Recommendations for the construction of a do-it-yourself greenhouse made of PVC pipes (polyvinyl chloride): frame, drawings, photos

Recommendations for the construction of a do-it-yourself greenhouse made of PVC pipes (polyvinyl chloride): frame, drawings, photos

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Polymer materials, due to the combination of strength and lightness, they displace metal and wood from many areas of the household.

Summer cottages are no exception, where you can increasingly find year-round PVC greenhouses.

This design is great for small areas; it is quite possible to make it yourself.

DIY greenhouse made of PVC pipes

Benefits PVC pipes, in comparison with other materials for the construction of greenhouses, are obvious:

  • low cost;
  • ease of installation;
  • the mobility of the structure;
  • the ability to mount buildings of any configuration;
  • durability due to resistance to adverse conditions. Such greenhouses, when properly assembled, serve at least 15 years;
  • environmental friendliness. Pvc does not emit toxic substances. They are easy to clean, which means they will not accumulate mold and mildew that can infect plants.

Greenhouse from PVC pipes do it yourself - photo:

Preparatory activities

Before starting construction greenhouses, you need to decide on the type of construction, make a list of materials and calculate the cost.

Greenhouse from PVC pipes can be arched, rectangular with a pitched roof, rectangular with an arch at the top and combined from sections. For such structures, the optimal dimensions are 2-2.4 meters height, 3m. width and length from 4 to 12 meters... Specific dimensions are selected depending on the purpose and installation site on the site.

For the greenhouse, pipes with a diameter 25-32 mm for arched structures, 50 and more mm for rectangular racks. To connect pipe sections, special cross-shaped corners are used, which can be purchased at any plumbing store.

By material quality PVC pipes are divided into two types:

  1. Hard - used for straight structures in the form of pitched houses.
  2. Flexible - used for arched, hemispherical and spherical greenhouses. It is convenient to use such pipes for the superstructure of an arched roof made of wood or metal.

IMPORTANT! The design must be selected with a minimum amount docking stations, as they significantly weaken stability.

For mounting you need tools:

  • hacksaw for wood and metal;
  • hammer;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver;
  • apparatus for welding pipes (for the manufacture of non-separable structures).

How to make a greenhouse from PVC pipes with your own hands - drawings:

Site selection and site preparation

To install a greenhouse from Pvc with your own hands, you need to choose the right place, taking into account the illumination, the quality of the soil, the direction of the wind. There should be a convenient approach to the structure. The optimal orientation to the cardinal points will be west-east longitudinal direction.

Sod is removed from the selected area according to the size of the future greenhouse with a small margin of about 50 cm in width and length. The resulting area is leveled horizontally... The difference in height is allowed no more than 5-6 centimeters. All depressions must be filled up and leveled.

Structures can be collapsible and non-collapsible. Pipes can be left on winter on site, as they are not afraid of temperature extremes. The film is most often removed for the winter. Polycarbonate can be left over the winter, provided it is properly prepared and cared for during snowfalls.

Preparation of the base

Greenhouse from PVC pipes light, so the capital foundation for it not needed... At the same time, the presence of the frame will make it possible to give strength to the frame and maintain its shape during operation. Consider the options for preparing the base for various types of structures:

  1. Wooden frame. It is most advisable to use it for an arched greenhouse, but it is also suitable for building in the form of a house. To make the frame, you need to prepare the following materials: boards 1.5-3 mm thick or bars 6X12, 8X12... A rectangular frame is knocked out of the prepared material or twisted with self-tapping screws. Using a tape measure, the diagonal of the frame is checked to avoid side skew. Fix the made frame with pieces of reinforcement on the ground so that it does not move around the site. The pins are driven into the corners inside the frame.
  2. Metal pins. You can put pipes on pieces of metal reinforcement driven directly into the soil. This construction will be lighter than a greenhouse on a wooden base. For such a foundation, along the length of the future structure, they are driven in from both sides metal rods 70-80 cm long.The pins are driven into the ground half the length at a distance of 50 cm from each other.
  3. Metal frame from pipes with pins welded to them or a base assembled from the same PVC pipes... Such a base can only be made using a welding machine. Its advantage is maximum mobility structures. The frame together with the frame can be easily moved to any place of the site. • Alternatively, instead of a frame, you can make two pipes equal to the length of the greenhouse tunnel and weld pins to them. Such pipes are laid on the ground and fixed with metal slingshots. In this case, at your discretion, you can change the width of the greenhouse depending on the pipes installed.

IMPORTANT! The wooden frame must be processed antisepticso that the fungus does not develop on it. If this is not done, the frame will last one year and will be unusable by the next season.

Greenhouse scheme - polyvinyl chloride frame:

Manufacturing technology of various designs

Depending on the selected type of construction from pipes the required amount of material for the base is prepared, the fasteners are prepared and the material for the coating is selected.

Frame and cover

How to make a greenhouse from PVC pipes and polycarbonate with your own hands? To make a greenhouse in the form of an arched tunnel, pipes of the required length are cut. The pipes are easily bent and attached to the base of the greenhouse. It is necessary to fix the pipes bent into an arc along the entire length of the frame.

