Protect the tough guy! Flea remedies for puppies

Protect the tough guy! Flea remedies for puppies

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Fleas are the most common and harmful companions of dogs.

"Traveling" from one animal to another, they spread a whole bunch of infectious diseases: worms, plague bacillus, flea typhus and others.

Flea bites cause unbearable itching in the animal and a desire to quickly relieve the pet's suffering from the owner.

Are they really fleas?

First of all, make sure your pet is really itching from fleas.

  • If a rash, redness or dandruff is found, it is most likely an allergy.
  • If the skin is clean, it is possible that the baby just grows new fur.
  • Well, if parasites have appeared in the wool, then the diagnosis has been made correctly and the animal needs to be treated.

Important! Preparations that are used to treat insects in adult dogs are not suitable for a puppy, as they can harm an immature organism.

Folk remedies

Regardless of the choice, the success of the treatment will depend on the patience and perseverance of the owner. In any case, the puppy will have to be treated several times. If you break the regime, the fleas will definitely return. In addition, not all medicinal plants are as safe as people think.

  • Sagebrush

Has a characteristic odor that repels insects. The decoction of the herb is used to wipe the animal's fur. Be prepared for the parasites to actively jump off the dog. Also, the grass is stuffed into a pillow and used as bedding for the puppy.... For a pet, the method is completely harmless.

  • Crest

You can try combing your dog with a fine comb.... But, At first, this process is quite laborious. Secondly, fleas are actively spreading around the apartment. Thirdly, it will not prevent reinfection.

  • Chemerichnaya water

Sold in a pharmacy. Medicine generously applied to the diaper, in which you need to wrap the animal for 15-20 minutes.

  • Garlic

Scares away insects with a pungent odor, but mMay cause digestive upset in the dog if accidentally ingested... Garlic cannot be used to treat puppies.

Important! If there are several animals, all of them must be treated for parasites at once, otherwise re-infection is inevitable.

Professional approach

In veterinary pharmacies, a wide range of products are based on chemical compounds with a stable insecticidal effect.


For flea control in puppies you can use sprays... They contain specially selected chemicals that are safe for animals, but deadly for parasites. The effect is achieved quickly and lasts up to several weeks.

The dosage of these drugs (the number of times the bottle is pressed) is usually depends on the length of the coat and the weight of the pet... The spray is applied to the entire body of the dog against hair growth from a distance of 15 - 25 cm. In order not to cause irritation, it is better to cover the eyes and nose of the puppy with your hand. Processing is carried out in the open air. Water treatments are contraindicated within 48 hours after use..

  • The smallest - "Frontline spray».

Low toxicity in case of accidental licking, it is used from the 2nd day of the animal's life.

  • Starting from the 10th week of life, you can use "BlochNet" or "Leopard».

Domestic preparations will quickly rid the puppy of fleas, ticks, gnats and other ectoparasites. The anti-flea effect lasts up to 2 months. Spray "Bars" can be used as a repellent.

  • «Hartz Ultra Guard"For a puppy from 6 weeks old.
  • «Hartz Ultra Guard Plus"- from 12 weeks.

Regardless of the brand chosen, any drug can cause an individual intolerance in an animal. You also need to remember that sprays have a significant drawback - when spraying, they can enter the lungs of the pet and its owner.


They are made on the basis of insectoacaricides, which have a nerve effect on fleas, which leads to the death of insects and their larvae.

The required number of drops (determined according to the instructions) must be applied to the withers of the puppy and rubbed into the skin of the animal. The drug does not enter the systemic circulation... It is absorbed by the sebaceous glands and is evenly distributed over the pet's skin, providing long-term protection against parasites.

The risk of chemistry entering the puppy's stomach is minimal - the animal cannot lick the poison from the withers... After treatment, it is better to postpone water procedures for several hours.

It is important to remember that the insecticide that is part of the drug is toxic and may cause allergies... The choice of drops must be approached with caution, focusing on the minimum age of the animal specified in the instructions.

  • «Stronghold"- from 6 weeks.
  • «Celandine"- from 2 months.
  • «Leopard»For puppies over 10 weeks old with a body weight of 2 kilograms.
  • «Hartz"- from 12 weeks.

Read more about the action, benefits and side effects of flea drops in a separate article.


They are a flexible tape made of polymer material with a fastener that allows you to adjust the length depending on the size of the animal. A chemically active substance is applied to the tape, which absorbs into pet's fur and skin, leaving no chance for fleas.

The effect of water procedures does not weaken... Many collars also have repellent properties. A correctly worn collar does not cause discomfort, the dog must wear it constantly.

This method of combating parasites has worked well for adults. It is necessary to use it in puppies with great care, since the insecticide with which the collar is treated can cause allergic reactions in babies, up to the intoxication of the body.

Read the instructions carefully before use. In the column "Contraindications" manufacturers indicate age restrictions for the animal.

  • Collar "Hartz»Approved for use from 6 weeks of age.
  • «Leopard"- from 8 weeks.
  • «Kiltix»For the smallest - from 2 months.
  • Collars for individuals over 6 months of age should be used with caution, even if age limits are followed. For example, the manufacturer “Beaphar»Specifically indicates that the collared animal should not come into contact with small children.

You can read more about flea collars for dogs in our article.


After swallowing, they enter the digestive tract of the dog, then distributed throughout the bodyenter the bloodstream. By biting an animal, the parasites die. The frequency of use depends on the brand.

Manufacturers of anti-flea pills assure their safety and minimal negative impact on the pet's body. Despite this, the popularity of this remedy among Russian dog breeders is low.


Very often they are the drug of choice for experienced dog handlers when treating fleas of small puppies. They cause minimal harm to the pet, while being effective enough to fight parasites. Many shampoos contain special hair care products.

To achieve maximum effect, simple rules should be followed:

  1. The water temperature should be comfortable for the dog, about 37 degrees.
  2. Bathing should be done for at least 6 minutes..
  3. Treat all animal hair with soapy water.
  4. Eliminate the possibility of swallowing shampoo with water.
  5. It is very important to thoroughly wash off the product, otherwise it will enter the puppy's body when "licking".
  6. To avoid re-infection, it is advisable to repeat the procedure periodically..

Age restrictions for puppies when using flea shampoo:

  • «Dr. Zoo"- from two weeks of age.
  • «Mr. Bruno"- starting from 1 month.
  • «Beaphar"And" Phytoelita "- can be used starting from 2 months.

Fleas can also exist outside the dog. Having chosen a blanket, carpet, sofa, soft toy, space behind the plinth, they can wait for the puppy and, having bitten, return home.

Important! Simultaneously with the treatment of the pet, it is necessary to sanitize the apartment using specialized means. The place where the animal sleeps and eats - special attention! Throw away the mat or rug.

Read more about flea shampoos for dogs here, and from this article you will learn how to remove parasites with purchased and folk remedies.

When choosing a flea remedy for your puppy, it is important to remember that the expected benefits of the treatment should not exceed the potential harm to the pet's health.

Watch the video: This stuff works! Even on mosquitoes! Black Flag Flea u0026 Tick Yard Treatment (July 2022).


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