7 most fragrant shrubs for your garden

7 most fragrant shrubs for your garden

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It is doubly pleasant to come to the dacha from a stuffy city after a working week if the air is filled with the pleasant aromas of blooming shrubs.

Delicate scents will play the role of aromatherapy, help you relax, cheer you up, and improve your well-being.

Most shrubs, when flowering, release an essential oil with a pleasant aroma.

A small number of plants have a strong odor, which a person can sense at a considerable distance.

The bushes in question are familiar to each of us, familiar and not deservedly forgotten by summer residents.


Of the whole variety of species in the middle lane, the bushes of common lilac are most common. The luxurious plant reaches a height of 6-7 meters.

Abundant foliage, dense panicles of flowers of white, purple or pink colors create a unique airy environment.

The plant blooms in May. A subtle rich aroma is felt from a distance.

Rose flower

Long-term selection of plants of the Rosehip family led to the creation of the queen of the garden - the rose. The beauty of the buds is reflected in the poems of Ancient Greece, frescoes of Persia and Rome.

A huge number of varieties will allow you to choose the color, flower size, flowering time. Keep in mind that not every species has a strong, long-lasting scent. Flowers look amazing in a bouquet and in their natural form, on a bush.


Among evergreen semi-deciduous or deciduous shrubs, there are species that reach heights of up to 2 meters. Plants bloom with bright lush flowers from May to June.

Yellow, pink or purple flowers are collected in racemose and corymbose inflorescences. The intoxicating sweet scent creates an enchanting atmosphere.

Crown mock

Plants up to 3 meters high have a wide crown with straight branches. The shrub blooms in early summer. The white-cream flowers are arranged in inflorescences, giving a strong smell reminiscent of strawberries.

English viburnum

The plant is a three-meter bush with many trunks.

The flowering period occurs in late spring and early summer.

White flowers are arranged in the form of balls. The powerful scent is felt from a long distance.

The variety is thermophilic, so it is preferable to grow the plant in a temperate climate.

Holly Mahonia

The evergreen plant reaches a height of about a meter. It grows due to the offspring of the root system, forming dense thickets.

At the end of April, the bushes are covered with panicles of yellow flowers with an unobtrusive aroma, similar to the smell of lily of the valley. The Biel variety has a more powerful smell. It is found mainly in the south of the country.


Young branches of the plant are lowered down. The bushes reach a height of two meters. Small-flowered corilopsis blooms in spring. Flowers appear before leaves. Yellow clusters of inflorescences resemble a bell.

With the end of flowering, leaves appear. The delicate scent is reminiscent of primrose. It is optimal to grow plants in the southern regions of the country.

The greatest effect of scented plants can be achieved by planting bushes next to windows, benches, a gazebo, or to the sides of paths. Shrubs will make wonderful living fences that can kill the smell of compost or manure.

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