Idea for your own business: growing flowers

Idea for your own business: growing flowers

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Each of us has our own concept of prosperity, a favorite business, a secure future. We want to fully meet our desires and needs.

And if there is a family, then the amount of money needed for life increases significantly.

Some have to work in several places, others start their own business, which not only provides a livelihood, but also brings satisfaction.

The flower business is able to give a good income, get satisfaction from the work done.

Few know that such a business is not only about selling fresh flowers or bouquets.

The flower trade is the pinnacle of the complex and interesting business of growing and selling plants.

Pros of trading in fresh flowers

Growing flowering plants allows you to make profits all year round. The business gives the greatest income in the cold season, when nature falls asleep and you can only buy plants grown in greenhouses.

The technology is much more complicated than caring for seedlings in natural conditions. The approach is different from working outdoors.

It is quite easy to create such a business. You need knowledge and starting funds. Sales income is several times higher than production costs.

What do you need to start?

The ideal option would be to have your own country house or summer cottage. The available area will reduce the cost of renting premises. It will be possible to reduce the cost of remodeling, electricity, water and other costs.

A family business based on growing flowers will generate more profit through joint plant care. You don't have to hire a gardener. The only direct costs are the purchase of seed and special equipment.

The size of the initial investment depends only on you, how widely you want to start your own business. Any invested amount will pay off within a short period of time, literally in 2-3 sales.

If it is impossible or unwilling to sell the plants, the seller is hired on his own, the goods are handed over for sale or sold in bulk.

A small start-up capital, minimal cultivation costs and a quick return will allow developing the flower business, expanding production areas, building greenhouses, and hiring additional people.

The main argument will be the ability to increase profits significantly during the holidays. At this time, the entrepreneur will be able to earn amounts equivalent to several monthly incomes.

Demand for fresh flowers

A business with fresh flowers is a profitable business with the prospect of increasing income. In some countries, for example, the Netherlands, the sale of flowers makes up a substantial percentage of the state budget.

Holland, France and some other countries provide support to such a business at various levels, from benefits to the absence of duties.

Import competitors are worth considering, but you shouldn't be afraid of them. Plants grown here are not subject to long-term transportation or the effects of preservatives. Due to this, it is possible to achieve competitiveness in terms of price characteristics.

Flowers last longer, look better, retain color and aroma. In addition, the main imports are roses, carnations and tulips. A wide range of flower plants is very popular in our market.

Therefore, it is worth deciding in advance on the types of plants for sale. With the right approach, the profit will be enough for the needs of the family.

We also bring to your attention a video on growing roses as a family business:

Watch the video: 10 Easiest Cut Flowers to Grow for Beginners (May 2022).


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