Fairy garden: invite a fairy to your garden

Fairy garden: invite a fairy to your garden

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Do you have your own garden or country house? Surely magic fairy-tale characters live in it. And, of course, you need to make their stay on your site comfortable.

How? This is a very simple and, at the same time, difficult task. This corner for fairies can be small or large.

Someone uses an ordinary flower pot for this purpose. Other gardeners, on the other hand, allocate whole flower beds for a garden for fairies.

The idea of ​​creating such magical corners came to us from England.

In this country, they can be found in almost every garden. Ever since the days of Queen Victoria, the British used to say: "Ferries live in the backyard of the garden."

This proverb meant that little magical characters lived in the most desolate parts of the site.

It is there that you can feel all the power and magic of the wild..

Wild animals, frogs, rabbits, butterflies live there, various birds build their nests. Clover, dandelions, oxalis grow in such places.

Mistresses strive to lure good fairies and elves with one goal: if they like the garden, they will become its kind patrons and will protect it from evil spirits and any negativity.

Why don't we adopt this good tradition and equip such a wonderful corner in our garden? This idea can be realized with young children who, with pleasure, will participate in the process of its implementation, showing their imagination. For parents, this will be a great opportunity to put into practice interesting ideas for landscape design.

Place this magical garden in a secluded part of your lot. The fairies are a very secretive people and do not tolerate publicity. Decorate it in a romantic style. It is worth avoiding modern trends in the design of a place for fairies.

You can use everything for decoration: children's toys, miniature figurines of fairies and elves, toys made of chocolate eggs. It is during the design of this section of the garden that the entire flight of creative imagination can be used.

Can be decorated with garlands or a fabulous gazebo.

If you are a sculptor, you can apply your creative skills by sculpting houses, slides, or a bridge over an imaginary river.

An ordinary small mirror can simulate a pond. Transparent, glass stones can play the role of a river or a stream.

Parents of girls will surely find plastic doll furniture or dishes at home. All this can also be used, but do not overdo it - fairies love natural materials.

Visit folk craft fairs. It is there that you can find clay pots, jugs or figurines that will add a unique flavor to your garden design for fairies.

You can't do without plants... The most favorite plants of these fairy-tale characters are: thyme, foxglove and bells. You can plant boxwood. It is easy to give it the necessary shape and it will stay in proportion for a long time.

Primrose, fern and roses are simply made to decorate a magical corner of your garden. Decorative potted roses can also be used to decorate a fairy garden.

And trees can be planted with an apple tree. Bushes of broom, hawthorn or rose hips will bring harmony there. Fairies will also love fragrant flowers and lilacs.

If you want to decorate a miniature garden, then use sedum, rejuvenated or other small-flowered plants. Arrange arches and let climbing plants, for example, a coin jug, along them.

Use undersized varieties of thyme for a magical setting. For the base of the composition, you can take moss or sow the lawn. Small topiary will also look great in a fairy garden.

You can even make a fairy garden in an old flower pot or basin. A decorative fence can be woven along the edge, and the interior space can be filled with decorative elements.

The boys will be delighted if you let an old iron cart into the fairy garden... You just need to select all the elements of the composition on the same scale.

With your imagination, you can create a magical corner in your garden that will protect your garden from any troubles.

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