How to keep food in the country without a refrigerator?

How to keep food in the country without a refrigerator?

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If the country house does not have a refrigerator, or the electricity is suddenly cut off, it is not necessary to take food for one or several days to another place, or to eat exclusively canned food.

Products can be kept fresh for several days using scrap materials.

The storage of fresh food and those that belong to the category of perishable must exclude the growth and reproduction of bacteria that have a detrimental effect.

The ideal breeding ground for bacteria can be described as dark, warm, and damp. To slow down the growth of bacteria, you will need to exclude 1–2 of the above conditions.

Water bath

Creating a refrigerator with your own hands on the site is not so difficult.

You will need to choose a free place that is invariably in the shade.

After that, you will need to dig a small hole where you can tightly place a pot of 5-10 liters.

You should focus on the amount of stored products. The pit is slightly smaller in height than a pot with a rim, rising 2–3 cm above ground level.

The saucepan is placed in the prepared hole. It contains a smaller pan, like a water bath. This is a kind of cold water bath.

In a smaller saucepan, place the stored food, that is, fresh meat, cooked sausages and sausages, fish and salads... All this is carefully wrapped in cling film.

The coldest water is poured into a larger pot. The pots are covered with several layers of foil. If frozen food is available, it will add coldness as well as possible.

This method is not suitable for products that have started to deteriorate. Start cooking, or throw them away. The temperature of the water in the large saucepan is checked every hour to keep it cool.

Dry pickling

The above method is time-consuming, so such refrigerators are often not used in summer cottages.

In this case, the food is stored until the evening using foil, salt and spices..

Chicken, meat, fish should be rubbed with spices, then wrapped in cling film, placed in a bowl with a lid, and then put in a cold place.

This method is called dry pickling. With the help of spices, the meat will not spoil, but only marinate and acquire a flavor. If the meat with spices for frying does not suit you, you need to rinse and dry it.

Garlic seasoning

If you like the smell of garlic, grate it and brush over sausage, chicken and meat. After that, wrap tightly in foil, squeeze out the air and place in a cool place.

Garlic is a powerful antiseptic that permanently freezes the growth of harmful bacteria.

Salt wrap

For storing raw and semi-smoked sausages, dried and smoked fish, it is effective to use a salted dry cloth. If there is no time to soak in brine and dry, sprinkle with salt and wrap in dry or paper towels.

This method is suitable for storing fresh chicken, which is generously rubbed with salt, and then wrapped in paper for baking, or in foil.

During the cooking process, the skin will become too salty and unsuitable for eating. This is not important, since chicken skin is not the most useful product.

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