Not expensive and very effective! Flea drops for cats: rules of use, as well as a short overview of the best

Not expensive and very effective! Flea drops for cats: rules of use, as well as a short overview of the best

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Letting a purring pet into your life, you should understand that the owner's duties are not only filling the bowl with food and emptying the tray on time.

Sometimes the animal can acquire little blood-sucking "friends" who happily occupy the skin of their new friend, as well as the whole apartment.

And, alas, not the cat itself will have to deal with this unpleasant problem.

Benefits over other insecticidal drugs

Suppress the offensive fleas, ticks, as well as intestinal parasites can be done in a variety of ways. But if you want to get rid of unwanted guests as soon as possible and for a long time, the best remedy will be insecticidal drops.

The popularity of such funds is simply explained:

  • all types of drops are available in special dropper pipettes... Thus, the calculation of the dosage of the drug is greatly simplified;
  • you can handle a cat captured by fleas even without outside help;
  • most manufacturers of drops exclude the possibility of re-infection with parasites for several months after using the product.

How to use correctly

The principle of processing an animal is as simple as possible and the same for all types of drops. It is worth starting the process by determining the body weight of the tailed friend... After the weight is determined, you must read the instructions for the product, finding out how much liquid to use in a particular case.

The last stage of the process is the direct application of the drops to the cat's skin.

To the procedure for using the drug it is worth approaching the most carefully... All types of flea products are applied to areas of the body that are inaccessible to the animal for licking.

Typically, these places are withers and spine area... After using the product, the cat should not be bathed. If the animal's habitat is not limited by the framework of the apartment, then it is imperative to make sure that the animal does not get caught in the rain. Otherwise, the remedy will not work..

Drops from fleas and ticks: brands and effectiveness

Many manufacturers of veterinary products are engaged in the release of insecticidal and acaricidal drops. Let's dwell on the most common brands


Insectoacaricidal drug of domestic production. The tool has become quite widespread due to its low cost, as well as sufficient effectiveness in the fight against fleas and ticks... The active component of drops "Leopard"Is an insecticide permethrin.

The main advantage of the drug is that its use practically does not cause side effects. In addition, products for kittens are produced under the same name, which can be used from the age of two months.

In general, the effect of drops "Leopard»Effectively, although sometimes the preventive effect is too short... As a rule, re-infestation of parasites occurs within a few weeks after using the insecticide.

More about drops «Leopard»Read in the article.

IN-AP complex

The drops contain components such as aversectin, fipronil and praziquantel... Popularity of drops IN-AP due to the fact that this remedy fights all types of parasites in cats, including worms.

Before processing, it is necessary to examine the skin of the animal for damage. If none are found, the pet needs to be washedallowing it to dry. Only then can drops be applied. The product is highly effective against parasites, however, it does not give a 100% guarantee of getting rid of fleas.

As the reviews of buyers who used the drug show, sometimes insects are able to survive a drug attack.

Important! IN-AP complex ne recommended for use on pregnant women, nursing, and under two months of age animals.


The drops are designed to combat flea mites, lice and intestinal nematodes. Active components of the drug - fipronil and moxidectin.

The method of applying drops is the sameas other similar drugs. "Inspector» does not apply to kittens up to 7 weeks of age... They are treated with care allergy-prone and pregnant animals.

Drops are considered highly effective in antihelminthic prevention and have a sufficient number of positive reviews from the owners of cats.

More like drops Inspector you can read here.

Dana Ultra

Dana is a domestic anti-flea drug based on fipronil. The effect of the drops lasts for 4 weeks. Treatment of an animal for the purpose of prophylaxis is carried out no more than 1 time per month. It is not recommended to bathe the cat within 3 days after treatment with the drug. In the future, bathing is not prohibited, since at this time it does not reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Average cost of flea and tick drops

«Leopard»45 - 60 p.
IN-AP complex170 - 200 RUB
Inspector250 - 300 RUB
«Dana Ultra»170 - 190 RUB

For the little ones

It is worth removing fleas from kittens with the help of drops only if they are weaned from the cat and when the number of parasites threatens the health of the babies. Important to rememberthat the insecticides that make up the preparations can cause serious harm to a fragile child's body.

You can use drops only after the animals reach two months of age... If the kitten has not yet crossed this age bracket, it is better not to take risks and postpone the treatment process, or try to remove some of the parasites with a comb.

Today, there are several varieties of drops that can be used to treat small pets. These are drugs:

  • Celandine Junior (applied from 8 weeks of age).
  • Advantage (apply 10 weeks of age).
  • «Frontline»(Applied from 8 weeks of age).
  • Stronghold (apply from 8 weeks of age).
We also recommend reading the article on the type of flea remedies for kittens.

Cat fleas are a real misfortune for both the animal itself and its owners. In addition to the above means, you can remove these parasites with the help of tar soap and Advocate drops.

What to do if a cat has licked flea drops

Subject to the rules for the use of insecticides specified in the instructions, the risk of animal poisoning the medicine is reduced to zero... In situations where the animal managed to contrive and lick the drug, it is better to seek the help of a specialist... If for some reason the visit to the veterinary hospital is postponed, you can give the animal "Enterosgel" and observe his behavior.

Usually no signs of worsening means that there is no serious threat to health... In the future, in order to avoid such cases, after treatment with drip agents, the cat needs to wear a special collar.

A large assortment, relative availability and ease of use of insectoacaricidal preparations maximally simplify the life of the owners of mustachioed pets. In order to rid the furry friend of parasites, it is enough to visit any veterinary pharmacy and buy the necessary product.

However, if your goal is not just the destruction of unwanted residents, but also the health of the cat - do not be lazy to visit a specialist... After all, only a professional examination will help to identify the individual characteristics of your ward and choose the most effective and safe drug.

In conclusion, we bring to your attention a video on the prevention of parasites using drops:

Watch the video: Dr. Becker: How Do You Bathe Your Cats? (June 2022).


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