How to choose the right Chinese cabbage for delicious and crispy dishes?

How to choose the right Chinese cabbage for delicious and crispy dishes?

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Peking cabbage or Chinese cabbage is gaining more and more popularity and is increasingly becoming a part of our diet. Fresh Peking leaves are added to salads and snacks for a rich herb flavor and flavor.

To make the salad tasty and crispy, you need to choose the right head of cabbage in the store. To do this, you need to remember a few basic points.

This article describes in detail how to choose the right Peking cabbage so that the dishes from it are tasty and the cabbage remains crispy. You can also watch the video, which clearly shows which vegetables should be avoided and which ones to pay attention to.

Why is it important to make the right choice?

Even if you have little time, and you had to cook an hour ago, do not be lazy, spend a couple of minutes choosing fresh Peking (Chinese) cabbage (you can see the recipes for preparing Peking cabbage dishes here).

Stale, sluggish leaves can not only ruin your dish, making it tasteless, but also cause serious harm to your health.

What should a healthy vegetable look like?

  • A healthy head of Chinese cabbage has a rich white to dark green color depending on the stage of growth of the vegetable when it was picked.
  • The leaves should be firm and resilient. If the cabbage is too old, then its leaves gradually turn yellow, the head of cabbage is no longer as juicy and tasty as a few days ago. You can use it, but it is better to give your choice to a fresher head of cabbage.
  • The most succulent Peking leaves are almost white. Do not be alarmed - this does not mean that the vegetable is not ripe, it can be eaten, and its leaves will crunch pleasantly.
  • A healthy head of cabbage should not have any brown spots indicating the beginning of rotting and the fact that the cabbage is spoiled and unsuitable for human consumption.
  • The head of cabbage should not be damaged, because bacteria immediately accumulate in these places, which can harm your health.

What to look for when buying?

  1. If you have a choice, you should prefer a head of cabbage without any packaging - film or bag, so you can inspect the cabbage from all sides.
  2. Take a head of Chinese cabbage in your hands and squeeze a little - it should not be soft or loose. The firm and fresh fleshy leaves will be pleasant to the touch.
  3. Examine the head of cabbage carefully. The leaves on it should not be damaged (scratched) or cut off, this can lead to the accumulation of bacteria at the site of damage.
  4. If you notice rot on the leaves, you should immediately reject this head of cabbage - rot can harm your body more than you think, and also spoil the taste of the dish.
  5. Next, inspect the leaves - they should not be wilted and yellowed, all the taste and juiciness has gone from such leaves.
  6. Make sure that there are no drops of water on the head of cabbage - this means that producers artificially extend the life of the vegetable, creating the illusion of freshness, although in fact the leaves have already lost their juiciness.
  7. Smell Beijing cabbage thoroughly, the vegetable itself does not have a pronounced smell, so any extraneous chemical smell means that the producers have used growth stimulants.
  8. Pay attention to the color saturation of the Peking cabbage, there are several types of cabbage in stores, and they are all different shades - from yellow-green to dark green, but they are all fresh if the color is saturated.

The consequences of a wrong choice

Don't ignore wilted leaves or even the smallest rotten spots.

If you eat such a salad, you can get severe poisoning.

Symptoms of such poisoning can be:

  • stomach upset;
  • nausea;
  • abdominal pain;
  • general weakness.

In some cases, it is possible:

  • temperature increase;
  • tachycardia;
  • lowering blood pressure.

To avoid the above consequences, you need to be very careful when choosing a product in the store.

Watch a video on how to choose the right Chinese cabbage in the store:


Peking leaves are great for a variety of salads, snacks, and sandwiches, but choosing a fresh vegetable from the store is important. Fresh cabbage has a rich taste and contains a large amount of vitamins, such as necessary in the winter season.

Watch the video: Healthy Cabbage Roll Recipe. Making Chinese cabbage roll recipe. V Taste (May 2022).


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