Idea for your own business: production of frozen vegetables and fruits

Idea for your own business: production of frozen vegetables and fruits

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The myth that frozen fruits and vegetables lack vitamins and other nutrients was debunked almost 30 years ago. This played a significant role in the development of business in this direction.

In the 90s, foreign companies took the lead in supplying such products to the territory of the Russian Federation. Over time, the share of goods in the form of frozen gifts of nature on the Russian market was significantly increased by domestic producers.

Currently, the annual growth in the production of such food products is increasing by 10%. Demand is also growing, which gives reason to think about opening a business for freezing berries, vegetables and fruits with their subsequent sale.

Why is the demand for frozen fruits, berries and vegetables growing?

In the process of manufacturing products, shock freezing technology is used.

The principle is as follows: the temperature inside the fetus drops to -300C in just a few minutes.

In this way, it is possible to preserve up to 90% of all nutrients present, for example, in berries. The color, shape, taste and aroma also remain unchanged.

Diet and fasting by many people are also contributing factors to the rise in popularity of freezing. In such cases, such food is ideal.

Another reason for the increased demand for shock-frozen fruits and vegetables is the high employment rate of the fair sex.

Everything is simple here: a woman forced to spend a lot of time at work refuses to preserve food for the winter. Here frozen vegetables and fruits purchased in the store come to the rescue. With such products on hand, a soup, salad, dessert or other dish can be prepared in 15 minutes.

What can you freeze?

By the method of shock freezing, processed foods are widely used by housewives as ingredients for preparing homemade dishes, by chefs working in public catering establishments, and pastry chefs.

The main groups of natural gifts that can be frozen include:

  • strawberries, peaches, pears, apples, raspberries, apricots, cherries;
  • dill, parsley, rosemary, basil;
  • potatoes, corn, tomatoes, cabbage, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, spinach, onions, peas;
  • oyster mushrooms, champignons (mushrooms).

Frozen goods can be stored in this form before use for up to 2 years.

Required equipment

The purchase of all the necessary equipment in order to open its own production will cost approximately 4 million rubles.

This is if we take the productivity of 300 kilograms of products per hour as a benchmark.

But there is also an opportunity to reduce costs by purchasing less powerful freezing units, as well as purchasing a manual line for packaging goods instead of an automated one.

In addition, you can buy equipment that has already been used (used). In this case, the productivity will drop to 100 kilograms per hour, but the costs will not exceed 1.5 million rubles.

In order to open a workshop, you need to purchase:

  1. freezing tunnel.
  2. Freezing chamber for storing the received products.
  3. Digestive cauldron.
  4. Vegetable cutter.
  5. Potato peeler.
  6. Production table.
  7. Washing bath.
  8. Equipment for packing.
  9. Container and inventory.

In addition to everything, it is also necessary to have a room for the production of products and their storage.

Production stages

The step-by-step workflow consists of a series of steps. They are as follows:

  • harvesting and delivery;
  • acceptance of berries, vegetables, mushrooms or fruits and determination of their taste, appearance, degree of ripeness;
  • cleaning the gifts of nature from debris, petals, pods;
  • washing to remove glass, stones;
  • separation of the tips, for example, in green beans;
  • sifting out small fruits;
  • shock freezing;
  • weighing, packing, applying the required information to the package;
  • packing packages into cardboard containers;
  • shipment of finished products.

Transportation of frozen fruits, vegetables, berries and mushrooms is carried out in special refrigerators at a temperature not exceeding -180C. Since the purchase and maintenance of such vehicles entails high costs, it is worth using the services of shipping companies.


The peak of sales in this business falls in the winter months and early spring, since fresh fruits are not available to buyers at such a time or their prices are exorbitant.

Summer is the time to purchase raw materials, process them and fill warehouses. A big plus of the gifts of nature frozen by this method is that they are not perishable and can be stored in proper conditions for up to 24 months.


A well-organized sales process of manufactured goods is one of the main components of business success.

If such activities are carried out in a small town, there are more opportunities to negotiate the sale of products with the owners of shops and supermarkets.

In a large settlement, you will have to pay in order for your goods to appear on the shelves of shopping centers.

An important point is also establishing contacts with cafes, canteens, fast foods, restaurants. Tasting events and various promotions will also help increase sales.

The funds invested in the development of the business are fully returned in 3-4 years.

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