For fastenings there are two options:

  1. Fastening directly to the frame... To do this, the pipe is fixed to the surface of the board using metal fixtures for plumbing equipment.
  2. As an option along the length of the greenhouse driven into the ground metal pins close to the frame. The step between the pins is no more than 50-60 centimeters. Pipes are strung on them.

It must be fixed along the length of the tunnel stiffener... For its manufacture, a pipe is taken with a length equal to the length of the tunnel. This pipe is fastened with plastic ties at the top of the arches from the inside of the structure. If the structure is long and wide, you can fix the ribs along the side walls, this will increase tenacity and greenhouse strength.

The next step will be manufacturing butts... It can be made in the form of frames from wooden blocks or in the form of a plywood semicircle with holes for entering the greenhouse. It is advisable to provide vents for ventilation in the end coverings. Gables can also be assembled from pipes.

For this, with the help of plastic swivel corners and tees, it is assembled plastic frame by the height of the greenhouse.

The length of the cross tubes is equal to the width of the doorway.

For the strength of the ends, vertical pipes are additionally installed on both sides of the opening.

To the frame of the greenhouse PVC pipes fastened with tees put on the extreme arched arcs.

Prepared frame for a greenhouse made of PVC pipes covered with plastic wrap or polycarbonate sheets. The film for such structures is thick, reinforced. The coating is attached directly to the pipes using self-tapping screws.

To prevent the resulting holes from tearing the film, tapes of linoleum.

The film can be thrown over the greenhouse and secured with ropes, netting, double-sided tape. If a polycarbonate cover is chosen, the self-tapping screws along the lower edge are fixed to the wooden frame using wooden slats. The film must be attached with maximum tension, otherwise it will sag and break during operation.

REFERENCE: For a uniform coating, the fastening of the film begins with center of construction with a gradual stretch to the ends.

It is advisable to attach the film to the end frame using construction stapler... The whole frame is sheathed with foil. The door is separately assembled and hinged. A hinged frame door is also needed for plywood ends. Wooden frames from old windows can be used as a door. But instead of glass, it is better to stretch the film or sheathe the frame with polycarbonate sheets. Glass for greenhouses from PVC pipes does not apply at all, since it has a lot of weight.

At the bottom edge of the film should lie on the ground, so the margin at each edge should be at least 15-20 cm. Bottom edge of the film sprinkle soil.

Polycarbonate it is more expedient to cover the arcs along the entire length, joining the sheets at the locations of the pipes. The joints are glued with tape or neutral silicone sealant. Frame covered polycarbonate, is non-separable, therefore, in winter, the greenhouse must be regularly cleaned of snow. In addition, reinforcing supports should be installed under the arches so that the structure does not collapse under the weight of snow under the weight of snow in winter.

For the ends, a frame is made of pipes or wooden slats and sheathed with pieces of polycarbonate. The strength of the frames is provided by diagonal slats or pipes. Doors and vents hinged.

Pitched in the form of a house

According to the reviews of experienced vegetable growers, gable frame greenhouses made of PVC pipes. Such a frame is most suitable for a one-piece greenhouse covered with polycarbonate. The gable roof is not afraid of snow loads, so such a greenhouse does not need to be cleared of snow in winter.

The process starts with making a wooden frame of the required size. On the long sides are installed pins as described earlier.

Straight pieces of pipes of the required height are put on them.

Alternatively, installation is acceptable vertical pipes on pins driven into the ground. The length of the pins is 80 centimeters.

For 40 centimeters, they are driven into the soil along the long sides. The pins are put on pipes.

On the upper part of the pipes, special tees, are attached to the corner pipes crosspieces... Next, the roof of the house is assembled using pipe sections of the required length.

This structure is best covered polycarbonate... It is fastened with roofing screws with thermal washers. The polycarbonate is cut in parts for the side walls and roof separately. The joints are sealed with a special tape for polycarbonate greenhouses or with construction tape.

TIP: It is better to purchase pipes and fasteners to them in a ready-made set, so that everything will surely fit in diameter to each other.

Rectangular with arched roof

For the manufacture of frame In such a greenhouse, pipes are installed according to the same scheme as in a pitched greenhouse in the form of a house. With the help of tees, pipes bent by an arc are attached at the top. This design is easier to assemble than pitched. A stiffening rib is laid in the center of the arched roof.

It is recommended to cover a rectangular greenhouse with an arched roof with foil. If polycarbonate is chosen as the coating, the side walls are covered with separate pieces. The roof is covered with a single piece of polycarbonate.

As stiffeners in the side and top parts of any greenhouse, you can use wooden slatstreated with an antiseptic.

Greenhouse from PVC pipes has a much lower cost compared to stationary polycarbonate structures. It is quite possible to build it with some effort on your own.

Watch a video on how to make a greenhouse from PVC pipes with your own hands:

Watch the video: How to Build DIY Greenhouse Hoop house 24 ft Wide 14 ft Tall out of PVC for really Cheap (May 2022).


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