The business card of your site is a fence

The business card of your site is a fence

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Perhaps in some better world there are no borders and fences, however, in the current reality they exist. If so, then you should make something pleasant and more or less useful out of this.

Therefore, each country fence is not just a fence, but also a continuation of landscape design, an architectural element that complements the overall style.

It is about the country fences that we will talk about further. As such, the fence is an essential element, it frames the entire plot and is an essential component.

Basic options

There are many basic options and here you should agree on the choice with your site.

It is great if there is a color combination with the roof of the house, or some other significant parts of the site.

So, the main options are:

  • Rabitz;
  • brick and concrete;
  • corrugated board;
  • polycarbonate;
  • wood.

The foundation is chosen depending on the material used. The lighter the material, the lighter the foundation, it is quite possible to use columnar. Large fences, for example, brick and concrete, require a massive strip foundation.

Wood fence

A very interesting of these options is a fence made of picket fences, which are installed on supports made of metal posts. Such a fence is a solid structure, a columnar foundation is required under the supports, it is required to dig in metal pillars and strengthen the foundations. Runs must be made of large section bars.

An essential detail here is the need to use different wood mixes, you will need to use an anti-decay mix, perhaps varnishes or something similar..

In addition, you need to take into account the decorative potential of the wood fence, which can be equipped with various flower beds, which can be installed from the top or on the sides of the fence. Additionally, a blind area should be made here from below in order to remove moisture from the wood.

Metal fencing

They are also a common option and one of the most popular now is a combination of a metal profile structure and a corrugated board.

The construction looks like this:

  • the basis is a metal profile with supports and a "pattern" of welded beams;
  • the background is corrugated board, which is attached to one of the sides of the metal profile.

As a rule, a pillar made of metal with a cross section of 60 to 60 is used as a support. Next, cross sections (two, top and bottom) of about 40 millimeters in cross section are installed.

On such a structure, metal elements are installed (welded), which are mostly decorative, you can choose the pattern and method of welding these elements yourself..

The advantage of this design is visual lightness and at the same time significant strength. The metal creates a solid structure that looks very solid, but there is a lot of free space between the metal.

If you do not want prying eyes to appear in your personal space, polycarbonate is attached from the side of the site, which is translucent.

The presence of polycarbonate is also an advantage here. On the one hand, this material perfectly transmits light, and on the other hand, it completely covers your personal space from views and creates a separate territory.

At the same time, it should be noted that a variety of polycarbonate colors are available now, which allows you to choose the best option based on your needs and preferences.

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