DIY step-by-step instructions for building a greenhouse from plastic pipes

DIY step-by-step instructions for building a greenhouse from plastic pipes

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Polymers - materials that are widely used in many industries.

They are replacing wood, metal and glass elements. Today, polymers can be found on summer cottages and lands of agricultural enterprises.

Plastics lungs, it is convenient to work with them. They are not afraid of mold and fumes, they are not damaged by caustic chemicals. Greenhouses made of polymer pipes serve for a very long time.

Since the price of greenhouse structures is high, gardeners can make a greenhouse on their own. You don't have to spend a lot.

If we talk about size, then with modern materials, you can easily make a greenhouse by individual sizes.

How to make a greenhouse from plastic pipes with your own hands?

PVC and HDPE pipes for greenhouses

For a greenhouse, the frame of which is made of pipes, no foundation is needed, because the structure is light. The base device requires boards and wooden blocks.

Choose quality, dry lumber. Treat all elements with an antiseptic, this will increase the service life of the structure. Instead of an antiseptic, you can use drying oil.

For work, you need a plastic pipe, PVC. The most commonly used pipes are white, but you can choose another.

How many plastic pipes do you need to build a homemade greenhouse? Buy products with a diameter of 13 mm; for a greenhouse, it is enough to purchase 19 six-meter pipes.

In addition to the items listed above, you need to buy steel reinforcement or rods... You will place them inside the pipes. You will need at least 10 rods 100 cm long.

If we talk about consumables, then you will need clamps made of aluminum or plastic.

Types of greenhouses

Greenhouses can be covered with a film or polycarbonate. Most often, gardeners choose an arched structure. She can be of two types:

  • with a plank box and arcs, which were strung on steel rods;
  • with a frame made of plastic, arcs and tees made of the same material.

You can easily make a greenhouse with a gable roof. He might be two kinds:

  • with a film coating;
  • with polycarbonate trim.

Some land owners serious about gardening will appreciate double-layer greenhouses made of PPH.

Such structures are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation, because the space inside the greenhouse is reliably protected from the external environment by two sheets of cellular polycarbonate. Such a greenhouse gives off heat three times less than a conventional greenhouse.

Fastening the film to the frame

In stores, you will find polymer pipes of the required diameter. Sellers will help you find suitable fitting, you don't have to search for them yourself.

The pipe manufacturers include swivel joints... Thanks to them, the process of building a greenhouse will be significantly accelerated. You will find cross and tee connectors in the store.

Of course, using connectors will increase your construction budget. That is why you need to evaluate for yourself whether you will use fittings or not.

You can choose which plastic pipe greenhouse to make on your site. It can be of two types: stationary and demountable... Stationary is erected by welding or gluing parts of the structure. Dismountable involves the use of screws.

Advantages of polycarbonate products and plastic pipes

Polycarbonate greenhouses have low cost... The frame is easy to make with your own hands. You can move the design to another place at any time, it is very easy to adapt it to your needs.

The plastic greenhouse will be absolutely safe for soil and plants... With proper assembly, a long service life is guaranteed. Polycarbonate is a material that protects plants from ultraviolet radiation. Light, passing through the material, is scattered. At the same time, the sheets have a high degree of light transmission. Even with prolonged use of the greenhouse, it does not deteriorate.

Polycarbonate is not afraid of being hit by stones and even heavy hail. The material is 200 times stronger than glass and 6 times lighter, so no foundation is needed to install the greenhouse. Installation is carried out without special equipment.

The sheets are not afraid of temperature changes, greenhouses endure severe frosts and the hottest rays of the sun. Polycarbonate will only burn if it is directly exposed to a flame. The sheets are flexible, you can easily assemble arched and vaulted greenhouses.

A photo

DIY greenhouse made of plastic pipes: photo examples.

Preparatory work

Locate your greenhouse in a sunny location. Leave free space around, there should be a passage around the greenhouse. If you are going to put a greenhouse for one year, then it is better to opt for a folding or portable design.

Choose stationary if you plan to grow crops annually.

