How to choose the right alarm for a summer residence?

How to choose the right alarm for a summer residence?

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The problem that worries many is the safety of their property located in country houses during the off-season. It is difficult to do without a special security system, with a reliable alarm system.

No matter how strong the fences, gates, walls and locks at the door are, in the absence of the owners, experienced thieves will still climb into the house.

Therefore, a well-chosen option for the security system of a summer cottage is the only possible way to prevent unwanted guests from entering your territory.

What to be guided by when choosing?

When choosing and installing an alarm, you should understand that you should not save money, and the invested money will pay off a hundredfold.

A properly organized security system for a country house will not only prevent thieves from entering, but will also save a lot of nerve cells from the owners who can live in the city without worrying about their summer cottages.

But in order to be calm and confident that the alarm will definitely go off at the right time, it will take enough time to select it.

The issue of choosing an alarm system should be seriously discussed with specialists in security systems. Modern security systems consist not only of light and sound alarms.

They contain information that will tell the owners when the alarm went off, as this is important. It is possible to configure modern systems so that alarming information is received, not only by the owners, but also at a nearby security post or police station.

Thanks to digital and satellite technologies, the on-line transmission of data on the state of the security system is ensured.

Range of sensors and controllers for the security system

If you want the security system to be of high quality and reliable, you need to realize that the cost of purchasing and installing it will be about 8-10 thousand rubles.

Of course, you can install Chinese models at 4 times cheaper, but if you are interested in a complete security system, with a 100% guarantee, it is better to buy at a higher price. Moreover, with cheap models, problems may still arise during maintenance.

If you set up a good alarm, you can check the state of the protected object at any time of the day using the control function via the mobile application.

A full range of protective equipment, consisting of video cameras, motion and opening sensors, temperature, fire and gas alarms, allows you to keep abreast of suburban events and keep everything under full control.

Through the mobile application of the tablet, a picture created by cameras appears in front of you, and you assess what is happening at the moment at different points.

Features of the alarm model for giving gsm Guard

One of the most demanded, reliable and practical models of GSM alarm system Sentinel is among the best sellers thanks to its functionality and ease of settings.

The alarm is universal, allowing you to connect wireless and wired sensors. What is important is the relatively inexpensive cost of this kit.


  • ease of installation, since the system is wireless;
  • Remote mode, allows you to send requests about status and health;
  • Listening to the premises with the ability to forward the recording;
  • Notifies the owner about power outages, adverse weather conditions;
  • Monitoring the operation of motion sensors;
  • Instant notification in case of intrusion into the premises of unauthorized persons.

The Guardian alarm is an excellent option for a private house, which performs many interesting and useful functions. You can even control heating and water supply using your telephone. An effective means of comprehensive protection for a country house at any time of the year.

Sapsan budget alarm system

One of the main advantages of Sapsan systems is ease of setup and operation. The alarm immediately transmits data about intruders entering the territory of the dacha.

With the help of an ordinary smartphone, you can manage all the operations embedded in various models of the security system. The transfer of data to the owner is carried out regardless of where he is. The Sapsan security system is wireless, which makes it difficult for intruders to neutralize it.

Burglar alarm systems used in country houses fully justify their purpose. The modern world has a fairly high crime rate.

Therefore, reliable and high-quality automatic security systems will not only preserve the property and integrity of the protected premises and territory, but also allow the owners to keep their nerves in good health.

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