5 types of summer cottage therapy or how to leave all worries outside the gate?

5 types of summer cottage therapy or how to leave all worries outside the gate?

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For many, a country vacation is more interesting and useful even than a resort one. After all, at the resort you are conventionally located in someone else's space, and at your own home you feel much more comfortable.

Moreover, there are ways to make (and make) a creative and healing space out of your own garden. Thanks to this, you can really rest and recover, get rid of stress. Now we will consider some options for summer cottage activities that psychologists and other specialists advise.

Art therapy

Creativity helps and develops, and at your own dacha there is a huge expanse for creativity.

After all, in front of you are different plants and materials and a lot of space.

You choose how to create, but the more varied your methods, the more interesting.

Someone prefers to plant flowers and create various compositions, others make garden paths. There are really a lot of options. Take the activities that are most enjoyable and exciting for you.

Remember, every item can be updated, and for example, your antique wardrobe, which you were about to throw away, can be a great addition to your home or summer cottage landscape. You just need to apply a little imagination and decorative elements. The same applies to many other items.

Color therapy

Here you should continue the creative trend, but act more skillfully and thoughtfully. You need to understand what kind of mood you want to get from the garden, what emotions. For this, different colors are used.

After all, you paid attention to the characteristic colors for fast food chains - red, orange and the like, they stimulate appetite, activity. In hospitals and similar institutions, the walls are usually blue or green - these colors are soothing.

This way you can create different moods by using colors. By the way, (now there will be a funny tautology) colors of flowers can become the main tool for this. You just need to plant different plants in different parts of the garden and form flower beds of different colors.

Although, of course, decorative elements should not be neglected.:

  • small architectural forms;
  • garden lighting;
  • colors of various designs;
  • garden paths;
  • landscape decor.

These elements are also capable of creating color perception in space.

If you have grass and lawn, then the main color will certainly be green, but don't worry, this color is considered neutral, that is, in fact, it acts as a canvas on which you can create.

For example, if you want to have something soothing, then such plants as bells and cornflowers, flax, aconites, delphinium will come in handy. They have blue hues and create a harmonious and peaceful mood.

To add activity, use red plants: red roses, burgundy phlox and dahlias, cherry-colored peonies.

Of course, for the most part, many mixed colors are used in gardens, but sometimes it is interesting to have monochrome parts of the garden too. It is especially interesting to observe how colors and perception of color change during the day or in different weather.

Tactile sensations

As a rule, these sensations are practically not paid attention to, but they are very significant. Moreover, if you want to relax and unwind.

Let's take a simple example. In the city, you always wear shoes and almost always on a flat surface. Although initially it is much more useful for the foot to walk on irregularities, this way various nerve cells are involved, the brain and perception work better.

Indeed (on a historical scale), relatively recently, people walked only on uneven surfaces and could even read significant information from the landscape with their feet. Until now, people have a predisposition to this.

Therefore, it is so pleasant to walk barefoot on the grass, such cheerfulness appears after such walks.... If you want to diversify the sensations, make a path of small pebbles or add a little sandy landscape. Look at what it is more pleasant for you to walk and lie, what to touch.

Accordingly, design the garden based on the tactile component. Even choose your garden furniture according to this principle. After all, rattan furniture is more pleasant for someone, while for others the best option is a comfortable hammock.


Perhaps you yourself know how smells determine perception and mood, and how they can help you relax or concentrate. For example, it is so nice to take a bath with lavender and get rid of stress and worries.

The garden offers great opportunities to enjoy the many natural scents. Almost every plant is useful and healing to one degree or another. And if you know what scent to use for what, then the garden becomes a real magic pharmacy.

For example, there are many plants that purify the air and even kill bacteria. These plants are literally healing:

  • various conifers;
  • birch and elderberry;
  • hyssop;
  • lavender and lovage;
  • melissa and mint;
  • sage.

You can plant these plants and herbs throughout the garden, in particular near the recreation areas and paths, in order to enjoy these healing scents more often.

We will recommend a few more plants: sweet peas and tobacco, mock orange, roses, mignonette, mattiola. Staying in a garden near these flowering plants can be a great alternative to real aromatherapy.

Garden music

In urban space, noise pollution is a very significant problem. The sounds of businesses, cars and similar noises are prevalent, while the natural sounds of nature are rare and almost inaudible. Therefore, I like my own garden so much with the opportunity to listen to the sound of the wind in the branches, the sounds of all kinds of titmouse birds and the like.

In order to reduce the sounds of the road (if there is a road nearby) use massive hedges of various loaches. They perfectly absorb sounds and, by the way, various birds often settle there, which can delight you with their own singing. If you want more birds in the garden, install feeders and drinkers, plant plants with berries.

In addition, use various garden bells and ponds, which provide an additional pleasant sound background. Create a sound space in your own garden.

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