10 important rules for growing tomatoes

10 important rules for growing tomatoes

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Experienced gardeners have their own recipes for successfully growing tomatoes, and all are different.

And no matter how much you exchange these recipes, everyone will learn from them something new in addition to their own win-win.

The tips below will surely prove to be that new condition for a good result.

Walking on a simple but beaten track, even a beginner will get a good result.

10 win-win tips for perfect results

  1. Soil acidity - 5.5-6.5 pH... With excessive acidity, tomatoes will hurt: fungus, attack of microbes and viruses. On alkaline soils, tomato leaves turn yellow - chlorophyll is poorly formed. How can the situation be rectified? You can "acidify" the soil with lime, and lower the acidity - with sulfate granules.
  2. Famous, the highest quality and demanded varietiesare the most resistant to diseases from outside. But we must not forget about the survival rate of varieties in different regions of Russia.
  3. Tomatoes love space... There should be about 40-60 cm between the bushes, and 90-1 meter between the beds. So the rhizomes will take in a sufficient amount of water and nutrients, without depriving each other. This, of course, will affect the fruits in the best way.
  4. But it is not enough to give freedom to the roots, you still need to eliminate competitors - weeds... The more often tomatoes "starve" because of them, the poorer the harvest will be.
  5. To make new roots appear - in this way the root system develops, which improves plant nutrition, - you need to huddle tomato bushes.
  6. The younger the seedlings, the more often they need to be watered.... Very young - every day, without wetting the leaves and stem. Further - less often. In the hot and dry period - once every 7-10 days. And so that the soil does not crack and does not lose oxygen, you need to loosen it, but only when the water is well absorbed and the soil is dry, but not before watering.
  7. You also need not to miss the moment of tying.... Strongly overgrown bushes break under the weight of their fruits, which can be immediately considered lost.
  8. Chicken droppings, ash is what most gardeners feed tomatoes... It is not difficult or expensive to get it, especially in the village.
  9. It is better to distribute space in the garden for different varieties: first - early, then - mid-season, and then - late. So the tomato picking season will last all summer.
  10. You can not plant tomatoes after corn and potatoesas well as in their neighborhood. Better if it is asparagus, carrots, celery, cucumbers, onions and peppers.

If you do not relate to the cultivation of fruit crops "slipshod", then they will bear fruit wonderfully. There are many more tips on this topic, but the main thing never changes. And if you neglect this, then no expensive fertilizers will help, and no distance between the bushes will guarantee a harvest. Everything should be in moderation, and everything should be added up.



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