Remember that this type of greenhouse is suitable for winter use. For such structures, you need to put a high-quality base so that the greenhouse does not come into contact with the frozen soil, so that cold does not come from outside.

Identify the place where will the greenhouse be located... Clear the soil from the fertile layer, just remove a couple of centimeters. This must be done, because during construction, carnations and construction debris will fall on the ground.

How to install a greenhouse

How to build a greenhouse from plastic pipes under the film with your own hands? No matter which project you choose, installation includes a number of stages:

  1. Preparation of the base... It will replace the foundation, since pouring concrete tape does not make sense. The plastic is light enough, no foundation is required.
  2. Assemble the frame... Use pre-purchased polymer pipes in your work, they can be rigid or flexible. Secure with polycarbonate or reinforced plastic wrap. Glass cannot be used.
  3. Proceed to installation of front sides... Make windows in the greenhouse, install doors. Hang up the locks.

This is a short description of the steps. In fact, the construction of a greenhouse has its own characteristics. It all depends on the type of greenhouse you decide to build on your garden plot.

First decide on the basis... This is the frame that will hold the frame to the ground. It is needed so that the greenhouse retains its shape. The basis does not depend on which project you choose. The choice is limited by your financial capabilities and wishes.

Ramu can be made from a rigid plastic pipe, eight-millimeter boards, small-width bars. Most often, a thick board is used for the lower strapping device. Buy either it or the bars. The material is connected by a felling in half a tree. Metal parts are not used to connect the base.

The base is either immersed in the ground, but for this, a shallow trench is first dug. Along the perimeter, you need to lay roofing paper in it, it should cover the walls of the groove and its bottom. After that, a greenhouse frame is installed in the trench.

Do not assume that a polymer pipe frame can be self-strapping... It is only necessary if there is a brick or concrete foundation. It is also installed when erecting a foundation made of wood.

The base is fastened with brackets to the timber; anchor bolts can be used in the work. They are fixed in the concrete at the moment when it begins to harden. Or the bolts are fixed in the brickwork.

You can use all options with any project. But when arranging such a foundation, you will have to forget to change the location of the greenhouse.

Here you will read about how to make a greenhouse according to Mitlider, collapsible greenhouses, greenhouses from fittings, from glass, from plastic bottles, from window frames, from polycarbonate, as well as a tunnel-type greenhouse, a dome greenhouse, a pyramid greenhouse.

If you plan to move the greenhouse from place to place, then it is better to knock down a simple board frame. Prepare the site, remove the sod, freeing up the territory.

Take from you need to make from dried wood. Treat the structure with hot bitumen prior to assembly. In addition, saturate the tree with an antiseptic.

Use a PVC pipe with 3mm walls. Determine the number of six-meter segments yourself. Do not forget to leave one section on the screed.

For fastening arches buy plastic clamps. They will be required as many as there will be PVC pipe sections. To securely fix the arches, attach them to a wooden base, buy mounting brackets or drywall fasteners made of aluminum. Two pieces are needed for each pipe section.

Take a sledgehammer and hammer in the pieces of reinforcement on both sides of the base, leaving 40 cm above the surface. Put on the pieces of PVC pipe. Secure the arches by fixing them to the frame with metal staples.

Equip the ends by making a doorway. Use wooden blocks for this purpose. Such an opening will act as a box. To increase the rigidity of the structure, reinforce the ends with wooden parts. Make the top brace along the highest points of the arches. Attach it with plastic ties.

Cover the greenhouse polycarbonate or foil, fix the material. Make a door and vents.

Do-it-yourself greenhouse made of plastic pipes: drawings for manufacturing on a frame from water-supply polyethylene pipes.

Here is a video about a do-it-yourself greenhouse made of plastic pipes.

it the simplest design, which you can easily assemble on your own. Such a greenhouse will last a very long time, delighting you with its aesthetic appearance and large yields.

Watch the video: DIY Greenhouse PVC Hoop House Polytunnel Garden Homemade Cheap Low Cost $100 Build Easy Instructions (May 2022).


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