What to do if cockroaches crawl from neighbors? The reasons for the appearance and the fight against them

What to do if cockroaches crawl from neighbors? The reasons for the appearance and the fight against them

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These insects cause in most people a sharp instinctive disgust and a desire to immediately destroy.

The appearance of a cockroach in the house, especially during the day, indicates an extreme degree of unsanitary conditions. In the fight against insects, we have allies and, oddly enough, opponents.

What if cockroaches systematically crawl into your house from neighbors? This article describes in detail from what cockroaches can appear and how to deal with them using various methods.

Where are they crawling from?

The reason for the appearance of cockroaches where they did not exist before is their natural migration:

  • having multiplied, it became cramped for them in the territory of their neighbors, and they piled up to you;
  • neighbors declared war on uninvited guests, and the surviving part of the population urgently moved through the ventilation ducts and cracks in the floor to new places;
  • the scout lurked in the purchases brought from the supermarket, and if this is a female, then the brood of parasites is inevitable;
  • someone received a package from an online store located in a distant hot country, where everything is very cheap, and things are so-so with sanitation;
  • someone loves to travel and stay in inexpensive (!) hotels, hostels, etc. and for a long time leaves the house, full of things brought from the trip, unattended;
  • someone lent someone a thing that they took on a voyage and returned without washing, and along with it - the female of the parasite.

Watch a video about why cockroaches appear in an apartment or house:

Why don't they leave?

Because they liked it here.

They always run to where they are:

  1. warmly;
  2. food;
  3. water.

Obviously in a new place, where there are food leftovers on the floor for cockroaches, there is enough food (bread crumbs on the table, a bucket with non-discarded garbage, unwashed dishes in the sink, dirty stove, poorly washed saucepan, burnt fat on the bottom of the pan), water (leaking tap, cups with tea leftovers on the table, water for flowers in an open container) , and does not smell of dichlorvos.

And the natural enemy - the owner of the house - unlike them, sleeps at night. And they know how to hide.

Attention! Finding cockroach nests in an apartment is very difficult.

Why is it difficult to get rid of them?

It is difficult to exterminate the population of cockroaches on the vine, since over the millennia of existence, cunning insects have developed several mechanisms of adaptation to poisons and climatic conditions, they do not even care about radiation. Dinosaurs and mammoths became extinct, and cockroaches adapted.

  1. They know how to pretend to be dead, or rather, to lose consciousness from poison. Sweeping the corpses of cockroaches in a scoop and throwing them into the garbage chute, a person helps them to survive. Having regained consciousness from the action of the poison in the garbage, the parasite will soon continue its earthly path. Therefore, you can only dispose of poisoned cockroaches into the sewer.
  2. They learned to live up to a month without food and even without a head. It is difficult for them only without water, so they are more often deployed in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Therefore, it is so important that the plumbing in the house does not leak and the sinks are dry.
  3. They are able to regulate the size of the population and reduce fertility under adverse conditions - especially when they are being bullied. Residents, carrying out the persecution, notice that the number of insects has decreased, and calm down: they say that the remaining ones will soon die out on their own. No, they will not die out!

    The breeding cycle of cockroaches is two months. During persecution, females do not reproduce as actively, but nevertheless reproduce. If the owners fold their hands at this stage of the struggle, the cockroach queens will multiply their efforts tenfold. Therefore, you can carefully exhale only if three months have passed and not a single running Prusak in the house has been noticed.

Watch a video on why it is so difficult to get rid of cockroaches:

Necessary measures to eliminate them

If they run from other apartments

Do not immediately declare war on people. Better to start a conversation on this unpleasant topic calmly. Perhaps it will be possible to settle the matter peacefully. But if they do not want to cooperate, then by law, you have the right to apply to the sanitary and epidemiological station with a statement. A representative of the SES will come, examine the apartment, record the fact and issue a conclusion on the diagnostics carried out.

Important! First, you need to find out whether he has the right to issue verification documents.

With these documents, you can go to court with a complaint against your neighbors, because you can only force them to process your home by a court decision. Also you can call the HOA, housing office, housing fund management, inspectorate for sanitary and hygienic measures of the city.

If other tenants are unwilling to dispose of them

If cockroaches have multiplied in a neglected apartment of neighbors and are already flooding your home, and the owners of the infected apartment are partially sane, then to create an appeal with a complaint about them:

  • direct evidence of the presence of cockroaches from neighbors will be required, and the applicant will have to collect this evidence;
  • the applicant's house must be impeccable from a sanitary point of view, otherwise the SES will file a claim against him.

If the tenants are poisoning insects, and they run to you

This means that they did not warn you about the persecution of parasites, which is also a violation.

The sanity of neighbors can be established in the process of communicating with them., but you can't make the cockroaches wait, and you will have to take care of the cleanliness of the house urgently.

Noticing a neighbor's cockroach crawling from ventilation, from a gap in the floor or from an electrical outlet, you must:

  1. set traps;
  2. remove food products from open access;
  3. grease the baseboards with a special gel or other means;
  4. fix plumbing.
  5. wash the apartment with disinfectants (ammonia scares off cockroaches, and if there are only a few of them, the so-called scouts, then the main population will not stick a mustache here for a long time);

Who should poison them?

According to the law, the Criminal Code is obliged to monitor the sanitary condition of the home and adjacent territory. But if, within the limits of his own home, everyone chooses the means for the destruction of cockroaches, then in the case when insects penetrate into apartments from a garbage chute, an entrance, a basement, an attic, Article 161 of the RF LC obliges the management company to take urgent measures. Cockroach baiting is carried out once a year, in urgent cases - upon additional request.

Attention! The management company must destroy parasites in the house exclusively at its own expense, since our rent already includes the possible costs of fighting insects. No extortion from tenants is allowed, it is illegal.

How to get the Criminal Code to solve the problem?

If the Criminal Code refuses to fulfill its duties, you can write a complaint to the regional prosecutor's office. In a class action lawsuit, the likelihood of a positive outcome increases, but for this it is necessary to collect up to 80% of the signatures of residents of an apartment building or entrance.

However, even in this case, it will take a sufficient amount of time to resolve the issue, which, alas, works in favor of the cockroaches, and not the residents. Therefore, while the court and the case ...

Joint control of insects

If you are lucky with your neighbors and they are ready to eliminate the infection with joint efforts, it is better to immediately contact a professional exterminator. This is both more efficient and more economical. Specialists have at their disposal the best remedies for annoying domestic insects, against which they have not yet had time to develop immunity.

Ultrasonic traps also show good efficiency.

If set at the same time and to the maximum, hordes of arthropods will rush away. You should not expect an instant effect, since the females have already laid eggs in any case, and new pests will inevitably hatch from them, after which you either have to repeat the sanitization, or wait until the first one takes effect, depending on the means used.


The invasion of cockroaches is not the most pleasant phenomenon, but, by acting quickly and together, you will be successful in getting rid of insects for good.

Watch the video: how to kill a roach when youre terrified of roaches (May 2022).


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