10 most popular living room plants

10 most popular living room plants

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The large size of the living room allows, with ease, to place a large number of indoor plants in it. What kind of flora representatives can not be found in the living rooms of florists.

Here you can see decorative palms, tall dracaena and other exotic plants that their owners did not consider necessary to place in other rooms.

Most often, the living room differs from other rooms in its own microclimate, which allows plants and residents of the house to live in it. It is necessary to carefully select indoor flowers for the living room, because only then will they be able to give their owners true joy.

When there are a lot of plants in the room, the air must contain more moisture. That is why, for the health and comfort of the inhabitants of the living room, it is recommended to purchase a humidifier.

After reading this article, you can familiarize yourself with the most popular plants placed in the living room.


This flower is better known as "common geranium".

The plant is not suitable for placement in small bedrooms or children's rooms, therefore it takes pride of place in the living room.

In a spacious room, its aroma seems invigorating and refreshing..

The splendor of the new varieties cannot but delight the eyes of the residents of the house. All this allows geraniums to become more and more popular among indoor plant lovers.

The only condition for her well-being and flowering is a well-lit room.


This fragrant flower is very light-requiring. This feature must be taken into account when choosing a room for its placement. The plant may die from a lack of light. There are several popular types of jasmine found in living rooms.

Multi-flowered jasmine... The plant can grow up to 2.5 meters in height. Delicate pink buds, after blooming, turn into white, fragrant flowers.

Medicinal jasmine can also reach heights of 2.5 meters. The plant has white, highly fragrant flowers. It begins to bloom in early autumn.

Primrose Jasmine differs from its counterparts in that it does not curl and has odorless yellow flowers.

Lemon or orange tree

These plants are the adoration of most flower growers.

The plant itself is a decoration of the room.

Its gentle, unobtrusive scent will help you calm down and relax after a busy day..

In the living rooms of florists, there are both real lemon and orange trees, and their decorative varieties.

Ornamental trees are compact in size, while real trees are vigorous.


The jasmine gardenia has beautiful and shiny leaves. Fragrant double flowers are her adornment. The miniature flower has many varieties. Gardenia is very demanding to care for. In order to please the eye with her magnificent flowers, the owner will need to pay a lot of attention to her. The flower is very fond of sunny, light rooms.


This "disheveled" tree has conquered many flower growers. Dracaena is one of the most popular living room plants.

The flower needs moist air and frequent spraying. The plant should be placed in a warm and bright room.


A classic plant for living rooms. It can be found in almost every home. Ficus, familiar to everyone, has a very beautiful leaf shape.

The plant is unpretentious in care, it can be chosen even by a novice florist.

Amazonian lily (Eucharis)

Like the rest of the lilies, the plant will fill the room with a sweet scent as it blooms. The Amazon lily should be kept in a warm and bright room.

Chinese Rose (Hibiscus)

The plant is best placed in a living room with diffused lighting. Unpretentious, vigorous Hibiscus is very beautiful during its flowering.


Queens among indoor flowers. If the living room is warm, and the air in it is saturated with moisture, then orchids will be the best choice for a florist.

There are many varieties of these beautiful flowers. Among the varieties suitable for placement in the living room, you can give preference to the following:

  • Angrekum.
  • Bifrenaria.
  • Aeriders.
  • Dendrobium.
  • Wanda.
  • Miltonia.

Encyclia - evergreens with small flowers that exude a magnificent aroma during their flowering period. The encyclia does not shed its leaves in the off-season.

Phalaenopsis - the most popular variety of indoor orchids. In need of good care, it can successfully grow not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom, nursery or kitchen. Phalaenopsis is adorned with its luxurious, large flowers of a delicate white shade interspersed with pink.

This houseplant has gained popularity due to its unusual leaves. In addition to the unusual shape of the leaves, the plant has pleasant-looking flowers. Monstera is considered a poisonous plant, but does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. The plant can only be poisoned by eating its leaves.

The flower should be in a room with soft, diffused light. The soil in the pot must be constantly moistened. During the heating season, the leaves should be sprayed as often as possible.

You have seen the most popular plants that can be placed in a spacious living room. What kind of flowers do you have in your living room?

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