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Succulents who die

Succulents who die

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Question: succulents who die

Good morning,
I have succulents bought from a few months that are all dying. The plant becomes soft and does not manage to stand upright, then starting from the base the leaves dry up and in a little while the plant is reduced to nothing. On the soil there is a whitish patina and flies with wings turn around the plant.
what is it?

Answer: succulents who die

Dear Federica,
your succulents have received excessive watering, or are placed in an excessively cold climate and receive little light. The cussulents need to be watered generously in the summer, but from September until March they must be left to dry, otherwise they are subject to radical rot that kills the plants quickly. In the cold months, only plants cultivated ina sa are watered sporadically, and only and exclusively when the soil is very dry.