German quality in our beds: potatoes "Ramos" - a description of the variety with detailed characteristics and abundant photos

German quality in our beds: potatoes

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This mid-season table variety of Dutch selection with elongated smooth tubers and excellent storage ability has only one drawback - it is affected by late blight.

In this article, we will tell you in detail what Ramos potatoes are. You will find a detailed description of the variety and its characteristics, get acquainted with the peculiarities of cultivation and see a photo.

Description of the variety

Variety nameRamos
general characteristicsmid-season table variety of Dutch selection with elongated smooth tubers and excellent storage capacity
Ripening period80-110 days
Starch content13-16%
Mass of marketable tubers100-150 gr
The number of tubers in the bush8-13
Yield200-400 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgreat taste, suitable for fries and chips
Keeping quality97%
Peel coloryellow
Pulp colorlight yellow
Preferred growing regionsCentral Black Earth, North Caucasian
Disease resistanceresistant to the causative agent of potato cancer and golden potato cyst nematode, susceptible to late blight
Growing featuresstandard agricultural technology
OriginatorHandelmaatschappij Van Rijn BV (Holland)

"Ramos" is considered to be medium early, technical maturity (has the optimal size, dense, thick peel, which will allow the potatoes to be stored for a long time) occurs 70 - 80 days after most shoots.

Conditional maturity (young potatoes) occurs earlier than technical maturity. At conditional maturity, the tubers are of normal size, thin, fragile, easily lagging peel. According to the recommendation of some experts, tubers with peeling peel should not be eaten due to immaturity.

Young potatoes have an amazing taste, contain many useful substances, practically does not contain starch... It is not worth storing such tubers, they quickly deteriorate.


The shape is elongated - oval. The sizes are large enough, the weight is from 100 g and above. The rind is thick, rough, yellow. The eyes are small, the depressions are insignificant. The color of the pulp is deep yellow. Starch content - from 13% to 16% - average amount, potatoes are not boiled

Reference. The digestibility of potatoes directly depends on the amount of starch. Starch content depends on weather conditions and fertilizers - more starch is formed in dry warm weather.

See also what is the starch content in potato tubers of other varieties:

Variety nameStarch content
Crimean rose14-17%

Erect bush, stem, several branches, high in size. The leaves are typical for this plant in shape, intermediate in location, large, dark green, wrinkled, no pubescence, edge waviness is weak. The flowers are numerous, small, the corolla is white.

Climatic zones

"Ramos" can be grown throughout the territory of European countries, the Russian Federation, countries bordering on the Russian Federation. The most successful cultivation takes place in the Central and Central Black Earth regions of the Russian Federation.... Not afraid of cold or hot temperatures, well resistant to drought.


The marketable yield is up to 370 centners per hectare - higher than the standard established in the Central Region. The largest recorded yield is 418 centners per hectare. The first early digging gives a large harvest.

In the table below you can see such indicators as the yield and the number of tubers in the bush for other potato varieties:

Variety nameProductivity (kg / ha)The number of tubers in the bush (pcs)
knapweed200-480up to 15
Laura330-510up to 20
Irbitup to 5006-10
Sineglazkaup to 5008-12
Adrettaup to 45015-25
Breezeup to 6248-12

The average starch content in "Ramos" allows you to use it for making French fries, salads. When boiling whole tubers, it does not boil, it is good in frying.

A lot of nutrients (potassium, calcium, vitamins A, B, C, phosphorus, etc.) will be preserved in root crops if they are boiled in a peel ("in their uniform").

Potatoes are used in many industries - the production of substances, medicine, and cosmetology. Many popular recipes with potatoes will improve digestion, normalize blood pressure, remove excess substances from the body, reduce cholesterol levels, and relieve a cold.

Raw potato juice is very healthy. The peel is also eaten, it contains the most vitamins. Ramos potatoes, like most yellow varieties, have high gustatory characteristics - sweetish taste, rich aroma. There are many recipes for cooking root vegetables, the most useful is roasting in a peel in a charcoal or oven.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of disadvantages revealed the defeat of late blight of tubers and tops. Late blight can be avoided by prophylactic spraying with copper sulfate and other substances.

There are a lot of advantages :

  • fast and good development;
  • bountiful harvest;
  • presentation of tubers;
  • large root crops;
  • small percentage of small tubers;
  • excellent taste;
  • drought resistance;
  • unpretentiousness to the type of soil;
  • high resistance to some diseases;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • long-term storage.

"Ramos" was bred as a result of the successful work of German breeders, the patent holder is KWS POTATO B. V. It was registered in 2006 in the State Register of the Russian Federation in the Central and Central Black Earth Region.

Growing features

This variety must be taken out of storage 2 weeks before planting into the light, greening has a beneficial effect on germination and further development.

"Ramos" is not whimsical to the type of soil, but fertilizers must be applied. Usually, in the fall, the site is dug up, weeds are removed and potash and nitrogenous fertilizers are applied. In the spring they dig up again. How to feed, when and how to apply fertilizers, how to do it correctly when planting, read the articles on our website.

In areas where tomatoes were grown last season, potatoes cannot be planted. It is also impossible to grow potatoes next to tomatoes, they have common diseases, suffer from common pests.

The best neighborhood of "Ramos" is cabbage and onions, a good place for planting where last year they planted legumes and grains.

At a soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm, about 13 degrees, it is possible to plant potatoes, keep the distance between plants at least 20 cm. "Ramos" intensively develops a lot of tubers, so the distance between potato bushes should be as large as possible.

Planting of medium early potatoes begins in early May. The air temperature should not be less than 18 degrees, "Ramos" does not like hot temperatures... "Ramos" does not favor highly humid terrain; use dry places or elevations for cultivation.

In hot climates, potatoes are threatened by aphids, spider mites, cicadas, Colorado beetles and their larvae, bears and wireworms. Insecticides or non-toxic bio-preparations, which are abundantly sprayed on plantings, will help get rid of pests.

ATTENTION! "Ramos" does not react well to the substances contained in preparations against weeds, after the emergence of sprouts cannot be used. It is better to apply mulching.

"Ramos" responds well to root dressing and spraying with fertilizers. Regular loosening, hilling and weeding are required. Watering is optional. For the formation of a good harvest, you can cut flowers from the bushes, all the growth will go into the tubers. It is necessary to dig out the potatoes exactly at the time of technical maturity due to the poor resistance to late blight of tubers.

The variety is well stored for a long time, it is not afraid of frost. To exclude strong germination and spoilage of tubers, it is necessary to store at temperatures up to 4 degrees, it must be constant. The storage space is dry, dark.

We also bring to your attention useful information about what spraying and how will help when growing potatoes.

As well as materials on the use of herbicides and fungicides, their benefits and harms to plants.

Diseases and pests

It has a high degree of resistance to potato cancer, golden cyst nematode, and some viruses. Pests and diseases are required to carry out preventive spraying with microbiological preparations.

A photo

Potatoes "Ramos", the description of the variety of which this article is devoted to, is illustrated in detail in the photos below:


German quality is famous all over the world, and it does not fail in the development of potato varieties. There are many ways to grow potatoes. On our website you can learn more about Dutch technologies, learn how to grow potatoes without weeding and hilling, and what features the cultivation of early varieties has. And also potatoes under straw, in bags, in barrels, in boxes, from seeds.

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