Alternative to an alpine slide in your garden

Alternative to an alpine slide in your garden

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Many gardeners and owners of country houses would like to have a spectacular alpine slide on their site. Unfortunately, this beautiful dream is one of the most expensive to fulfill, so it often never comes true.

But lovers of landscape compositions with natural stones should not give up and give up the desire to decorate their site - in addition to the popular alpine slide, there are many other rock gardens, no less spectacular, but much more economical to create. Consider alternative compositions using stone in garden design.

Rockery - one-level composition with plants and stones

Unlike an alpine slide, the rockery is flat and not multi-level.

And this circumstance will allow you to save a lot on its creation - after all, you do not have to equip the relief and foundation, you only need to make drainage and backfill from sand and gravel to the lower layer.

This means that much less effort and time for the device, and finance for the purchase of materials will be needed..

At the same time, rockery, regardless of its size, looks very dignified, and even a miniature composition will look stylish and original.

To make the composition look complete, you should make an appropriate frame - paving or gravel filling, but you should not lay the material directly on the garden soil, otherwise it will be difficult to get rid of the weeds that break through later.

Do not be afraid to fantasize when creating rockeries - unexpected solutions and original decor, such as colored gravel or decorative ceramic chips, will give your composition a special unique look. A win-win solution is a combination of conifers and stones.

Rock garden - when the stones are "in the lead"

This type of rock garden differs in that the main role in the composition is played by stones - large, small or even tiny, and the plants only complement them. A site with any relief is suitable for arranging such a garden.

Trees and shrubs are not used when creating such a composition, as they will distract attention to themselves.

Properly selected herbaceous perennials are suitable, the main thing is that there are not many plants and they are all ideally combined with stones.

Alpine garden - highlighting the beauty of plants

In contrast to a garden of stones, in an alpine garden, plants play a key role, they should attract the eye, and stones, as decorations, are intended to emphasize their beauty.

The composition will look very advantageous - a monosad dedicated to one plant. Such a landscape solution, in addition to the original appearance, is also distinguished by its simplicity in execution. Alpine gardens made of heather, ground cover conifers, rejuvenated or awl phlox look incomparable.

Alpine step - garden on a stone wall

An alpine step is a composition consisting of a miniature stone wall with plants planted on it.

Unlike the classic retaining wall, the landing is not carried out vertically, but in a horizontal plane.

When creating an object, it is necessary to make a cut to fill the drainage and soil. Stones are laid out on top and plants are placed.

Such an original landscape object will look interesting both on its own and as part of a garden staircase.

Rocky composition - let your imagination run wild

If you want to create a flower garden or flower bed using stone that would meet your aesthetic needs, but at the same time do not "fit" into the alpine style, then a rocky composition is for you.

This object is a kind of improvisation, where everything is limited only by the framework of your imagination, so it can be created in any corner of the site, and in any light - both in an open sunny place and in the shade.

In this case, you can use herbaceous plants, trees, and shrubs. The main thing is that all proportions are harmonious, and the components are well combined with each other.

The rocky garden of huge boulders with flowering perennials and green grass looks beautiful. As additions, you can use various interesting materials, for example, colored glass, pebbles or decorative gravel.

Rocky garden - we pay tribute to the beauty of stones

The rocky garden can be placed both on a flat area and on a slope - this landscape object is suitable for almost any terrain.

Most importantly, stones and embankments should prevail over plants that are planted in the form of clumps at a considerable distance from each other.

Trees and shrubs are not used here, since the main objects in the composition are stones, and the main emphasis is on their beauty..

Ferns and perennial ground cover plants are perfect for creating a rocky garden, the main condition is that they should look original, and better - flawless.

Container rock garden or "portable flower bed"

Container rock gardens are one of the most original and at the same time win-win landscaping options. Their main advantage is the ability to move around the site.

Such mini-gardens can be used to decorate a terrace, a resting place, or even a balcony of a city apartment. And if, with the onset of cold days, the compositions are placed at home, then they will delight the eye until spring.

Usually, container rock gardens use various decorative pots, for example, ceramic, but you can also use stones with a hole, or even a coconut shell, or logs and stumps.

When choosing a container, it is better to give preference to natural materials, plastic will not work, as it will visually "reduce the cost" of the composition... Also, to create such a garden, you will need miniature plants and small stones.

Since increased aesthetic requirements are imposed on a small object, all the components must be placed observing the proportions and laws of composition.

As you already understood, there are many alternatives to an alpine slide, and, finally, advice: before starting to create any object of this kind, first draw a plan of the future composition, which will indicate the places for laying stones and planting plants - this will allow you to calculate in advance the number of necessary materials and thus avoid unnecessary purchases.

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