Description and characteristics of one of the most delicious varieties of tomato - "Stolypin"

Description and characteristics of one of the most delicious varieties of tomato -

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We bring to your attention a wonderful early-ripening variety of Stolypin tomatoes. Although this is a relatively new variety of tomatoes, it has already established itself well among gardeners and has become very popular.

And all this because it has a number of wonderful qualities: good taste and yield, resistance to late blight, cold and cracking of fruits.

In this article you will find a complete description of the variety, its characteristics, get acquainted with the peculiarities of cultivation and other intricacies of agricultural technology.

Tomato "Stolypin": variety description

Variety nameStolypin
general descriptionEarly maturing, determinant variety for cultivation in open ground and greenhouses.
Ripening period85-100 days
The formThe fruits are oval
ColorUnripe - light green without a spot on the stalk, the color of ripe fruits is red
Average weight of tomatoes90-120 grams
ApplicationSuitable for both fresh consumption and whole-fruit preservation
Variety yield8-9 kg from 1 sq.m
Growing featuresSeedlings are planted in the ground in 55-70 days.
Disease resistanceResistant to late blight

Tomatoes "Stolypin" are suitable for growing both in the open field and under film shelters. These tomatoes are early maturing, as it usually takes from 85 to 100 days from the moment they are planted in the ground until the fruits are fully ripe.

This tomato variety is not hybrid. The height of its determinant bushes, which are not standard, is from 50 to 60 centimeters. Read about indeterminate varieties here.

The bushes are covered with leaves of dark green and medium size. This variety of tomatoes is characterized by extremely good resistance to late blight.... Stolypin tomatoes are characterized by the formation of simple inflorescences and the presence of articulation on the stalks.

The yield of the Stolypin tomato is as follows: when grown in film shelters, in glass and polycarbonate greenhouses, 8-9 kilograms of fruit can be obtained from one square meter of the garden.

You can compare this indicator with other varieties below:

Variety nameYield
Stolypin8-9 kg per square meter
Pink spam20-25 kg per square meter
Pink Lady25 kg per square meter
Red Guard3 kg per bush
Explosion3 kg per bush
Lazy15 kg per square meter
Batianya6 kg per bush
Golden jubilee15-20 kg per square meter
Brown sugar6-7 kg per square meter
Crystal9.5-12 kg per square meter


The main advantages of Stolypin tomatoes are:

  • resistance to late blight;
  • excellent taste of fruits;
  • cold resistance;
  • fruit crack resistance.

This variety of tomatoes has practically no drawbacks, therefore it is loved by vegetable growers.

The fruits of Stolypin tomatoes are elliptical or oval in shape. Their weight ranges from 90 to 120 grams..

The weight of fruits in other varieties of tomatoes can be seen in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Stolypin90-120 grams
Fatima300-400 grams
Verlioka80-100 grams
Explosion120-260 grams
Altaic50-300 grams
Caspar80-120 grams
Crimson ringing150 grams
Grapefruit600 gram
Diva120 grams
Red Guard230 gram
Buyan100-180 grams
Irina120 grams
Lazy300-400 grams

The smooth and dense skin of the fruit in an immature state has a light green color without a spot near the stalk, and after ripening it turns red.

Tomatoes have two or three nests and have a medium dry matter content. They are distinguished by their juiciness, pleasant aroma and sweetish taste. Such tomatoes never crack and can be stored for a long time.

Tomatoes of this variety are great for making fresh vegetable salads, as well as for canning whole fruits.

A photo

Photos of Stolypin tomato:

Growing features

Stolypin tomatoes can be grown in all regions of the Russian Federation. Light, highly fertile soils are best suited for growing these tomatoes. Wonderful predecessors for them include onions, carrots, legumes, cabbage and cucumbers.

Seedlings are planted for seedlings in late March or early April. The seeds go 2-3 centimeters deep into the ground. Before sowing, the seeds must be treated with potassium permanganate and rinsed in clean water. To obtain the best result, it is worth using growth stimulants, and planting in mini-greenhouses.

When one or two real leaves appear on the seedlings, they must be dived. During the entire period of seedling growth, it should be fed two or three times with complex fertilizer, and about a week before planting in the ground, the seedlings should be hardened.

Planting seedlings in the ground is carried out in 55-70 days... Disembarkation occurs when the probability of a cold snap has completely passed. For example, in the Non-Black Earth Zone, the planting of seedlings of these tomatoes in the ground should be carried out from 5 to 10 June.

When grown in film shelters, seedlings can be planted from 15 to 20 May. Planting scheme: the distance between the bushes should be 70 centimeters, and between the rows - 30 centimeters. The main activities for caring for plants can be called regular watering with warm water, the introduction of complex mineral fertilizers.

Plants need garter and shaping. Do not forget about mulching, which not only helps in the fight against weeds, but also preserves the microclimate of the soil.

And now a few words about fertilizing tomatoes.... In addition to ready-made complexes for this purpose, you can use:

  1. Organic.
  2. Iodine.
  3. Yeast.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Ammonia.
  6. Boric acid.

Diseases and pests

Stolypin tomatoes show extremely high resistance to late blight, but they can be exposed to other diseases of tomatoes, they can be saved with the help of special fungicidal preparations. Your garden will be protected from pests by insecticide treatment.


Stolypin tomatoes are called the most delicious tomatoes among the varieties existing today. If you want to check if this is really so, be sure to plant them in your summer cottage.

You can get acquainted with the good varieties of tomato, including the Stolypin tomato variety, in the following video:

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