Delicious sun in your garden - tomato "Yellow Ball": a description of the variety, recommendations for growing

Delicious sun in your garden - tomato

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Gardeners who do not have greenhouses are limited in their choice of tomatoes. They are suitable for quite undemanding varieties that can put up with heat and cold snap.

A promising option is the Yellow Ball tomato, which can be grown outdoors or under a film. It pleases with delicious and beautiful fruits; 3 kg of juicy tomatoes can be harvested from a bush.

Tomato "Yellow Ball": variety description

Variety nameYellow ball
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period105-110 days
The formRounded
Average weight of tomatoes150-160 grams
ApplicationDining room
Variety yield2.5-3 kg per bush
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceWe need prevention of fusarium and mosaic

The variety of Russian selection is intended for cultivation in various regions, except for the northern ones. Suitable for open ground, foil greenhouses and unheated greenhouses. Yellow Ball - medium early indeterminate variety... The height of the bush is more than 2 m, tying to strong stakes or trellises is required.

The bushes form an abundant deciduous mass and need shaping. 6-8 ovaries are formed on a branch. From one bush, you can remove 2.5-3 kg of tomatoes, which ripen gradually, throughout the summer.

There is also a known variety of tomato "Golden ball", the description of the characteristics of which is exactly the same with the variety "Yellow ball". Therefore, we will consider them as one variety.

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • good productivity;
  • tasty, juicy and beautiful fruits, suitable for salads and canning;
  • undemanding variety, it is possible to grow in the open field or under a film.

Among the disadvantages of the variety are susceptibility to fungal and viral diseases (mosaic, fusarium) and the need to pinch adult bushes.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Yellow ball2.5-3 kg per bush
Lazy15 kg per square meter
Bobcat4-6 kg per square meter
Summer resident4 kg per bush
Banana red3 kg per bush
Russian size7-8 kg per square meter
Nastenka10-12 kg per square meter
Broody10-11 kg per square meter
King of Kings5 kg per bush
Fat jack5-6 kg per bush
Bella Rosa5-7 kg per square meter


The fruits are round, even, with a shiny, dense skin. The color of ripe tomatoes is deep yellow. The size is medium, tomatoes reach a weight of 150-160 g. The pulp is juicy, sugary, and has a pleasant taste. The harvested crop is well stored and suitable for transportation. Fruits harvested at the stage of technological ripeness ripen successfully at home.

You can compare the weight of fruits with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Yellow ball150-160 grams
King of Beauty280-320 grams
Pink honey600-800 grams
Honey saved200-600 grams
King of Siberia400-700 grams
Petrusha the gardener180-200 grams
Banana orange100g
Banana feet60-110 grams
Striped chocolate200-400 grams
Big Mama500-1000 grams
Ultra-early maturing F1100g

Juicy fleshy tomatoes are suitable for preparing salads, soups, hot dishes. An excellent thick juice with a pleasant sour-sweet taste is obtained from the fruit.

A photo

Growing features

Like other mid-early varieties, Yellow Ball is planted for seedlings in the first half of March. Plants love a light and fertile soil made from a mixture of garden soil and peat. Potash fertilizers, superphosphate and wood ash are added to the soil mixture. For safety, the soil can be calcined or treated with an aqueous solution of potassium permanganate. For better hatching, the seeds are soaked in a growth stimulator for 12 hours.

After unfolding 1 or 2 true leaves, the seedlings are dived into separate pots. Young plants require moderate watering and bright sunlight to thrive.... In cloudy weather, the seedlings are supplemented with electric lamps. After picking, it is recommended to fertilize with complex or mineral fertilizers. Another top dressing is carried out before planting in the ground.

Before planting, the soil is loosened well, superphosphate and wood ash are placed in each hole (no more than 1 tablespoon). Tall and powerful bushes are planted without thickening, at a distance of about 60 cm from each other. The planted seedlings are immediately tied to the supports. The soil between the bushes is mulched with peat, humus or straw.

Watering is moderate, with warm, settled water. During the season, you need to feed the plants with an aqueous solution of complex mineral fertilizers or ammonium nitrate diluted in water. Adult plants are stepchild by removing all lateral shoots and lower leaves on the stem.

Diseases and pests

The cultivar is susceptible to some typical nightshade diseases., for example, fusarium wilting and mosaic. For prophylaxis, it is recommended to ignite or spill the soil with an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide.

It is advisable to plant tomatoes on ridges where legumes, carrots, cabbage or spicy herbs grew. It is not recommended to plant seedlings on soil that was occupied by peppers, eggplants or potatoes.

Plants planted in the ground should be regularly sprayed with copper-containing preparations that effectively resist viruses and fungi. Processing with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate is also possible. Affected leaves should be torn off immediately and burned.

Tomatoes will protect from pests by mulching the soil and regular inspection of the plantings. Colorado beetles and slugs are removed by hand, washing the stems and leaves with an aqueous solution of laundry soap will help get rid of aphids.

"Zhelty Shar" is an interesting and easy-to-care variety that can be grown by both an experienced and a novice gardener. The most important thing is to protect plants from diseases and remove lateral shoots in time. The reward for your efforts will be an excellent harvest.


In the video below you can watch the Yellow Ball tomato in comparison with other varieties:

Early ripeMid lateMedium early
Garden Pearlgold fishEm Champion
HurricaneRaspberry miracleSultan
Red RedMarket miracleLazy dream
Volgograd PinkDe Barao BlackNew product of Transnistria
HelenaDe Barao OrangeGiant Red
May roseDe Barao RedRussian soul
Super prizeHoney fireworksPulka

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