Are wood lice dangerous for humans and why?

Are wood lice dangerous for humans and why?

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Woodlice are small pests that reproduce and live in high humidity conditions. The natural habitat is rotten wood, wet litter, earth under wet stones.

Woodlice in an apartment are a sign of excessive humidity and dampness of the room. Individuals are not dangerous for people, but their appearance causes dislike and disgust. Another of the questions that worries the tenants of the room is whether these insects bite or not. Next, consider whether they are harmful or not; whether they need to be destroyed and how to do it safely for your health.

What it is?

Woodlice are classified as crustaceans due to the fact that their body is covered with a shell. (read more about the representatives of what type, class and order woodlice belong to this article). The average length of one individual is 1 cm (what do woodlice look like?). The activity of arthropods occurs at night, since they do not tolerate bright light and noise. During the day, it is quite difficult to notice woodlice in an apartment (if the number of individuals is small).

Reference. Woodlice movements are fast, individuals are dexterous. If there is a threat to life, they roll up into balls. Life expectancy is 10-12 months.

The usual habitats are under the bathroom, behind the toilet, near the boiler, in closets with stocks of vegetables (more about where they come from and where woodlice live and what are the reasons for their appearance in the apartment, we talked about in a separate article). This is explained by increased humidity and the presence of the necessary microflora for nutrition. Woodlice, which have entered the room from the basement, roof or street through the ventilation system, are especially dangerous for the apartment. Such individuals reproduce actively, it is difficult to deal with them.

Do they bite or not?

The mouth apparatus of individuals is not intended for bites. With its help, you can only eat soft rotting residues or small parts of plants. Woodlice do not bite or consume live microorganisms. These individuals are saprophages - they live off the decay products of organic matter (what do woodlice eat?).

What is the harm?

Are wood lice in an apartment dangerous for people and why? Woodlice earned notoriety because of their unpleasant appearance. and a predisposition to gather in the colony. For many, at one glance at such a creature, a persistent feeling of disgust arises, and constant contact (if wood lice appear as soon as you turn on the light) can provoke stress or a nervous breakdown.

Despite the frightening appearance, these representatives of crustaceans are practically safe for humans. They do not bite, do not spoil food, do not contaminate water, do not buzz or enter the body. But individuals feed not only on living, but also on decayed plants.

The threat remains that woodlice on their paws can carry pathogens of infectious diseases (spores of fungi, lichen, bacteria). But this question remains controversial, since there is no scientific evidence and confirmation.

Wood lice live in the bathroom, toilet, basement or kitchen. If these individuals appear in the room, you need to pay attention to the state of the sewage system and water supply. In these systems, leaks or malfunctions invisible to the human eye can appear. If the problem is not resolved, the woodlice colony will increase.

For plants

For indoor plants, these crustaceans are the most dangerous. The harm is as follows:

  • eating living leaves;
  • damage and violation of the integrity of the root;
  • soil compaction (oxygen loss occurs).

On a note. A sign that the bush is attacking woodlice are small holes in the leaves and flowers. Individuals need 14-15 days for the home flower to completely wither and die.

Is it worth fighting them?

Woodlice do not do much harm, but you do not need to "breed" them in the apartment. Pest control is an important and necessary procedure. These crustaceans do not bite humans or animals., but violate the comfort in the apartment. The appearance of wood lice is a signal for urgent sanitization of the room (where do wood lice come from?). This will allow timely destruction of individuals and reduce the risk of possible spread of fungi or lichens.

It is necessary to distinguish wood lice from silverfish. The latter prefer dryness, eat sugar, food leftovers. Silverfish have a smaller shell and longer legs. These individuals are insects. The effectiveness of the fight against it depends on the exact definition of the type of pest (what types of wood lice are and how to deal with them?).

When is urgent destruction of wood lice required?

  1. The number of individuals is not decreasing, but increasing.
  2. The owner of the apartment sees woodlice even during the day.
  3. Individuals appear outside the boundaries of their possible or usual location (outside the bathroom).

Ways to fight

The destruction of the pest should be comprehensive:

  • It is imperative to adjust the humidity in the apartment: reduce dampness, check the ventilation system and the condition of the pipelines.
  • It is recommended to seal the cracks in the bathroom and toilet.
  • The garbage that has accumulated under the bathroom must be removed - this will deprive woodlice of housing.

For further struggle, use mechanical, folk and chemical methods. The first 2 options are effective only when the arthropods have not yet had time to breed and settle.

Mechanical methodFolk recipesChemicals
  1. Take a broom, wet it. Put overnight in places where wood lice accumulate (at night, individuals will crawl under wet rods). In the morning, carefully remove the broom from the room, shake it outside. Repeat the procedure 2 times.
  2. You can also sprinkle salt or put a bucket of lime in the corners of the bathroom for physical extermination.
  1. Make 2-3 holes in potatoes or carrots, leave overnight. These root vegetables contain a lot of moisture, which attracts wood lice. In the morning, destroy vegetables with individuals crawling in them.
  2. Mix red pepper, tobacco powder, soda (1: 1: 1). Dissolve in water, stir. Treat the places of accumulation with the resulting solution.

For the treatment of walls and floors, Gett, Tarrax, Mole are suitable. Among the universal remedies that will help, if necessary, get rid of ants or cockroaches is Tetrix. The dosage is indicated in the instructions.

When working with chemicals, be sure to wear a mask and gloves.

If there are no results, and woodlice continue to settle in the apartment, careful processing of the premises by experts-disinsectors is required.

Watch a video on how to get rid of wood lice in an apartment:

Today in the world there are about four and a half thousand species of these creatures. Pests live in all climatic regions of the planet. From our materials, you will learn about what these crustaceans eat and how to deal with white woodlice.

So, wood lice are small individuals that represent the subtype of crustaceans. They are distinguished by an unpleasant appearance. The greatest threat in the apartment is for houseplants - they eat roots, leaves, lead to death. People and animals do not bite. When several individuals appear, it is necessary to start fighting them.

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