How and what to feed the seedlings of peppers and eggplants? How to do it correctly? Description of traditional fertilizers and folk feeding methods

How and what to feed the seedlings of peppers and eggplants? How to do it correctly? Description of traditional fertilizers and folk feeding methods

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Indoor crops require frequent and abundant feeding. The soil is quickly depleted, and many nutrients are required for the formation of ovaries and the rapid development of fruits.

Sweet peppers and eggplants have similar fertilizer requirements, which must be considered when choosing a top dressing. You need to start feeding even at the seedling stage, when the potential for the future development of plants is laid.

Eggplant and Pepper Preferences

Peppers and eggplants love light and nutritious soil... It is preferable to alternate complex mineral fertilizers and organic matter, during the season, feeding the seedlings of peppers and eggplants will have to be done at least 6 times... It is important to constantly maintain the nutritional value of the soil. Plants prefer aqueous solutions of fertilizers, they are easier to digest and do not cause root burns.

Eggplants and peppers react well to potash fertilizers, they also love nitrogen... However, nitrogen-containing complexes cannot be abused; after the beginning of flowering, these types of fertilizers are canceled.

REFERENCE! When the soil is oversaturated with nitrogen, the plants can shed the ovaries, and you can not count on a good harvest.

At home, complex mineral fertilizers are more often used. In greenhouses and open ground, you can alternate them with organic matter: mullein solution, eggshell infusion or herbal humus.

How to feed peppers and eggplant seedlings?

Next, let's talk in detail about how to feed peppers and eggplant seedlings?

The most the first replenishment is made even during the preparation of the soil mixture... Superphosphate, wood ash or potash complexes are added to it. This mixture ensures the good development of the newly emerged sprouts, stimulates the growth and formation of green mass.

How to feed the seedlings of peppers and eggplant after a pick? The second feeding is usually carried out after a pick or the formation of 2 true leaves. The choice of fertilizer for pepper and eggplant seedlings depends on its condition. Potassium and superphosphate positively affect the development of the root system.... For 10 liters of water, you will need 1 teaspoon of potassium sulfate and 2 tbsp. tablespoons of superphosphate.

If the sprouts look weak, their color is not saturated enough, it is worth trying to fertilize the plantings with an aqueous solution of urea, which perfectly retains moisture in the soil. Dissolve 1 s in 10 l of water. a spoonful of urea and 1 cup of mullein.

Promote growth and to strengthen the plants will help the infusion of eggshellrich in calcium and potassium. It needs to be prepared in advance.

The shell of 10 eggs is crushed, poured into a three-liter jar and filled with hot water. After 6 days, the infusion must be filtered and used instead of water for irrigation.

Drinking black tea will also help nourish the seedlings. It is poured with boiling water, cooled and watered with seedlings. Learn more about watering modes for pepper and eggplant.

During flowering, it is worth fertilizing the plants with an aqueous solution of mullein or chicken droppings.... For 10 liters of warm water, you will need 0.5 liters of bird droppings or 1 liter of mullein. 1 glass of ash is added to the mixture.

You cannot use fresh manure for fertilization.... This type of feeding over-stimulates the root system and increases the green mass, while the formation of ovaries is greatly delayed.

Feeding rules: how to apply fertilizers?

When to feed peppers and eggplant seedlings? You need to fertilize seedlings in the morning... Such a technique will help to avoid the "black leg" and will help nutrients to be assimilated normally.

Before applying mineral fertilizers, the soil must be watered. You can use shell or tea infusions instead of regular watering.

When fertilizing, it is important to ensure that the liquid does not get on the stems and leaves of the plants. It is not worth pouring top dressing at the root, it is better to irrigate the ground around the stem with it.

After the appearance of the first shoots and until the end of fruiting it is recommended to apply fertilizers 2 times a month... The smaller the container in which the eggplants or peppers grow, the more abundant the feeding should be.

TIP! In between, it is necessary to gently loosen the soil around the stems to improve ventilation and prevent root rot.

All liquid top dressing is applied only when warm... Cold solutions can cause shock, shedding of ovaries, or death of plants. If fertilizers get on the leaves, it is better to gently wash them off with warm water from a watering can.

Timely feeding will ensure the normal development of seedlings, plant health and excellent yields. By experimenting with fertilizers and varying portions, impressive results can be achieved both at home and in greenhouse cultivation.

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