Step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of moths in an apartment: wardrobe and food, effective and proven folk remedies

Step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of moths in an apartment: wardrobe and food, effective and proven folk remedies

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What insect is capable of causing loud applause by its appearance in apartments?

Of course, an ordinary household moth!

The moth belongs to the order of lepidopteran butterflies. It predominantly leads a twilight lifestyle and is one of the pests that cause considerable damage to humans. In one of the articles, we talked about the reasons for the appearance of this insect in the house. In this we will figure out how to get rid of it.

So, the topic of this article is moth: how to get rid of it? How to deal with moths in the apartment and in the kitchen?

Residential species

The moth is a keratophagous insect (it feeds mainly on the horny substance contained in woolen and fur products), but at the same time it does not disdain the pest and organics.

Enters the apartment in various ways:

  • with low-quality, already infected larvae of the pest with food (he especially loves moths of cereals, dried fruits, flour and sugar);
  • through vents from neighbors;
  • together with clothing, in the folds of which ovipositions may be;
  • on pet hair;
  • with books from libraries.

It does not matter what clever ways this nondescript butterfly has penetrated into your home, it is important what damage it can cause in the form of spoiled carpets, fur coats, things made of expensive natural fabrics.

Most often, the following types of this pest live in apartments:

  • Fur coat (woolen).

    The color of this butterfly is gray-yellow with small black specks on the wings. Favorite place of settlement - wardrobes... To get to fur things, it can even gnaw through polyethylene. In the absence of tasty clothes can feed on books, pillow feathers and felt.

  • Furniture.

    The color of the wings is yellowish with a characteristic golden tint. Lives predominantly in upholstered furniture, it feeds on furniture fabric, but will never give up fur and wool.

  • Wardrobe.

    The wings of this insect are colored yellow with a purple tint. Dwells in dark wardrobes where eats all clothes indiscriminately, leaving ugly holes all over the surface.

  • Food (grain, fruit).

    A small butterfly of the fire family. The wings are gray with specks or brown stripes. It is not only engaged in the destruction of food (cereals, legumes, tea, flour, nuts, sugar), but also infects food with its excrement, skin particles, and caterpillar husks. Food after moth infestation is unfit for consumption and can cause severe intoxication in humans.

There is also a wax moth. It lives in bee hives and does a lot of harm, but the tincture based on its larvae has many medicinal properties.

IMPORTANT! An adult moth is incapable of causing damage. She does not have a mouth apparatus, she is generally deprived of the opportunity to eat and digest food. Its main task is to lay eggs, from which gluttonous caterpillars hatch, sweeping away everything in their path.

What a mole looks like, photo below:

Methods of dealing with household (clothes, fur coat, furniture) moth

What to do if a mole starts up in the apartment? First of all, stop chasing the poor butterfly trying to swat it. As a rule, a male flies in the daytime in an open space, and the female is already somewhere calmly lays eggs, from which hungry larvae will hatch very soon.

The fight against this parasite can be carried out using industrial pesticides and folk methods. It is preferable to choose the latter option, since proven over the years folk remedies not only effectively harass moths, but also do not harm the residents apartments, as opposed to toxic insecticides.

IMPORTANT! If the moth has already taken root in your living space, then before starting a war with an annoying guest, thoroughly clean the apartment, ventilate and wash all cabinets and bedside tables well (the pest prefers dark and damp corners).

Clean upholstered furniture, sort through and shake all things, books (they may contain larvae and laid eggs), pillows, rugs, blankets. Bring the carpets out and beat them well. Take coats, fur coats and other outerwear to a dry cleaner.

