How can you drive them out? Fleas in a dog: how to get rid of purchased and folk remedies, treatment for prevention

How can you drive them out? Fleas in a dog: how to get rid of purchased and folk remedies, treatment for prevention

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An urgent problem for all pet owners is the fight against fleas, which the pet can pick up while walking on the street.

The appearance of insects must be taken as seriously as possible, since they can cause a lot of inconvenience, it is recommended to start treatment immediately.

One of the main symptoms of infection is an agitated state and constant scratching, therapy should be comprehensive.

How to properly remove fleas from a dog at home

It is quite difficult to remove fleas at home on your own, but it is possible. No special products (shampoos, soaps, sprays, collar, drops) not enough.

The main thing in this matter - the speed of taking measures, if you tighten it a little, you will have to process the entire house or apartment.

Bathing is considered in this case the easiest and most effective way, when the first fleas appear. the dog must be washed immediately... The dog should be bathed under running water, the animal's hair should be well lathered with tar or laundry soap that has antibacterial properties.

Soaped wool should be combed several times and washed off with water... To prevent fleas from returning, the bathroom must be thoroughly washed. The method does not provide complete disposal of pests, but their number will be significantly reduced.

Get rid of fleas a good comb will also help, for this it is necessary to comb out the wool, wetting it each time in a concentrated soap solution.

Folk remedies

Massaging a few drops of tincture into the pet's skin will help to increase the effectiveness of the procedure. equalipta or bitter wormwood, which will improve the well-being of the dog, relieve it at least for a short while from suffering.

Oils are also considered effective methods of struggle. citronella, cedar, lavender, tea tree, lemon, the easiest way is to rub them into the skin or add a little to the shampoo. An oil-soaked handkerchief is just as effective as a store-bought collar (for example, Kiltiks by the German firm Bayer).

At the final stage, as a prophylactic agent, a few drops of any of the above oils can be added to the spray bottle, the resulting mixture it is recommended to spray several times a day.

As a flea remedy, you can also use vinegar or lemon water, the latter is good for bites.

To prepare it, you need:

  1. Cut 3 lemons.
  2. Boil them in 0.5 liters of water.
  3. Cover the resulting broth, leave for 12 hours.

Use the mixture as an aerosol until the pests disappear completely.

reference! To enhance the effect, it is recommended to rub the solution directly into the skin.

Other recipes:

    • 40 g of fresh wormwood pour 2 tbsp. boiling water;
    • put on low heat for 15 minutes;
    • the solution is used to wipe the animal's fur.
    • chop a few cloves of garlic;
    • pour 2 tbsp. water;
    • insist during the night;
    • use the same way.

When applying folk methods, the importance of compliance with the sanitary regime and constant processing mode, due to toxicity, they can harm the animal.

During treatment pet habitats must be processed, as well as his toys and other objects with which he comes in contact.

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Prevention and protection

In the autumn-winter period the likelihood of infection is very high, in order to prevent it, it is recommended to pay attention to prevention, put on a special collar, wash with flea shampoo.

The dog should be checked periodically for damage to the skin, protect your pet from contact with infected animals, regularly handle household items of the dog (blanket, toys, etc.).

Fleas bring a lot of trouble not only to the dog, but also to its owner; there are a large number of very different means aimed at controlling pests. At home, bathing, combing, rubbing into the skin and spraying liquids with essential oils on the animal's hair, as well as folk remedies, will help to defeat fleas.
It should be borne in mind that the fight against fleas can take a lot of time and effort, so it is best to follow preventive measures.

In conclusion, we bring to your attention a form on how to remove fleas in dogs:

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