We find out the reasons why the leaves of eggplant seedlings curl and take measures to combat this

We find out the reasons why the leaves of eggplant seedlings curl and take measures to combat this

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It is not enough to grow an eggplant and get a good harvest. On the way to this, many trials await gardeners.

When growing seedlings, there is a risk of losing everything; leaf curling is the danger that lies in wait for you on the way to growing this healthy vegetable.

Read more about the reasons for its appearance and methods of dealing with it in our article.

The appearance of rolling leaves

An inexperienced person will immediately have enough hard to definethat his eggplant seedlings began to roll their leaves.

Clear visual signs only appear when the disease goes too far.

Therefore, you should definitely pay close attention and take action after the first suspicious signs. From the very beginning, the leaves begin to brighten slightly, this is the first clear sign of the disease. After that, you need to begin to find out the reason and take action.

Then they begin to tear with light gray spots and dry out. Further curling of the sheet occurs. It happens in the way folding a sheet from its ends to the center... Then the leaves dry up completely and fall off. In order not to bring it to this stage, it is better to take action at the very first signs of the disease.

For clarity, here are a few photos:

Why do eggplant seedlings curl leaves?

There are several reasons for curling the leaves of eggplant seedlings. But by and large they can be divided into two groups: mechanical and the reasons pest related.

One of the reasons for the first group is wrong watering regime, it needs to be adjusted, it is also worth paying attention to the quality of the water itself. It should not contain a lot of potassium.

Second reason: this lack of light, it can also cause the first leaves to curl. But it is also impossible to expose young shoots to open sunlight, there is a risk of burns to seedlings, light should be diffused and moderate.

The matter may be in the composition of the soil itself., it should be of a neutral composition, since the excessive salinity of the soil, namely excess potassium can also affect the health of seedlings. Lack of phosphorus is also the cause of this disease.

If the water permeability is insufficient, it can cause rotting of the roots. This disease is called black leg and it also causes cotyledon leaves to curl.

Too tight fit or in other words, thickening causes a lack of minerals and, as a result, the leaves begin to change shape.

These are care and environmental reasons, but there are other reasons as well.

Among the reasons are not only mechanical, that is, associated with improper care, but also caused by harmful insects.

Pests such as leafworm, aphids, spider mites, thrips, whiteflies cause irreparable harm to seedlings and cause curling.

Control measures

If the leaves of the seedlings have become lighter, then you need to very carefully examine the leaves. Better to use a flashlight. Thus, spider mites can be found, this is the main enemy for young eggplants. Here you can't do without household chemicals.

In order not to injure a young plant with chemicals, it is better to do with soapy water... To do this, you need to make a solution and gently wipe all the leaves. This will not bring harm to seedlings, but for a pest, the environment for life will become unbearable.

It is best to use household soap, the simplest.

The same soap solution can be effective against aphids. Its appearance can also cause twisting. If the cause of such a disease turned out to be a leafworm, then you cannot do without the use of pesticides.

It will also not be superfluous application of fertilizers containing phosphorus... It is very important to find a balance of soil density, it is necessary that the water does not stagnate at the bottom, but does not pass, without lingering, washing out all useful substances in the soil.

If the soil is too loose, then it should be compacted, but at the same time, you cannot overdo it by making it too dense, in which case the water will stagnate and you will have to carry out additional loosening.

If the soil is too salty or acidic, then intensified watering with boiled filtered water will help.

Thus, all excess salts will be washed out and the earth will acquire a neutral composition.

Growing eggplant seedlings is troublesome. It is necessary to take into account many factors that can affect its growth.

Eggplant is generally quite a capricious plant and requires some experience. So, be patient, and good luck will not leave you, good luck and delicious eggplants.

So, we found out why the leaves of eggplant seedlings curl, what to do with this and how to save it?

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