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Question: Climbers

I want to completely cover my house with creepers. I'm oriented towards ivy but above all I'm interested in finding the plant that:
- preserves the leaves in winter
- grows as quickly as possible
- ensures good coverage of the walls below
- adapts to a situation of prolonged sun exposure in summer
- tolerates minus 10 degrees in winter (it happens once every 10 years, but I wouldn't want that one time to be fatal).
Thanks and good job.

Answer: Climbers

Gentile Liliana,
the ivy does in fact have a long-lasting covering and covers the plant quite quickly, although in fact the small roots also cling to the outer covering of the wall and could in the long run be harmful. You can also evaluate trachelospermum jasminoides, which like ivy is widely used for this type of cover, and also has the advantage of a beautiful scented bloom. If you live in a zoa with a climate that is not too cold you can also think of bougainvillea or passionflower, although they generally tend to empty slightly during the winter.