A small and unpleasant white wood louse - how to get rid of this misfortune in an apartment?

A small and unpleasant white wood louse - how to get rid of this misfortune in an apartment?

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Woodlice can be found in almost every apartment, in the bathroom, toilet, and this nuisance appears due to excessive humidity. Often they just don't pay any attention to her. But this is wrong!

Despite the fact that woodlice does not do much harm, it signals to the apartment owners about strong dampness, and where there is dampness, a fungus begins to form. Woodlice in an apartment is not only a violation of the cleanliness of the house, but also not the best impressions when you meet. In this article, we will look at how to get rid of uninvited guests and prevent their return visit.

What kind is this?

White wood lice is an arthropod belonging to the crustacean suborder (read more about the representatives of what type, class and order woodlice belong to this article). It has dimensions not exceeding 6 mm.

The presented type of crustacean is characterized by the presence of an oval body, on top of which there is a slight bulge. The eyes are placed on the side of the head. There are 6 pairs of abdominal legs. The body color is white or grayish (you can find out more about what woodlice look like, what types of this insect are, you can here).

Attention! In their natural environment, woodlice can be found under fences, stones or stumps. Damp cellars or sheds are considered favorite places. That is why wood lice take root only in those houses where high levels of humidity prevail.

A photo

Next, you can see what this wood louse looks like in the photo:

Reasons for appearing in the apartment

If you turn your attention to the name of the species, you can understand that insects of this type prefer to live exclusively in wet rooms... In such an environment, they feel very comfortable, especially if the room is cluttered, it is much easier for them to hide from others there.

If we consider the last floors of multi-storey buildings, then woodlice develop there due to moisture in the attic, but apartments on the first floors suffer from basements.

If everything is fine with the general condition in the apartment, then, most likely, insects visit the apartment from neighbors through small cracks or ventilation.

More about where they come from, where woodlice live and what are the reasons for their appearance in the apartment, we talked about in a separate article.

What is the danger?

In general, woodlice poses practically no danger to humans and their health, these insects do not bite, cannot spoil food, but their appearance is unpleasant for humans.

In addition to all this, on their paws insects carry viruses and fungi, therefore they are considered the distributors of many diseases... In this regard, the desire of a person to get rid of such guests is quite natural.

Step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of it

In the event that non-requested guests were nevertheless found in the toilet or bathroom, you should think about what method can be most effective to get rid of them. At this stage of time, you can use both folk remedies and chemicals.

Folk remedies

When getting rid of wood lice with folk remedies, you can follow these steps:

  1. Make a concentrated aerosol containing pepper, salt and tobacco. In order to do everything right, you need to take about one teaspoon of each of the ingredients, mix thoroughly and insist on a liter of water. It should be sprayed on the area where woodlice are most active, since their home is located in this place.
  2. In the event that the house is old and the walls constantly become wet, it is necessary to pour a handful of salt in the corners, which will absorb moisture and thereby create uncomfortable living conditions for wood lice.
  3. Boric acid is also considered a wonderful remedy. The presented tool just needs to be scattered in the place of accumulation of insects.


In addition, you can use chemical agents, of which there are a lot on store shelves these days:

  • The most common and popular means are currently considered - Dichlorvos and Tarax... These funds have the ability to additionally rid the room of other types of annoying insects. As for the white woodlice, the poison acts on it precisely by contact, that is, having sprinkled the insect, the poison destroys the surface of the hard shell, and thus the insect dies, while infecting its fellows.
  • The next most popular tool is considered to be - Monitor lizard... Dichlorvos Varan is a drug from the group of synthetic insecticides. Produced mainly in aerosol form. It is sprayed onto the walls, ceiling and floor of the room. Thus, the insect will be poisoned and die. It works for up to twenty days, and insects do not get used to it.
  • In addition to the above means, there are also other types of aerosolswhich are widely used, but need to be sprayed and left for several hours.
  • In the event that white wood lice got into the room through the drain, then the ideal remedy here would be Mole for cleaning pipes. Mole is a means for cleaning pipes from blockages, created in the middle of the twentieth century. This remedy is very effective and useful if insects have settled in your pipes or come to your home through them. Thus, you can get a double effect - to kill insects and unclog pipes.

During the day, woodlice are not visible, they crawl out in search of food at nightfall. What do they eat in our homes and what types are there, you will learn from separate articles on our Internet portal.


It is better to prevent the appearance of insects such as white wood lice than to fight them exhaustingly. Due to the fact that woodlice can breathe with gills, it really needs water. Thus, if the humidity in the room becomes moderate, the uninvited guests will leave or, at all, will not appear.

In order to achieve this, it is enough to install additional ventilation in a humid room for more intensive air exchange, this will help get rid of not only woodlice, but also from unnecessary dampness. In the winter season, you can put a heater in the bathroom for a while in order to dry the room.

Dirty dishes should not be left in the sink all night, as woodlice "come out" at night and look for food throughout the house. Thus, adhering to simple rules if you create an optimal living environment and indoor microclimate, wood lice will not appear, since it will be very uncomfortable for her to live in those conditions where there is no high level of humidity.

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