A dog in a private house: which breed to choose?

A dog in a private house: which breed to choose?

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The owners of summer cottages sooner or later think about making themselves a four-legged friend.

However, it is worth noting: not every dog ​​will be able to live comfortably outside the city, therefore, it is necessary to treat the choice of the breed with greater responsibility, as well as to take into account the peculiarities of keeping the animal.

First, decide for what purpose you plan to have a dog. If, for example, she will live exclusively in a house, and go outside only to run on the grass and get some fresh air, then in this case you can choose any breed that is suitable for living in an apartment.

However, mainly the owners of country houses acquire pets for themselves in order to protect the territory and, therefore, keep them in an aviary, occasionally releasing them. This is where the difficulties begin, since not all dog breeds can live comfortably in such conditions.

For your information! Today, there are more than 400 breeds, many of which were formed for more than one hundred years, and the selection of individuals took place in accordance with strict parameters. So, as they say, you can't crush genes with your finger. It is unlikely that, for example, a representative of a hunting breed will be indifferent to the dacha living creatures.

Private house guard dog

Do you live outside the city all year round and do not like uninvited guests? Do you want to feel safe? The four-legged friend of large breeds, for example, guard and service, will become a real guard and protector for you.

In addition, attention can be paid to the shepherd breeds, which also do an excellent job of the watchman's role, because they were originally bred to protect livestock from wild animals.

Therefore, it is ideal for aviary keeping:

  • Moscow watchdog;
  • Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd Dog);
  • Russian black terrier;
  • Hungarian kuvasz;
  • Maremma (Maremma-Abruzzo Sheepdog);
  • pyrenean mountain dog;
  • leonberger;
  • Caucasian, German, East European Shepherd.

The breeds listed are quite large, so the aviary should be very spacious so that the pet can stretch its paws and move. The booth needs a good and solid one, because the animal has to live there all year round. Therefore, if you have opted for a large dog, then take care of its comfort in advance. After a while, she will be for you not only a guard, but also your most loyal friend.

Important! When choosing a booth, be sure to consider the size of the animal. The dog should be free to stand and lie in it, stretching all its paws.

It is worth noting that smaller pets, for example, may be suitable for protecting a summer cottage.:

  • rottweilers,
  • dobermans,
  • bullmastiffs,
  • airedale terriers,
  • american bulldogs,
  • giant schnauzers.

However, these individuals do not have a very thick coat (especially Dobermans), so they are likely to feel uncomfortable in winter. To solve this problem, you need to build an insulated booth or allow the dog to spend the night in the house.

Pets of those breeds that can perform the functions of a guard are quite powerful, and in the event of a wrong attitude towards them, they can harm their own master. To avoid such non-standard situations, it is necessary to build the right relationship with the dog, that is, to take a responsible approach to its upbringing and undergo a training course under the guidance of an experienced dog handler.

If your goal is a dog that will only give voice to approaching a stranger's house and scare strangers with a formidable look, then opt for the Newfoundland, St. Bernard or Bernese Mountain Dog. These companion dogs are quite large and very friendly to humans, so they are unlikely to harm anyone.

The only thing they can do to a stranger sneaking into your house is to knock him down. However, hardly any of the ill-wishers will dare to encroach on your territory when he hears a low bark and sees the impressive size of your guard.

Families with children can also get a dog of this breed: these big good-natured people will never harm the baby, even if they are pulled by the tail, ears or paws. However, be sure to talk to your children and explain that this absolutely cannot be done.

Companion dogs

If you have a pet as a friend, not a watchdog, then when choosing, pay attention to parameters such as temperament and size.

The following breeds are ideal for frequent walks in the forest, to the lake or on your spacious summer cottage.:

  • Labrador,
  • Border Collie,
  • aussie (australian shepherd),
  • Golden retriever,
  • Siberian Husky,
  • boxer,
  • samoyed,
  • Alaskan Malamute.

These four-legged friends love to spend time with a person - you need to walk and play with them for quite a long time. If they are often left alone with themselves, then out of boredom they can gnaw furniture in the house, dig under the fence and other pranks.

It is worth noting that only huskies, malamutes and samoyeds (representatives of northern sled dogs) live comfortably in the aviary in winter. Other breeds from the list do not have a sufficiently thick coat with an undercoat and cannot be outdoors for a long time in winter. Therefore, during this period they must be kept in the house. Keep this in mind when choosing a pet.

For those who like to go hunting in the forest, as well as for summer residents who do not have a garden or vegetable garden on their site and do not plan to release a dog outside the territory, hunting breeds (dachshunds, huskies, greyhounds, etc.) are ideal. Otherwise, you should prepare for dug up beds, trampled lawns and regular complaints from neighbors about strangled chickens and rabbits.

For those who do not plan to keep large and active animals at home, or for summer residents who do not live outside the city permanently, but only periodically go there by public transport, small dogs are suitable:

  1. Yorkshire Terriers,
  2. maltese lapdogs,
  3. chihuahua,
  4. french bulldogs,
  5. miniature pinschers,
  6. miniature schnauzers,
  7. pomeranian spitz,
  8. papillons,
  9. brussels griffons,
  10. cavalier king charles spaniels.

Naturally, this is not a complete list of all dogs that can live with you in a country house. In addition, there are also mongrels - do not forget about them, because they can also become your loyal friends.

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