How to get rid of moths in an apartment:

  • Garlic... Delicate butterflies cannot stand the pungent garlic smell. It is enough to arrange the slices in wardrobes, bookcases, bedside tables to once and for all discourage the pest from settling in them.
  • Orange peels... Orange essential oil is also not to the taste of moths. Smelling a citrus scent, a butterfly will never lay eggs near the source of the scent.
  • Tansy... This poisonous odorous plant has long been famous for its ability to repel moths. Insects will not even fly close to the place where bouquets of this nondescript-looking grass will be laid out.
  • Vinegar... The vinegar smell is also unbearable for moths. To exclude the appearance of the pest in the cabinets, it is advisable to wash the surfaces of the shelves with vinegar solution (then ventilate), and also grab the floors to enhance the effect.
  • Geranium (pelargonium)... Few people know that this beautiful ornamental plant not only pleases the eyes of everyone living in the house, but is also the enemy of the moth.

    In an apartment where pelargonium blooms magnificently on the windowsills (it is advisable to dilute it in every room), the moth is unlikely to want to live and reproduce. Geranium leaves emit essential vapors, the smell of which is unpleasant for many harmful insects.

  • Spice (cloves, allspice peas). The specific aromas of these spices are unacceptable to moths. To scare off the pest for a long time, it is necessary to spread bags filled with spices over the entire area of ​​the apartment.
  • Lavender... Dry lavender herb has a delicate, persistent scent that is pleasant to humans but repellent to insects. Bunches of grass laid out in the corners of the room will discourage moths from choosing your apartment for settlement.
  • Laundry soap... The alkaline smell of soap is not very pleasant, especially if it is present in the closets, soaking things.

    But it is better to ventilate the clothes later than to lose them forever. To drive the mole out of the apartment pieces of soap are laid out in cupboards, closets and closets.

  • Naphthalene, empty perfume bottles placed in wardrobes will also help ward off moths and keep your clothes safe and sound.
  • Frost and sun... The moth tolerates very high and very low temperatures equally poorly.

    therefore it is recommended to freeze winter clothes on the balcony for several hours (at minus 20). Other things need to be ventilated more often on hot sunny days, not forgetting about pillows and blankets.

  • Newspapers... Printing ink is also indigestible to moths. Newspapers, which need to be crumpled and pushed inside each boot or boot, will help keep your winter shoes with natural fur.

How to get rid of food (grain, fruit) moths?

Food moths are called differently: barn, grain, fruit, potato. But the point is not in the name, but as a result of its activities.

The result is spoiled food that must be thrown away immediately..

Some thrifty housewives are trying to save cereals by heating them in an oven at a temperature of 60 degrees. But it is better not to waste time and endanger your household.

Eggs and larvae are not easy to destroy. The surviving parasites (even in small numbers) can cause severe intoxication and cause considerable harm.

The use of chemistry in this case is unacceptable, since we are talking not only about the destruction of the pest, but also about preserving the health of all family members, therefore, we will describe how to remove the mole in the apartment using “grandmother's methods”:

  1. contaminated products must be thrown away, the surviving ones must be stored in jars with tight-fitting lids;
  2. thoroughly wash all kitchen cabinets with soda solution;
  3. restrict moths access to water. An adult cannot eat, but can drink, which helps it reproduce successfully. It is necessary to inspect all water pipes and fix all problems;
  4. process all the cracks in the kitchen set with a vinegar solution, it is there that the pest lays eggs;
  5. spread laurel or walnut leaves in all corners of the kitchen, as well as in cabinets;
  6. place inside each kitchen cabinet, as well as in jars of flour and cereals, chestnuts in shells (pre-dried), it is advisable to change the chestnuts from time to time;
  7. place jars of black allspice (peas) in the cupboards;
  8. keep the sink clean, wipe it dry after each wash;
  9. the ventilation hole in the kitchen and bathroom must be tightened with a fine mesh to prevent the visits of a neighbor moth.

The appearance of moths can be avoided by keeping the housing in order, as well as correctly storing clothes and food. But if, nevertheless, the insect managed to penetrate the house - do not despair, use the advice of this article on how to get rid of moths at home.

These simple methods of struggle will help you in the destruction of intruders and make them continue to bypass your home.

Prevention measures and tips for dealing with moths in the apartment:

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