wall. Or, on the contrary, we know very well that there is a "bad apartment" at the entrance. The first suspicions of a breeding ground for infection will fall precisely on the disadvantaged tenants. And it is possible that it will not be possible to agree with them on the sanitary treatment of the premises. Probably, these people can promise you to do everything possible, but do nothing, or do not complete all the activities.

In another situation, bedbugs can run over to you from neighbors who are fighting with them in order to escape from destruction. Therefore, without wasting time, in our own home we seal all the cracks with a sealant, alabaster, any suitable material. Don't forget about ventilation and common electrical outlets.

ATTENTION! It doesn't matter what kind of people live near you when it comes to bed bug infestation. The main thing is to isolate your apartment from insects as much as possible and start a joint fight.

Where to go if insects appear?

Where to complain if bloodsuckers climb to you from your neighbors; can we ask the management company to rid us of harmful insects?

The answer is “yes” if it is explicitly stated in your agreement with the Criminal Code. But there is one unpleasant nuance here - the company's area of ​​responsibility includes only the common building territory. Everything that starts from the threshold of the apartment is our concern.

Bedbugs will settle in the entrance last. And only if it is a comfortable, warm room, provided that there are so many of them that there is no place in the apartments for creating new nests. This insect prefers to live next to the feeder - in a person's bed or very close to it. Let's remember its name - BED KLOP.

The main benefit from the involvement of the management company in the treatment of the entrance with chemical means will be in broadly informing residents that there is an unpleasant problem in the house.

Write a statement to the Criminal Code, with a link to the current contract and ensure that this organization fulfills its responsibilities. The more such requests are received from the residents of the house, the faster the entrance will be processed.

Involvement of the police in order to educate negligent tenants - bug-lovers, as a rule, are ignored. Appeals to the regional SES are usually also ineffective. At best, they will give you advice on how to remove parasitic insects and provide you with the necessary chemicals.

How to protect your home?

There is no point in wasting precious time on clarifying the question - "why do we need this?" and "who should poison bedbugs?" As long as we think, critters breed.

We immediately perform the following steps:

  1. We inform all tenants. We post a short notice at the entrance - “IN THE HOUSE OF KLOPA! TAKE ACTION! " This will serve as a sufficient signal to all those who are not indifferent. Most will turn over their apartments and process them for prevention.
  2. We write applications from most apartments to the management company (MC).
  3. If the Criminal Code does not help to resolve the issue, we contact the Housing Inspectorate. In the statement, we set out the essence of the problem that violates our civil rights.
  4. We write complaints:
    • to the State Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance. We demand to take measures against negligent neighbors, due to the danger of an epidemic (AIDS, hepatitis, etc.), from the dominance of blood-sucking insects;
    • to Rospotrebnadzor with a request to conduct a sanitary and epidemiological examination of a "bad" apartment.

    IMPORTANT! We send all appeals to the supervisory authorities by registered mail with notification. We keep copies of our letters and the received answers for further actions.

  5. We free our apartment from impostors on our own or with the help of a specialized company.

Not a single living creature can live for a long time where they are constantly trying to kill him. Deprive the bedbugs of peace and comfort, and victory in this difficult struggle will be yours.

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