Let's figure out the varieties! When to plant zozulya cucumbers, April, Chinese and others for seedlings

Let's figure out the varieties! When to plant zozulya cucumbers, April, Chinese and others for seedlings

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Crispy and aromatic, fresh or pickled cucumbers. Who doesn't love them?

After a long winter, you want to get a good harvest of cucumbers as early as possible.

To do this, you need to know some of the nuances of growing early varieties.

Growing early varieties in seedlings

Growing in seedlings accelerates fruit production by an average of two weeks. To obtain an early harvest, the following varieties of cucumbers are chosen:

  • April;
  • Hermann;
  • Zozulya;
  • Cascade;
  • Finger;
  • Chinese (farm or "Chinese snakes") and others.

All of the above varieties of cucumbers have good varietal qualities and productivity.

Seed preparation for sowing

To obtain high-quality seedlings, you must choose a suitable planting material. There are varietal seeds and hybrids.

Hybrids (packaging is marked with the abbreviation "F1") self-pollinated, disease-resistant, mostly intended for greenhouses.

reference! The varieties are adapted to open ground, are less whimsical, but have a lower yield compared to hybrids.

  1. Collect large, full-bodied seeds before sowing.
  2. Then hold them in a solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes.
  3. Then rinse with water.
    • Instead of potassium permanganate, a two percent solution of hydrogen peroxide or a solution of boric acid is used (half a teaspoon of powder in a glass of water).
  4. To separate non-viable seeds, they are germinated until roots 0.5 cm long appear, placed in a humid environment. For this, wet gauze or cloth folded in 2-3 layers, cotton wool are suitable, sawdust is also used.

If you plan to plant seedlings in open ground, it is advisable to harden the seeds... Soaked seeds, placed in a damp cloth, are stored in the refrigerator for two days at a temperature of 0 to 2 degrees. After hardening, planting is performed.

Learn more about preparing seeds before planting.

Sowing seeds and growing seedlings

It is important to calculate the sowing timeso that the seedling size is optimal. Planting seedlings early will freeze the plant. Planting too late will delay fruiting. The sowing time will depend, first of all, from the place where cucumbers are grown: outdoors or in a greenhouse. As a rule, cucumbers are planted in heated greenhouses in early March. In film and glazed greenhouses - in mid-May. In the middle lane for unheated greenhouses, seeds are sown in mid-April, and for the soil - at the end of April.

Sowing preferably carried out in peat cups into the soil previously spilled with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Also, small pots, paper cups, and jars of dairy products are used as containers. The soil is chosen with a high peat content.

The seeds are buried 1-2 cm, sprinkle with soil. The glasses are placed in a pallet, covered with foil and placed in a warm place. After the emergence of seedlings (after 3-4 days), the film is removed, the seedlings are placed on a light window.

Important! Before germination, seeds in the soil should be in the range of 25-28 degrees. After germination, the temperature is reduced by 4-6 degrees.

After germination reject twice ugly or severely lagging seedlings.

Watering carried out every 2-3 days with settled water... To maintain moisture, it is recommended to place jars of water between the glasses.

At the time of planting in open ground, the shoots should be 2-3 weeks old and have 3-4 leaves.

When and how to plant "April" cucumbers for seedlings

April is a high-yielding early cucumber hybrid ideal for canning. Self-pollinating variety, can be grown on a windowsill.

Hybrid seeds are usually prepared for planting by the grower. but many gardeners additionally process seeds... In this case, the planting material is sorted, heated, etched with a manganese solution and germinated with further hardening.

Seedlings planted 20-25 days after germination... The increased cold resistance of this variety allows it to be planted in open ground in mid-May. Therefore, in order to receive seedlings on time, the seeds should be sown at the end of April.

Features of growing seedlings of cucumbers "Zozulya"

Zozulya - productive early maturing self-pollinated hybrid... The seedling method is optimal for obtaining a good harvest of this variety of cucumbers. Just like the previous hybrid, Zozulya sprout and sow in special peat pots.

Usually seeds are planted a month before planting in a permanent place... As with the previous variety, the optimal sowing time is the end of April. The variety is afraid of dampness, so the soil should dry well between waterings. Transplanting seedlings is carried out after May 15, when the soil is well warmed up. Usually Zozulya are grown in greenhouses. When transplanting into open ground, it is advisable to cover the seedlings at night so that they do not freeze.

Differences in growing seedlings of the "German" variety

Herman - super early high-yielding variety, adapted both for growing in open beds and in greenhouses. Differs in powerful seedlings that do not tolerate transplantation. Sowing seeds should be carried out in spacious containers, from which it will not be difficult to extract seedlings.

Poor resistance to low temperatures allows you to plant plants in open ground only after the air warms up to plus 15-20 degrees without sudden changes. The first fruits appear 40 days after germination.

Planting "Chinese" cucumbers for seedlings

Variety characterized by unpretentiousness, productivity, long fruits of impressive size, excellent taste... Differs in poor germination in the open field, therefore it is more often grown in seedlings. In addition, the seedling method provides the best qualities such as size and shape.

Seed treatment and planting of seedlings are carried out in a standard way. Seeds planted in pots with a diameter of at least 25 centimeters... Seedlings appear in 6-7 days, and sometimes after 2 weeks. The ideal temperature for seedlings is 32 degrees.

Outdoor Chinese cucumbers planted at the age of 25-30 days upon reaching 15-20 cm in height... Seedlings are planted under the covering material in mid-May, and in the ground in early June.

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By choosing these varieties and following the recommendations for growing seedlings, you will get a high yield of strong, healthy cucumbers.

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