Astrology is our friend! Pepper picking according to the lunar calendar: when can you transplant, which days are favorable

Astrology is our friend! Pepper picking according to the lunar calendar: when can you transplant, which days are favorable

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Breeding bell peppers is an interesting activity, but not easy, young seedlings are quite capricious and require careful and careful care.

The roots of young plants are tender, very sensitive to transplantation.

Experienced gardeners recommend picking in the early stages of cultivation, then in the future the peppers will be more hardy and strong.

Lunar calendar and picking

REFERENCE! Picking is the distribution of seedlings from a common container into separate containers so that they do not shade each other during growth, and to avoid intertwining the roots.

The procedure is carried out after the appearance of the first or second true leaflet on the sprout. Many experienced gardeners dive peppers, focusing on the lunar calendar. The effect of the phases of the moon is approximately the same for all organisms containing water, including plants.

  • New moon - the phase of the moon, unfavorable for the growth and development of plants, all life-giving moisture accumulates in the roots. At this time, it is better to refrain from transplanting.
  • Waxing Crescent accompanied by active growth and prosperity, all the nectar moves from the root system up the stems to the leaves and flowers. This is the most appropriate time for the sweet pepper dive procedure. Even in case of damage, the root system will not be severely affected, it is highly likely that the seedling will survive.
  • Then comes the full moon - this is the time when all the food is accumulated in the upper part of the plants - in the leaves and buds. But very soon, all the liquid will begin to move back to the roots. The full moon, like the new moon, is a period of suspension of all planting and transplanting works.
  • Moon Stage Four - Waning... The life-giving juices of plant crops sink deep into the roots and accumulate there. Nothing bad will happen if you make a dive in this interval. This is the neutral stage for replanting bell peppers.

In addition to these four positions of the Moon, the process of earthworks is influenced by such an indicator as the sign of the Zodiac, in which it is at that moment. There are more fertile signs that are not at all fertile and neutral. Each of them affects one or another gardening activity in its own way. The days when the Moon is in Taurus, Libra, Scorpio are suitable for diving.

The most unfavorable symbols for this procedure:

  • Pisces are considered a fertile symbol, but they are categorically not suitable for picking.
  • It is also necessary to refrain from this type of work on the day of Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini and Virgo.

Usually they start sowing pepper in February, and by March it already has 2-3 true leaves. This growth stage is most suitable for a dive.

ATTENTION! For the operation to be painless for young shoots, you need to water them abundantly per day. On the day of transplanting, it is better not to water the sprouts. This will make it easier to separate the roots without damaging them.

The transplant process itself must be approached very carefully.

  • First, we prepare the soil in which we will place our peppers. The most suitable soil is based on peat and humus, it is advisable to add sand and field soil to make the soil looser.
  • Capacities for seedlings should be high, then the root system will be stronger and grow well. At the bottom, you need to pierce several holes so that the earth does not sour. Next, pour out the soil mixture.
  • We push a small depression into the ground. The dive is carried out to the same depth that was initially at the time of sowing; it is not necessary to plant deeper. Pour some water into the dimple.
  • We proceed to the most important thing - transplanting sprouts. Gently dig in the sprout with an improvised tool and pull it out, holding it by the stem.

Read more about how the pick is carried out in the article.

IMPORTANT! It is not necessary to pinch off the main root, as is done with tomatoes and other vegetable crops. Solanaceous plants do not tolerate such manipulation and may even die. Just place the seedling in the prepared hole, then sprinkle it with earth, slightly compacting it.

After all the manipulations, it is advisable to put the seedlings in the same place where they were before. Then they adapt in a couple of days. The first two days you need to protect the peppers from the bright sun color.

Before making a pick, you need to check the Lunar calendar in order to choose the most suitable dates and exclude unfavorable ones.

Lunar calendar for picking peppers for March

Most favorable days for picking- March 2, 3, 16 and 17. Unwanted days - March 1, 4, 5, 18, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30.

  • 1.03 - The growth of the crescent moon in Aries. The constellation is not fertile. Any manipulations with fruit and berry crops are undesirable.
  • 2.03 - an increasing month in the constellation Taurus. A fertile sign. Life-giving moisture moves from the root system along the stem to the leaves and further to the fruits. This is the most favorable time for such gardening work.
  • 3.03 - The crescent moon is still increasing, this day is also under the influence of Taurus and is very auspicious. Juices are still moving from roots to stems and up.
  • 4.03 - Despite the fact that the crescent moon is still in Taurus, the day is not suitable for replanting, since there are great chances to damage the root system during soil cultivation.
  • 5.03 - this stage is called the first lunar quarter, located under the constellation Gemini. Unfavorable day for carrying out garden manipulations. In addition, an unstable energy balance is observed at this stage. Refrain from any kind of agricultural work.
  • 16.03 - the aging crescent moon in the sign of Scorpio. This is one of the most fertile signs, only Cancer is more productive. Despite the waning of the Crescent moon, the day is very fruitful.
  • 17.03 - The moon is still aging under the influence of Scorpio. On this day, all the juices of life descend to the roots, nourishing and filling them with strength and growth. Auspicious day.
  • 18.03 - Lunar aging continues, this day will pass under the constellation Sagittarius. One of the least prolific characters. It is completely unsuitable for working with ground plants, both with shoots and with their underground part.
  • 21.03 - A decreasing month in the constellation Capricorn. The strength of the plant is concentrated in the roots. Average fertile day, not suitable for transplant activities.
  • 25.03 - The waning crescent in Aquarius. Barren symbol. This period is not suitable for any landings and transfers. There is a high risk of death of shoots.
  • 26.03 - the crescent moon is waning in Pisces. A fruitful symbol, but not suitable for manipulating transplantation, because this is the time of creation, it is impossible to divide, and therefore, destroy the rhizomes.
  • 28.03 - new moon under the constellation Aries. Doubly unfavorable day. Both the lunar disk phase and the zodiacal symbol were not created for any gardening operations.
  • 29.03 - The rising crescent moon in Aries. The constellation is sterile, so it is not worth working with seedlings.
  • 30.03 - The growing month in Taurus. Very fertile sign and phase, but not suitable for transplanting.

The rest of the days are neutral for work on picking sweet peppers.

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When picking sweet peppers, it is very important to take into account all the nuances and features of this rather whimsical nightshade culture, as well as to choose the right time for such a complex operation according to the Lunar calendar. If you find the right balance between these factors, you get a great harvest!

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