12 ideas for arranging a cozy corner in your country house

12 ideas for arranging a cozy corner in your country house

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Does your dacha lack a cozy place to relax, or have you decided to give the existing plot a new charm? We offer you to get acquainted with interesting ideas, thanks to which everything will take up a minimum of time, money and effort.

The result will be great - even the most abandoned corner, which you did not consider as a useful area, can be a great place for leisure.

A few details are enough for the space to be transformed and fully adapted for the relaxation of your family and friends.

Recessed landing

This method involves placing a place for leisure below the adjacent territory.

For the stability of the sides, the garden is fenced off with a retaining stone wall.

Surfaces lined with stone accumulate heat, so thermophilic plants, including spicy and aromatic plants, will grow well next to the bench.

The air filled with their fragrance will make your pastime even more pleasant. To hide from prying prying eyes, shrubs, partitions, screens are used.

Peace and security

For maximum comfort, not disturbed by prying eyes, a cozy corner is hidden behind a pergola entwined with climbing plants.

It is so pleasant to feel this peace in combination with the scent of your favorite plants. Furniture is located next to the flower bed; for the flower bed itself, we recommend using roses, lavender, decorative onions, sage.

Merry screen

For privacy, a hastily created screen of beads playing with different colors is used. A very effective way to isolate yourself from the whole world for a while. Additionally, you can build "mobile" walls, fastening fabric canvases to a rope stretched between the nearest trees.

In the shade of the plants

Using climbing plants, you can create the most secluded spot. The curled gazebo will become a fresh oasis on the hottest day. The petiolate hydrangea will give deep shade and coolness, and during flowering it will fill the air with a sweet fragrance.

Plant tent

Fill a summer day with the brightest colors of nasturtium and fiery red beans and other climbing plants.

Perfect for creating a natural morning glory or nasturtium tent.

Out of competition, sweet pea with its aroma and natural charm.

Thick, reliable walls will grow between the supports, hiding the simplicity of the design behind luxurious flowers and leaves.

For the base, you can use almost any simple structure, including willow wattle.

Cozy "room" in the middle of the garden

In hell, you can create a truly cozy "room" using all the same simple techniques. A pretty decor can be created using forged elements, for example, a candlestick on the table.

Attach a musical pendant to the tree to fill your garden with a silvery sound as the breeze blows. The sweetest and most original decoration will be accessories created by your own hands and your favorite items brought from home.

Water is the source of peace

You cannot find a more suitable and versatile assistant in arranging a cozy place for leisure than water. She brings a contradictory combination of spontaneity and relaxation.

An artificial or natural pond is the best place to relax. Build a wooden deck next to it and keep your feet dry at all times.

The calm waters near the shore and the bubbling spring in the center will ensure the best experience. It is so interesting to observe dragonflies, fish and other inhabitants of this small water world from the platform protruding on the surface of the water.

Haste zoning

To divide the space, it is not at all necessary to build capital walls.

In the garden, a symbolic restriction of the zone is quite enough, for example, along a laid line of paving stones in the middle of the lawn.

This separation will cost minimal time and money, and the effect will be tangible.

When laying paving stones, you need to tamp it deeper so that the dividing line does not become an obstacle during the mowing of the grass.

Clear boundaries

Even the simplest pergola design will allow you to create a cozy "room" in a secluded corner of the garden. Decorating it with climbing plants, you will provide yourself with privacy and coolness.

And to give the resting place even more charm, you can attach side screens and an awning to the beams. Pots with ampels hanging from above will create this feeling of home comfort.

Small niche

If you equip a very small bench with walls and a roof, you get a very comfortable niche of its own, which in nothing, except for size, is not inferior to the gazebo.

If such a miniature "house" is surrounded by large dense bushes, your rest will not be disturbed by anyone. The front side of the building must be turned to the most beautiful place in the garden so that the best view opens up to the eye.

Covering stone

An original way of dividing the garden and arranging a secluded corner is the construction of stone walls of low height that imitate ancient ruins.

Facing the front part to the south-west, such a building will accumulate daytime heat and give it away in the cool evening.

An excellent material for such a structure will be old clinker brick or natural stone.

Measured splash of water

It is not necessary to be on the banks of a large river to enjoy the indescribable sensations that the water splash gives.

A miniature pond will provide perfect relaxation for both body and soul.

Sometimes a small fountain stopped in a galvanized bath or a waterfall in a stainless steel container is enough.

There are a huge number of options for creating mini-ponds and other garden art objects.

Having settled easily, quickly and without financial costs, applying minimal effort, armed with our ideas and your own imagination, you can create the perfect place to relax on any site.

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