Idea for your own business: selling organic products

Idea for your own business: selling organic products

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Now people are realizing that the use of unnatural chemical products is harmful to their health. For example, on store shelves you can find flavoring additives, flavor enhancers, flavorings.

That is why these days society is trying to buy environmentally friendly products. How promising is such a business in Russia?

Companies selling organic products are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg and are focused on a high-income buyer.

On the market of organic products one can find such companies as Azbuka Vkusa, Globus Gourmet, Bio-Market.

They supply products to retail supermarkets. In the regions, the situation is different.

There is a backwardness in the sales of organic products. Competition in this area of ​​business is very small, and there are enough people with high incomes.

In big cities, there are a small number of shops selling organic products. Therefore, now there is an excellent chance to open your own business in this area and become a leader.

How to open an organic food store?

Business registration

If you are going to open a small store, then the legal form of an individual entrepreneur will do. For people who want to open a large chain of eco-food stores or a huge hypermarket, it is better to register an LLC.

Premises for trade

The size of the area depends on your wishes. It can be anything. Large stores are best located in a separate area with a comfortable entrance and make sure that there is a parking lot nearby.


Suppliers should be found in advance.

Since the goal is to sell organic products, they will need to be purchased directly from farmers.

There are quite a lot of farmers engaged in agriculture, because their products are in demand.

Before you enter into a contract with a farmer, you need to make sure that their growing methods are suitable for you. To do this, it is best to go to the farm yourself, to look at the conditions. Then clearly discuss with the farmer all the requirements for growing the product (eg types of fertilizers, chemical protection, feed).

Eco-products must be clean, and therefore the place where they are grown must not be polluted. If there is any enterprise that pollutes the air nearby, then it is better to refuse supplies with such a farmer.

At the store, you should open your own laboratory to control the quality of products. If there is no way to open it, then you need to conclude an agreement with independent laboratories in your city.


An approximate list of products that can be sold in organic food stores: meat and meat products, fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, eggs, flour products, and so on.

It should be remembered that all products must meet the requirements set for environmentally friendly products..

Natural products have a short shelf life, so think carefully about your purchasing system.

Equipment and supplies

To equip a store, you need to buy refrigerators, counters, showcases with compartments, a cash register and commercial scales.

Consumables include packaging for goods, trays, cling film, bags (for the buyer). It is best to use paper bags. The green color in the interior will give the store an atmosphere of health and freshness.


Staff should include salespeople, nutritional consultants, movers, manager, technician, driver, and accountant. However, as in other regular stores.

If you want to get involved in this business closely, then you can take some positions yourself. For example, you can become a manager and control staff, manage purchases.


Advertising is an important factor in promoting a business. You need to be able to sell the product, since the prices for organic products are higher than for simple ones. And most often they buy what is cheaper.

The purpose of advertising is to convey to the buyer that environmentally friendly products are much healthier. All certificates stating that the products are natural, hang in the store.

What else can you make money on?

You can open an online store of organic products.

This is very convenient: the buyer will be able to order goods and receive them with home delivery.

You can also mediate between farmers and shops if you have a good relationship with the farmers. Thus, you will be able to receive a large volume of products.

A single farmer cannot provide a large hypermarket, so if you work with several farmers, you will buy lots of goods from several manufacturers and resell them to supermarkets. As you can see, it is not very difficult to open an organic food store, but it is quite relevant these days.

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