Choosing plants for a mini-garden in a pot

Choosing plants for a mini-garden in a pot

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Mini or potted gardens have recently become a popular trend. Let's remind what is the main idea of ​​this fashion.

In general, each such project is a kind of European semblance of a bon-say, only you create a miniature composition of different plants in a separate container and add various decorative elements.

The peculiarity here is to create a composition that really resembles a country garden, only in miniature.

Therefore, not only miniature plants are used here, but also mini-houses, garden paths, gazebos, benches, all kinds of figures of carts and watering cans.

In general, such a very interesting hobby that allows you to create cool pot arrangements..

In order for you to make really cool compositions, here are some tips to help you choose the best plants for your mini-garden.


Let's start, oddly enough, not with plants, but with stones. They will be required in many compositions, and if you start creating gardens in pots, you will now look completely differently at any available sources of stone chips, you will begin to collect pebble fragments on the beaches and choose pebbles from the sand brought to the country.

If you need to decorate the ground with something on top, then porous stones like limestone or tuff will come in handy.

They perfectly absorb moisture, they are almost ideal for planting not only moss, but also other plants, they gradually give moisture to each plant in the right amount.

Accordingly, if in your composition you want to make a kind of lawn as a background, take the earth, porous stones on top, and sphagnum on top, for example.

When you use harder stones, you can drill. Thanks to the hole in the stone, it is possible to plant not only moss, but also succulents.

In addition, the stones will be useful in order to decorate the bottom of a decorative reservoir - a small vessel buried in the ground.

Plants for ponds

Now it's time to tell how to arrange a beautiful pond in a pot.

For example, in order to decorate the shores, a dwarf ficus looks great, which tilts its branches towards the water and creates something like a willow bank.

In addition, let us note the salteroil in combination with nertera, which also look beautiful by the reservoir..

When you want to do something in the spirit of the tropics or hot deserts, pay attention to the following plant varieties:

  • dracaena sanderra;
  • stone rose;
  • striped haworthia;
  • saxifrage.

Of course, various cacti and succulents are also useful here. Sometimes you want to make a slope towards alpine hills and meadows and then consider options such as:

  • sedum;
  • diamond dealer.

Ground cover

If you want to make the best mini-gardens, you will need to remember this word. Moreover, you will certainly begin to understand the varieties of such plants, of course, at the initial stage we will help you make a choice.

A distinctive feature of ground cover is slow growth and excellent self-awareness in stony soils. All in all, they are almost ideal for a potted garden.

Such plants will rarely need to be cut and trimmed, they keep their shape perfectly and do not grow.

  • gelksina - can be used as a background for the entire pot;
  • pachyphytum - thicker leaves, great for more extravagant and exotic projects;
  • gasteria and rejuvenated - a great combination for a mini-garden.

A positive property of these plants is the ability of the roots to squeeze into the smallest crevices. Therefore, you can safely plant these options on rocky soil.

Money tree or myrtle look great in mini gardens, but they require a little more maintenance and pinching.

Dwarf plants

They will come in handy no less than ground covers and, most importantly, there is practically no need to memorize anything for a competent choice.

Just add the word dwarf to the name of any tree or shrub and you will know which plant you need to purchase for your mini-garden.

The best options here, of course, are dwarf conifers, which, by their qualities, are optimally combined with the features of a mini-garden. You will need to choose the most dwarf varieties.

A garden where conifers are used feels great on the street, you can take this fact into account when choosing the location of the next composition.

In addition, dwarf ivy should be noted, which nature offers in a variety of ways. There are varieties that can simply travel along the ground. There are those who are able to braid the pot and create an original composition.

In conclusion, we offer you a number of plants, which you should also pay attention to when arranging the composition of a mini-garden.:

  • pilea Kadje and hamedorea graceful - to enhance the aesthetics of the garden;
  • stonecrop is a well-known and accessible plant;
  • fittonia - it can have leaves of various shades, thanks to this it is an excellent option to add color to the composition;
  • miniature roses, Saintpaulias, streptocarpus, cyclamens are bright and beautiful, but require additional care.

In the end, let us recall the various succulents and cacti, they also have a wide variety of colors and shapes. Only now they practically do not require care.