Effective methods of dealing with dust mites and photos of these insects under a microscope

Effective methods of dealing with dust mites and photos of these insects under a microscope

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The dust mite is a microscopic representative of the animal world inaccessible to the human eye. Favorable breeding grounds are dark and gloomy corners, mostly among the dust, and the main habitat is the dwelling of people.

The first dust mites were found in apartments several hundred years ago. It is assumed that they were brought with feathers and down of poultry. Dust mites are the causative agents of a rather dangerous disease - bronchial asthma.

From the article, you will learn what symptoms are caused by dust mite bites, how they look on the human body, and you can look at a photo of an insect under a microscope.

Brief description of insects

Science has more than 150 species of dust mites. The most common are pyroglyph and barn species, which are referred to as house ticks.

The diet of these individuals is dead cells of the epidermis, falling off the human skin, particles of dandruff, as well as the pile of woolen carpets, blankets, and blankets. They prefer to live their life in the dusty corners of the dwelling, in the accumulation of old clothes, mattresses, upholstered furniture, on bookshelves ..

They feel great at 55% or more humidity in the room and an air temperature of 22 - 26 ° C. Two months is enough for this parasite to lay offspring of several tens of eggs. But the life cycle of an individual does not last long - about three months.

Their size

The size of one individual is from 0.1 mm, but some species can reach 0.5 mm. Up to one hundred dust mites can live in one gram of dust.

What do they look like?


The dust mite cannot be detected and viewed with the normal human eye. But under a microscope or under a magnifying glass, an adult looks intimidating. Its appearance resembles a yellow - brown chubby spider with eight sharp legs, each of which has a suction cup to hold the body on the surface. The pincers cling to objects with their paws so tightly that they cannot be thrown off the clothes or bed even by strong shaking. A vacuum cleaner is just as powerless in the fight against these animals (how to get rid of a dust mite at home?).


Do they bite? Dust mites are so small that a person cannot feel their presence on the body and feel bites. The only danger from these creatures is that with a large accumulation, they are quite capable of causing allergies in a person.

If an allergy to bites is found, do not comb the damaged areas, in order to avoid spreading to other areas of the skin.

The affected area should be immediately treated with soap or soda solution, an antiseptic is also suitable.

In order to reduce itching and inflammation, use:

  • essential oil of conifers, wormwood, lavender, mint, cypress;
  • vinegar;
  • freshly brewed black or green tea bags;
  • you can drink several tablets of activated charcoal.

ATTENTION! The proposed agents have a softening effect on the skin, reduce itching, but do not cure allergy symptoms.

For treatment, you need to visit a doctor and take a course of prescribed medications. Among them, the most effective drugs can be distinguished:

  • Akriderm.
  • Tsindol.
  • Afloderm.
  • Tavegil.
  • Ofloderm.

A photo

Next, you can see a photo of the bites on the human body, as well as how the insect looks under a microscope.

Step-by-step instructions on how to find them

In the apartment

It is problematic to detect dust mites in an apartment. Due to their microscopic size, it is impossible to see them, but these creatures live in various quantities wherever people live. If a person does not have any allergic reactions, most likely the concentration of mites in his apartment is low. The owner may not know about the existence of these parasites in his home. If any unusual reactions of the body to inhaled dust appear, it can be assumed that uninvited guests live in the apartment.

If you suspect the existence of parasites in the apartment, you can purchase special test strips at the pharmacy, which can easily detect dust mite allergens and determine their number. In addition, you can invite a special team to deal with the fight against parasites. Specialists will take dust samples and, if parasites are found, will carry out a complete disinfection of the home.

On the skin

In a person, at the site of the bites, you can find swelling and redness in the form of lumpy pimples, unbearable itching appears in the affected area. People who are sensitive to allergies have red eyes and a headache, a feeling of weakness.

REFERENCE! Following the physical manifestations of bites on the skin, a person develops nasal congestion, he starts sneezing for no reason, a burning sensation appears in the sinuses, less often in the throat.

Dust mite bites, in addition to allergic reactions, can contribute to the manifestation of:

  • asthma;
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane and larynx;
  • dermatitis;
  • conjunctivitis.


If you find dust mites in your apartment, you must take the following measures to destroy them:

  1. Regular wet cleaning of the room with saline or bleach.
  2. Ventilation of rooms, including by installing an exhaust hood.
  3. Dry cleaning of bedding and carpets.

Growing indoor plants is considered a good remedy against the reproduction of parasites, which effectively clean the air from dust: chlorophytum, ficuses, geraniums, spathiphyllum.

In addition, you must purchase one of the following chemicals at the pharmacy:

  • Any anti-allergenic spray. Processing is carried out in all hard-to-reach places with strict adherence to instructions and safety precautions.
  • Special shampoos. They are added to water when washing floors and cleaning carpets.
  • Suspensions. They are used as additives for washing clothes.

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Dust mites adapt quite easily to a favorable living environment in apartments. You can live with them for years and never suspect of their existence. But if an allergy to insects occurs, it is necessary to completely disinfect the home and drink the necessary medicines to prevent allergy symptoms.

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