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Works of the month apartment July

Works of the month apartment July

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Works of the month apartment July

During the summer months, if you can, the houseplants should be placed outdoors; most prefer semi-shady locations, so they should be placed on a terrace facing north, or below tall trees: the exposure of our apartment is not always the optimal one, we can obviate this for example by stretching the shading sheets, easily available in well-equipped garden centers. Some plants, such as many succulents, like very bright locations, even sunny for many hours a day.
Before placing the plants on the terrace or in the garden, let us inform ourselves about the need for lighting and insolation, to avoid sometimes irreparable damage.

Apartment plants

If we do not have a terrace or garden we will have to keep our plants at home: we try to leave them in a place where they enjoy good air exchange, like near a window, with good brightness.
Positioning in the open, or in a well-ventilated place, in addition to the very hot and long days change the water needs of our plants, it is good to remember them, to avoid unpleasant surprises when returning from a weekend at the sea: water them regularly, taking care to wet the substratum well in depth, possibly in the early morning; let us also remember to vaporize the foliage every 4-5 days, always in the early hours of the morning, or in any case at a time of day when the plants are in complete shade.
Even the succulents will have to be watered more often, always waiting for the soil to dry perfectly between one watering and another.

Care of apartment plants in July

The jobs of the month of July for the plants that are found in house depend mainly on the variety of plant to which one is dedicating; It is essential, in fact, to understand what the nutritional and water needs of each plant are, to avoid doing jobs that, instead of improving health, become a nuisance. Often the plants are acclimatized to the place where they are placed and their movement, if no signs of suffering are noticed, can cause stress, which will result in loss of leaves or poor production of flowers.
It is therefore essential to act having a good knowledge of the needs of the different species. In July, given the usually high temperatures, it is essential to focus on the water needs of the plants, which should not be left with dry substrate for too long.

Diseases plants apartment

In the vegetative period and in the warm season, it is possible that plants can be subjected to the attack of pests and diseases that undermine their beauty and health; for this reason it is important to recognize its presence to intervene promptly. Also in this case every plant variety will have different needs, but in general, the most common problems are related to pests such as aphids, the so-called lice, mealybugs and mites. To counteract them, there are special products on the market that need to be sprayed on the affected specimens, even if, for some plants, it is possible to intervene with natural methods such as nettle or garlic-based macerates.
Another problem may be that of root rot, which can be caused by an excess of water due to too much watering or a lack of drainage of the soil. Carefully check that the substrate is not excessively soaked.


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